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  1. Zajac... OUT 4-6 Months

    Wow - that is a blow for sure. Honestly - the person this affects the most is McLeod. There was going to be a center log jam and he seemed like the odd man out. Now, not so much. It's also gonna ask a lot of Nico off the hop. With that said, I would bet they give Zacha 1C to start. Hall-Zacha-Palmieri Henrique-Nico-Johansson Quenville-McLeod-Speers Wood-Boyle-Noeson
  2. Vegas odds put Devils in last

    It was 50/1. I put $50 bucks on it. Didn't hedge when they made the finals. Oh well.
  3. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Devils Insiders podcast had Matt on the other day and he said they're looking to sort of have a guest "third man" and that might actually turn out to be his permanent partner. He mentioned "former Devils" as well as NWHL players.
  4. 2016-17 Prospects Thread

    i don't think there is a big question whether anderson will sign with NJ. He's going into his true sophomore year. the devils will hold his rights two years AFTER this year. i heard several interviews both with him and his coach that made it seem like all parties (including the devils) wanted him to have one more year and then turn pro (assuming he continues on current development path).
  5. Update-Forum version

    is default top banner supposed to be grey background instead of red?
  6. Update-Forum version

    I actually went back to the default theme. Not that I don't love Patty - but the black was a bit much and it's a really large header.
  7. Update-Forum version

    replying here just to see what this looks like
  8. The Devils Uniforms

    look inside the collar - they say "made in indonesia" in lime green. only "true" authentics that the players wear are actually made in Canada.
  9. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    https://www.pscp.tv/w/bDUDUjFZTEtKcnBKQk5LTm58MURYR3l5V2RtWWVHTaJIIzzczfKu7MKsaLAR51wm_foqZsrghNsFUCUGKjoB https://www.pscp.tv/w/bDUDjDFZTEtKcnBKQk5LTm58MXZPeHd2ZGpFV29KQlwt6dlaExxP1sjHTjMzC8f1PCCli5-ZC0Ov8MEzKxbW Don't know how well those will work now, but those were the two periscopes I did on the far side rink. I ended up meeting up w/ @SMantzas. Great to put a face w/ the name. I thought the Devils did a great job w/ the entire event. The guys we saw the most were Boqvist/Zetterlund and Wood/Santini/Bastian. Man o man did Boqvist have his way out there - he looked damn good both offensively and defensively. Popugaev was also impressive - both in size and ability. Mantz basically treated Wood like I used to treat Malakhov. What little I saw of Nico - talent is so clearly there but I thought he looked tired. I think it's a good bet that he has not been training as much since the draft with everything going on. I think he said as much in an interview yesterday. I thought Walsh and Talvite also looked good too.
  10. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    I'll be there also and will report
  11. All-time Devils Roster Construction Challenge

    To be fair, I didn't try to make actual lines (was not concerned about forward position). That, indeed, would make it harder. Although I could put Zajac's 09-10 in there and use rafalski's 02-03 season and dump jagr or lemieux.
  12. All-time Devils Roster Construction Challenge

    Here's mine (for the record, this took me about 15 minutes): POS # Year Player POS # Year Player D 2 1983-1984 Joe Cirella D 2 1983-1984 Joe Cirella F 16 1986-1987 Verbeek D 3 1989-1990 Daneyko F 11 1987-1988 Shanahan D 4 1993-1994 Stevens F 15 1988-1999 MacLean D 27 1997-1998 Niedermayer D 3 1989-1990 Daneyko D 28 2006-2007 Rafalski F 22 1990-1991 Lemieux D 6 2009-2010 Greene F 44 1992-1993 Richer F 16 1986-1987 Verbeek D 4 1993-1994 Stevens F 11 1987-1988 Shanahan D 27 1997-1998 Niedermayer F 15 1988-1999 MacLean F 26 1999-2000 Elias F 22 1990-1991 Lemieux F 89 2000-2001 Mogilny F 44 1992-1993 Richer F 23 2003-2004 Gomez F 26 1999-2000 Elias F 14 2005-2006 Gionta F 89 2000-2001 Mogilny D 28 2006-2007 Rafalski F 23 2003-2004 Gomez G 30 2007-2008 Brodeur F 14 2005-2006 Gionta F 9 2008-2009 Parise F 9 2008-2009 Parise D 6 2009-2010 Greene F 17 2011-2012 Kovalchuk F 17 2011-2012 Kovalchuk F 68 2013-2014 Jagr F 68 2013-2014 Jagr G 30 2007-2008 Brodeur G 35 2014-2015 Schneider G 35 2014-2015 Schneider
  13. Devils name Roland Melanson new goalie coach

    Interesting. Has history with Cory. And you wonder if Schneider inconsistency last year Had part to do w/ Terreri not being able to help correct.
  14. 2017-18 Potential Lines

    Bastian regressed this past year - I think there is almost no chance he makes the devils in '17-'18
  15. 2017-18 Potential Lines

    I know the Devils are going to sh!t or get off the pot w/ Blandisi and I know that Wood seems to have no fvcking clue what he's doing out there half the time, but I would expect that he's going to be the 4th line LW over either Blender or Quenville due to what he can bring when he's not completely out of position: he's good for at least 2 odd man rushes/breakaways per game because of his speed his size allows him to go for hits should it be needed he can throw down in the rare event its needed he can PK - not well, mind you - but they tried him at it last year - he's big enough to clog up lanes - he's fast enough to be a SH threat