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  1. Time for Marty to hang them up

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw1u4LQi7fo Yep, what are we thinking. Marty has definitely lost it. By far the WORST Devil in this series.
  2. Devils next coach

    This is why I say JL needs to stay. Give him a second year and see what he can do. I hate to call this a rebuilding year, but in a way you could almost chock it up to that. Call this the year it takes the players to get used to the system and move on. Next year will be better. This is my team, through thick and thin. I am not done with them by any means. I can't imagine myself ever rooting for any other team. By no means do I think I am smarter then Lou or JL but these are my thoughts on what I think will happen. Lemaire will be here next year as will the majority of the team you see this year. Martin will most likely be back and we NEED him. I hope we can resign Kovy, not sure if we can get that done but I hope we can. Beyond that, I think Lou may need to reevaluate how he does some things on the business end. We all know Lou does not like to talk about extensions but I think he should extend Parise NOW rather then wait the year or two (I forget how much time he has left) and risk losing him to UFA or facing a nasty arbitration case. Lets lock up Parise long term, he is the future of this team. I really think Mathew Corrente will be up here with the big club next year and will fit in well. Not sure who he would play with, but I definitely see him staying with the Devils all year. Just my 2 cents, feel free to disagree. I realize I may not be making the most sense right now but its late. DEVILS IN 2011!!
  3. Devils next coach

    I just posted this over on Hockeysfuture, but I thought I'd stick it here to. I am not saying I am a HUGE Jacques Lemaire supporter. BUT, this team needs some friggin consistency in its coaching staff. Since JL was here from 1993-98, this team has not had a single coach that lasted more then 3 years behind the bench. THAT IS A PROBLEM. Let these players learn a system and get used to it. It is hard on players not knowing who there coach may be from season to season. And the worst of it, a few of the coaches were not let go after TERRIBLE seasons. Claude Julien was let go just prior to the playoffs during a year we were winning. I realize there are exceptions, where Pat Burns and Larry Robinson both stepped down due to health concerns and we all know the Brent Sutter story. But the bottom line is this team needs some consistency in its coaching staff.
  4. I'm Posting This First

    THIS AINT OVER YET! WE ARE COMING BACK!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=barLaHrtvoM
  5. The Official Gloom and Doom Thread

    THIS AINT OVER YET! WE ARE COMING BACK!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=barLaHrtvoM
  6. 3 Tickets for Game 2!

  7. 3 Tickets for Game 2!

    Section 226 Row 5.
  8. 3 Tickets for Game 2!

    I have 3 tickets available for Game 2 tomorrow night. Face value, 40 bucks a piece. The tickets are at will call so I will have to meet up with you there. PM me if interested.
  9. Lou on the Kovy Schmooze

    Thanks. Looking back on it, it was really awesome. At 8 years old you don't really appreciate the fact that the General Manager of the New Jersey Devils contacted your father and gave you his seats and a free jersey. Looking back on it when I'm 25 I now realize how cool it was and how lucky I was.
  10. Lou on the Kovy Schmooze

    Lou does give jerseys to a lot of kids. My Dad worked at a radio station in New York when I was younger back when the Rags were " THE TEAM". They were ragging on him on the air about the Rangers always beating the Devils everything. My Dad ended up going on the air and defending the Devils. Next day Lou calls him up and offered him his seats at a game. They were right behind the penalty box and I wanna say they played the Blues but I don't remember. In addition to the tickets he sent jerseys for me, my brothers and my sister with our names on the back with our birth this days as the number. I realize this is only mildly related but I always thought it was a cool story.
  11. Playoff Discounts (no joke)

    Is it just me or does anybody else find it ridiculous that there is no mention of buying playoff tickets anywhere on the Devils web site?
  12. STH "buy 1 get 1" is a scam

    Why tip someone for a job I'm capable of doing myself? I can deliver food. I can drive a taxi. I can, and do, cut my own hair. I did however, tip my urologist, because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.
  13. Anyone ever had to be 'reinstated' from The Rock?

    Just curious. What exactly happens when you get thrown out? I'm assuming you have to write some type of letter of apology of some sorts?
  14. Formal Ticket Policy Re: 1/8 vs. Lightning

    It is a $100 credit so I would imagine you can use it for multiple purchases. I think I am going to splurge though and throw down an extra hundred bucks and treat my girlfriend and I to some club seats. I don't think I'll ever have an opportunity to purchase 2 club seats for $100 bucks cash. Not a bad seat upgrade from section 230 to potentially club seats. Very satisfied with Stubhub and how they handled it. They are being far beyond generous.