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  1. The new head equipment manager will be someone from Pittsburgh, possibly from their AHL team. Just watch.
  2. I loved Rich, because he was active on social media and he showed all these behind the scenes kinda stuff. Hopefully the next guy will continue doing this.
  3. I've actually been waiting for them
  4. Yeah, that was pretty funny. I can't stand Gudas though.
  5. At least one.
  6. I have watched his games every once in a while, ever since he signed with SKA and he has always had this "rivalry" thing going with Radulov as if who's the king of the KHL especially when their teams played against each other. Now, after winning the championship for the second time and seeing Radulov making a pretty successful return to the NHL, I'd imagine that it feeds his hunger to return too. That's just how I feel so don't quote me on that Theres of course a chance, like some of you said that he only wants a new KHL contract and I'm sure he'd like to play in the olympics again...
  7. Feels nice to see the Blachawks struggling against the Preds. I'm so tired of this team already. I hope I didn't jinx anything though...
  8. I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but I haven't been here for as long as most of you guys and I don't really know your stories etc, but if you're a rangers fan, then what the fvck are you doing here? Again, not trying to be rude or start a fight. I'm just curious. Because there's no way in hell, that I'd ever go to any of the rangers message boards etc.
  9. That'd be a 100% offside challenge today.
  10. What the hell is that Greene's moustache? I hope it's not some kind of losing streak moustache, because he probably won't be shaving it anytime soon.
  11. I still want Yakupov. Feels like he's a healthy scratch every game. I don't know if there's some personal issues why he's always scratched or if his defensive game is really that bad. But I feel like he'd have a pretty good chance to stay in the lineup here.
  12. You know it's over when Dion scores
  13. I can't stand Ennis. Dude looks like a fvcking troll.