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  1. Volchenkov always told me that '03 Sens team was the best team he ever played on and they could not believe they lost to NJ. obviously gave all the credit to Marty.
  2. gladly. kovy + 2nd for galchenyuk.
  3. i concur. i want nothing to do with him.
  4. on point. part of determining his value is that you simply cannot trust him. any deal signed should be looked as a one year deal knowing that he has absolutely no qualms about bolting back to Russia on a whim.
  5. FWIW - Cammy is always great around Halloween - everyone in town knows where he lives and it's a heavily trafficked trick or treat area for kids. He's been outside his house - always in costume and will sign for anyone that comes by. There are several players that live in Short Hills and others who have lived in town over the years.
  6. how about to Florida for AZ's 2018 2nd + McCoshen, Ian
  7. If Kovy is going to be picky with teams, he's gonna have to take a sweetheart deal because Ray won't get screwed because it's a "best you can get" situation. Let's say it's only Florida (Kovy has a place on Fisher Island and his family loves FL). Well Ray isn't gonna hear it from Florida when they say, "we're the only ones bidding for him." So they will have to give something of value. And if they're gonna do that, they want Kovy at say, $4mm, not $6mm. He can say screw it and make Kovy wait Ray holds all the cards this year. I think he gets more than a 2nd.
  8. i see where you're going - but again, losing someone that good for nothing is a terrible option - what would you rather: trade 2 defensemen for 3-4 picks and lose nothing of value or lose one good asset for nothing
  9. i get that, but it would make sense for minny to trade say, scandella for a 2nd and dalton prout and prout is the guy they expose. they can mitigate what it is they lose.
  10. teams that are in trouble for losing a good player: Columbus - likely looking at losing Savard or Murray on D Anaheim - will have to expose one of silferberg, linholm, fowler or vaatenen Minny - will expose at least one, if not two of scandella, brodin, dumba, spurgeon Nashville - one of ekholm or ellis will likely be exposed
  11. I don't see where if they are able to accomplish what I show above. And while he started out with some nice offensive contributions, his defense was clearly untenable. The fact that he was getting scratched on the regular in Albany should tell you what you need to know.
  12. I think there would have been an excellent chance they take one of the top 2 defensemen (assuming they didn't get top 2) and middlestadt was gone. I think there would have been an excellent chance they take one of the top 2 defensemen (assuming they didn't get top 2) and middlestadt was gone.
  13. trading cory really depends on what the devils are able to accomplish this summer. if my A+ plan comes to fruition: sign shattenkirk use draft picks to get another top defenseman from Nash/Anaheim/Minny due to expansion draft pick up another top 6 winger via trade/expansion (i.e. tyler tiffoli) then you keep cory because you're ready to compete and a long run in the playoffs requires cory. I can get behind this kind of lineup: hall-zacha-palmieri henrique-patrick-tiffoli noeson-zajac-bennett wood-mcleod-speers scandella-shattenkirk greene-severson moore-santini merrill if you basically stay the course w/ the 1st pick and that's it, then you might as well deal cory because you're only marginally better than you are this year.
  14. i don't agree with this. the devils are taking a center. ability notwithstanding, the devils have the following at center: zajac, patrick/nico, zacha, henrique, mcleod, blandisi, coleman. that could factor in kerfoot's thinking. add in the fact that the devils have speers, anderson, wood, gignac and quenville vying for forward slots with hall and palmieri firmly entrenched. but if you're saying kerfoot has no bearing on whether the devils take nico or nolan, that I agree with.
  15. Can't worry about the Flyers here. Courterier was once considered 1st overall possible and a big center and he has been an overall disappointment for what they expected.