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  1. Anyone notice how bad Kovy played tonight?

    Wha? The fans DO in fact pay for his salary. If we didn't have a "stake in his success or failure" he would be collecting tolls in Russia somewhere. I don't really understand your perspective. Expressing discontent is natural in anything human beings care about. Root for another team? Really?
  2. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Yea, nj.com attracts the most vile people this state has to offer.
  3. GDT: St. Patty's Party at the Rock: Pittsburgh @ Devils

    Sweeping the Pens is a great thing.................However, I'm still unsure about this playoff run.
  4. Oh, baby! Martin Skoula thrilled about new son and old uniforms

    No 3rd jersey for the devils. I love that we are fans of an organization building a real fundamental tradition. No gimmicks, no BS, just winning & hard work. This is a great limited event. If (when) the Devs have another St. Patty's game, do it again. Until then, nah.................
  5. Devils embarrass Hudson rival

    I wouldn't exactly say "dominate", a sloppy win which would have been exploited by a better team, but very satisfying none the less.
  6. GDT: New Jersey Devils vs New York Rangers

    An emotionally satisfying win.
  7. Battle in Alberta part 2 GDT: New Jersey @ Edmonton

    Really???????? What did the Devs gamble on him for then? Kovy is NOT going to resign, let's be honest......... This was a NOW type of move. Marty's window is closing & it was a desperation trade that will not pan out.
  8. Rumor- Kovalchuk to Devils

    Indeed................. I think people are just excited the Devs made a splash. I'm not sure about this.
  9. GDT: Devils @ Rangers

    First post............. Just checking in. Nerve racking game & a good 2 points for the Devs.