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  1. apparently - nobody claimed PAP besides the Devils so they are free to trade him anywhere. this per Devilsinsiders twitter who is pretty good.
  2. good job by the brass giving cammalleri the scratch - it was deserved. now it's lovejoy's turn.
  3. now that you mention it, that makes the poster make MUCH more sense. I wasn't sure what you were going with and outside of context, it loses the meaning. the only other critique i might offer, is that the scaling is perhaps reversed in that the Senator helmet is much more pronounced than the mascot. with that being said, its still a really impressive feat - as have all your other posters.
  4. wow - montreal is leading the atlantic and solidly in the playoffs - that's a surprise move. well, shoe is on the other foot for julien on this one.
  5. i would assume they did but I didn't ask - i already have that one.
  6. FYI - season ticket holders can go to membership lounge and buy any poster for $5 from any game. I got a couple games that were sold out those nights yesterday. They didn't ask if I was a STH so you could probably walk in there and get one. They had the retro night one so that's nice. I heard from someone while waiting in line at the store on the main concourse for yesterday's that he saw the retro night posters going for upwards of $50 on ebay.
  7. explains why i saw him @ short hills mall this afternoon.
  8. looks like tonight: 9-19-21 44-14-13 37-16-23 64-51-11 6-12 22-28 39-34 35 Will be interesting to see how Hynes works that 4th line. I could see blandisi jump up and take wood's spot during the game if line 2 is cold.
  9. The ASG is a corporate money grab that, for all of our complaining, is a pretty solid revenue event for the league and players. I'd venture to guess the weekend makes as much as some stadium games because you've got two days worth of events to make people pay for. It's not going anywhere.
  10. Tonight's poster was sold out by 6:15. I will try to get one w/ my STH rewards. This was a good one.
  11. Tonight's poster was sold out by 6:15. I will try to get one w/ my STH rewards. This was a good one.
  12. Tonight is the kind of loss I can get behind. It was actually an entertaining game to be at. Devils did some things well. Zacha continues to improve. Santini had a rough night which stinks. but stupid mistakes killed them tonight. Those are correctable things.
  13. I cut this up a little, but this is just not fair. I don't think ANYONE really mentioned Niedermayer in any way as a comparison or potential for Severson. Scott Niedermayer is one of the 10 best defensemen to ever play the game and might be the best skater in NHL history. add the fact that he could play in all situations and play enormous minutes with almost no dropoff in ability along with the fact that his mistakes were so rare and putting the two names in the same sentence other than to say that their uniform numbers both start with "2" is just not fair. this is spot on. there are things to like about severson's game and he's certainly better and more consistent than last year. if he continues his rate of improvement at the current pace, he'll be a solid #2 d. but the risks in his game show up often enough that they can't be ignored. you can absolutely win with a guy like severson being an important part of your d-core. I just don't think you can when he's the MOST important part of it. at least not yet.
  14. what stinks is this was ALL because of one ridiculously egregious call Was Hall offsides? Yup. Was it egregious? Nope. It's the kind of thing that if the challenge rule didn't exist, nobody would have even thought to go look at it. And if they did, they'd be more concerned about Coleman than Hall himself. If you have possession entering the zone, then it really shouldn't matter. Receiving a pass, fine. But Hall was carrying himself and brought himself an inch over before the puck with possession. I'm not going to go too crazy - it's the right call. It's just stupid because it didn't effect the play.
  15. wins aside, the devils are just playing much much better. i think the last two games have been zacha's best by far. he and josefson have had a nice two games.