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  1. nothing for mueller either which makes no sense unless they have other deals already agreed to.
  2. per devils twitter: blandisi, coleman, noesen, pietila, rooney, thomson, mozek, severson, wedgewood no josefson. but there's been debate if he was RFA in the first place. no bb-8 is a shock - leads me to believe there is a deal there.
  3. I agree - the strategy and theory behind the picks all jibe with what equals success in today's NHL. Someone pointed out, this is the antithesis of Lou/Conte philosophy of old which is A-ok by me.
  4. For sure it's exciting. I think he is clearly the more exciting player too. I was team Nolan as I just see him as a toews clone but Nico's now our guy and I'm pumped to have him aboard.
  5. it doesn't work that way - just because you fleeced one guy doesn't lessen the value of what you got. it's value is only lessened if you move it for something that doesn't have a lot of value (mueller).
  6. what do I want? trade 1 overall to vegas for dumba, sissons, #6, and two more of the 1st GMGM gets from the expansion draft.
  7. honestly - i thought it was genius. be self aware. good for them. 95% of the fanbase is not happy with the change (myself included) - they're saying "ok, we get it. we're obviously not the best decision makers when it comes to jersey redesigns. sorry."
  8. you know - seeing it on Greene in the video, i hate it less. and i do like the inside collar A LOT. Still - should've left well enough alone.
  9. you realize that the best you can hope for is 2018/2019, right?
  10. they're not islanders 90's/00's awful but i mean, why make these changes? there's no point other than to look slightly different.
  11. we already know the devils are keeping the shoulder yoke all black. honestly, i'm expecting much ado about nothing as they'll almost be exactly the same. if anything, I'll be disappointed that they didn't get a patch or some sort of collar design (like the Cup years or "Jersey's Team" or something.
  12. A couple days removed - i still have NO fvcking clue what the point of this was - especially before expansion. was vegas taking this guy? is this guy better than merrill - certainly not right now. and now they have to protect him. yes - clearly it's a seller's market. but I have to think the 2 + 4 had more value if coupled with something else that gets you an NHL'er.
  13. devils should not be paying ANYTHING of substance to keep any of these players. perhaps, they pay a 4th to Vegas to leave Merrill/Bennett alone. But that's the best I'd do. with that said, I'd hope that maybe the devils can get something done where VGK takes Dumba or Colton Sissons and trades them to NJ.
  14. i'm upset it took about 10 posts before someone appreciated that reference.
  15. that's the problem - nobody knows why shero did this. then again, its a ridiculous sellers market and the devils defensive depth is ludicrously short so perhaps they've got some scout that thinks he's rick peterson and can fix victor zambrano if 5 seconds.