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  1. What was the SLU for the Devils at the Banner raising? TIA
  2. point....All our Stadiums are "All seater".Is it just the culture in N.America that fans aren't as "fanatical".Even when we play in Europe or anywhere else the Premiership Soccer clubs can bring 10s of thousands.It just seems very strange to me.
  3. Maybe I'm too used to soccer over here, where we can get 20,000 opposition fans at a game with no problem.
  4. At a guess how many Leafs fans would be expected for this game?I'm travelling all the way from Belfast for the game
  5. Is it just me (a scotsman in ireland who played NCAA hockey for Cornell)or should some of the asswipes who should know better get their finger out and get Don Cherry inducted?
  6. Its on ticketmaster now as 29 Sept @0900
  7. Any news on the date for ticket sales to the general public.NYR tickets will be available on 9th Sept.
  8. Thanks to all for the help
  9. It was sports bars i was after.I cant stand Irish bars.
  10. I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding my trip from Ireland to NY in October.I have a contact for tickets for the banner raising.Just to complete my planning i would like to know where would be a great place to watch the game in NYC in the unlikely even i am let down with the tickets?Gallons of beer are essential as we are Irish and have a couple of mad Scotsmen in tow as well.Food would also be needed.Thanks in advance guys
  11. suppose thats better than "toss a salad". BTW where is the BEST sports bar in NYC?
  12. Thanks for your help guys
  13. As a Devils fan 217 sounds like the place for me.How do you specify what section you want?Ticketmaster doesnt seem to have this facility.Hopefully I'm wrong. The Bravehearts are coming stateside baby."looks like we didn't get dressed up for nothing"
  14. we are a mix of Scots and Irish.Interesting when mixed with booze.
  15. Crasher, what goes down in 217?