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  1. Steve Levy: Comedian

    What the hell does he know? He's just trying to build up the win for publicity for ESPN. They always do that. Even in the beginnning of the season, if a Nashville vs. Atlanta game was on he would be saying what an important game it is for the winner or some crap like that. Oh yea he sucks at commentation too. The whole game he was gizzing in his pants after every hit.
  2. Thanks Guys

    - Brodeur hitting 10 shutouts before the All-Star Break - Gomez finally putting up big numbers (tied the NHL for lead in assists -56) - Elias finally putting up the big numbers we were used to with the A-line(6th in NHL with 81 points) - 3 Devs in All Star Game - 100pts - New Arena - 7th year for Rags and then watching them disintergrate - Mariusz Czerkawski for a pretty good season POLSKA POWER - Watching Kovelev cost his team a playoff win cause of his stupidity, then hearing Melrose say "Kovelev cost his team a game and that was great!" - Went to a few games this year, I like went to all loses though - Chicken tenders, though expensive, taste SO GOOD

    LOL.. you're a Devs fan? Unlike everyone on these boards, I like to keep a realistic approach
  4. Game 5 Score predictions

    What do i win?

    I find it quiet humorous that anyone acctually thought the Devils had a chance against the Flyers

    no thanks, he'll just miss the net , he's worthless

    this goes to show what a pathetic team this is with stevens out. it's embarissing that 1 player can make such a BIG difference, even if it is Scott Stevens
  8. CAPTIAN 2004-2005 SEASON

    none of those characters has any leadership qualities. I pick Rassmussen, seems like he's the only one trying out there
  9. Game 5 Score predictions

    3-1 flyers

    it's almost too easy
  11. Stevens search is never ending

    it's a code
  12. Stevens search is never ending

    maybe he's dead
  13. A pot pourri of observations...

    seriously, he has to be one of the ugliest people i have ever seen, and not just because of the hair, he loooks like he took one in the face and what's funny is that it's not even his real hair, what a pathetic loser, almost as bad as me
  14. Game Thread for all 4 playoff games tonight!

    looking at the replay kovalev was hit on his glove
  15. Going to Game 4, anyone else gonna be there?

    Drop what...a load in your shorts? <JESTER> testicles