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  1. Getting Laid Off

    Hang in there buddy. I was made redundant just before Christmas 2003. It was an awful time to go through all that but I guess at least the economy was in a slightly better order back then. About a month later, after the holidays, I was seriously thinking of doing some menial jobs, factory work, deliveries, but my case officer at the job center kept encouraging me to go for the jobs I was actually qualified for (I have a degree). She said that once you go for an easier job it can be harder to find a 'proper' job that will get your career back on track. I'm not saying that factory work and delivery work isn't a proper job, btw, just that if you've studied hard and got a degree then ideally you'd like to find something in your field. Before made redundant I had the opinion that there are jobs for everybody out there, you just have to look for them and only losers are out of work, yada yada. How naive. It's funny how your perspectives change when it happens to yourself. Although it was seven years ago now so I guess I was still relatively young then...
  2. There's a new blog that claims to ridicule Єklund (2.3% accurate). Is it one of you guys? Just that there is a (per cent accurate) tag on the end of each post. http://eklundwatch.wordpress.com/
  3. Long Island, here we come...

  4. Mottau is awful!

    Yeah, sorry about that. I think I figured it out in the last post. A bit like Salvador on the puck. Clueless.
  5. Mottau is awful!

    Bring back Sheldon...? Seriously though, I'd rather go with having more flair and width up front. We saw that against the Canes last year. I know that goals are at a premium in post season anyway, but they only managed to score 16 goals against us in those seven games - and half of those came in two games! We only put 14 past them, which is not even close to being good enough to win a series. And I can't see us being any better in that department this year. Especially now Gionta's gone.
  6. Mottau is awful!

    Briere? Are you crazy? A 7M guy whose had nothing but injury problems since getting to PHI? Whose going to pass him the puck Rob Neidermayer?
  7. Mottau is awful!

    "Ok, I'll be the first to admit that he's had a worse season this year....but I still don't get how this dude is always the scapegoat for everything on our D. Our D has a wealth of problems aside from Mottau"