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  1. You know it's over when Dion scores
  2. I can't stand Ennis. Dude looks like a fvcking troll.
  3. Is this the most embarrassing/pathetic start of this season?
  4. It's alright, we all knew it was gonna count
  6. We should start looking at the Penguins roster. We'll probably get someone from their organization.
  7. Calm down everybody!
  8. Hall was like a ragdoll in the first period.
  9. Mouth is lower body?
  10. Lets go Devils!!
  11. Did I just hear "rangers suck, flyers swallow" chant?
  12. Lets go Devils!! ...and all that.
  13. Good. Thats where he should be.
  14. So true
  15. We need Ilya...