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  1. I cut this up a little, but this is just not fair. I don't think ANYONE really mentioned Niedermayer in any way as a comparison or potential for Severson. Scott Niedermayer is one of the 10 best defensemen to ever play the game and might be the best skater in NHL history. add the fact that he could play in all situations and play enormous minutes with almost no dropoff in ability along with the fact that his mistakes were so rare and putting the two names in the same sentence other than to say that their uniform numbers both start with "2" is just not fair. this is spot on. there are things to like about severson's game and he's certainly better and more consistent than last year. if he continues his rate of improvement at the current pace, he'll be a solid #2 d. but the risks in his game show up often enough that they can't be ignored. you can absolutely win with a guy like severson being an important part of your d-core. I just don't think you can when he's the MOST important part of it. at least not yet.
  2. what stinks is this was ALL because of one ridiculously egregious call Was Hall offsides? Yup. Was it egregious? Nope. It's the kind of thing that if the challenge rule didn't exist, nobody would have even thought to go look at it. And if they did, they'd be more concerned about Coleman than Hall himself. If you have possession entering the zone, then it really shouldn't matter. Receiving a pass, fine. But Hall was carrying himself and brought himself an inch over before the puck with possession. I'm not going to go too crazy - it's the right call. It's just stupid because it didn't effect the play.
  3. wins aside, the devils are just playing much much better. i think the last two games have been zacha's best by far. he and josefson have had a nice two games.
  4. at this point, i'd expect kerfoot to go the ufa route. he's waited this long and hasn't been signed. he might still sign w/ NJ at that time because he might see the quickest chance to playing time but i don't think he's nearly as good or as valued as hayes or vesey.
  5. hopefully it doesn't mean what the canes did. don't mess with the fonts - that's terribly important. don't lose sight on that point.
  6. full endorsement of Dave & Jeff's show (they do Devils Tailgate on Game Days). These guys absolutely know what they're talking about (even if they think moore is still a decent defenseman).
  7. i don't see a Creamer tweet that acknowledges this. i see something from Blackburn which is the first tweet in this thread.
  8. both trouba and shattenkirk are RH d that play the right side. while you can certainly play on your off side, it's not the best use of roster management either. i don't totally hate the idea though. but if you're going to get shattenkirk for 7/53 (and that's gonna be what it takes), then I'd rather use henrique for something else. you're also assuming that lovejoy is gone (which of course i pray happens but just isn't likely). additionally - you've got two guys (greene and santini) that you'd be ok w/ on the PK. none of the other guys are PK guys or great defensively.
  9. the latest news is that 3rds are out. so unless the Devils are allowed to wear the current Reebok throwbacks next year, and assuming they don't actually make them their actual home jersey, we won't see them. i also thing the "major redesign" that NJ is getting is the same thing that everyone is getting w/ new materials. The logo is the logo - it's not going anywhere. I mean, it's stitched onto the seats at the fvcking arena. Might they throw some green back in there? Perhaps. Might they change the striping or the shoulder yolks a bit. Perhaps. But they're not getting the Devils Den logo on the jersey. They're not going with the script "Jersey" like the pins they were giving out. it will be like going from the old CCM's to the Edge Jersey's - they'll "look different" but really essentially be the same thing.
  10. i'd be shocked if they deal henrique in season. although, if the bruins are fighting for the playoffs again, maybe they'll overpay for henrique. i don't love hayes or spooner enough to deal Henrique for them though. i don't think boston would trade next year's 1st either. they only have that and edmonton's second. they have no 3rd or 5th rounders next year. the expansion draft is going to make things interesting also - columbus is going to have to move someone good. is anaheim dumb enough to deal rakell?
  12. Merrill has played enough in this league that we know what he is - which is a bottom pairing defenseman on a pretty bad team. he's not getting better. he is what he is. NHL filler at best.
  13. I know Hynes isn't going anywhere and I know he doesn't exactly have the horses but I continue to question what he's doing with some of these decisions and scratches. More to the point - it seems like so many guys on this team are just fvcking dumb. The term "hockey sense" seems to be absent with just about everyone other than zajac, cammalleri and santini. these are the only players that seem to consistently be in the right place and make the right play (in cam's case, as tri points out, it seems to not work too often). lovejoy - quote machine. seems like a really nice guy. fvcking sucks. if you know you are below average in speed, make up for it with smarts. he does not. how many times is he going to screen his own goaltender and fail to box out or hold his man. what does it say when santini is doing the exact job that lovejoy is supposed to do and doing it 100x better? severson - the ability is there - but he's making the wrong play too much and just doesn't possess awareness that he should have at this point. the turnovers because of simply bad decisions are maddening. i won't waste time on the other defenders because they really shouldn't even be in the nhl. i understand that we've got hurt players (they're not top line guys of course (other than greene but i digress)) but being in a position to use DSP and Kalinin as centers is ludicrous. can none of these albany guys (JQ, Blandisi, Coleman) play center? unless this is just team tank and we can't see it
  14. Colorado looking to move Duschene or Landescog. Don't think there's a match for Devils. They want D. Not sure what's out there for them.