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  1. The Offseason Plan™

    pretty bleak that it's pretty much tank or bust in your eyes for the devils. the hope is that maybe a decent AHL playoff for severson clicks something for him. zacha needs to hit the ground running next year.
  2. Possible "Palmieri-esque" trades for the offseason

    I think TB will be fine because I think they lose stamkos. toronto, w/ matthews in tow, is now an attractive option for stamkos if he wants to go home. you know they'll throw money at him. so will detroit (among others). I don't think yzerman wants to give him the 8/80 he's looking for. i think yzerman would give him 8/70. well, there are teams out there that will give him 7/70 so i think he leaves. khokhlachev has been talked about for years and boston hasn't made that move. i like the idea but it seems like boston just keeps dragging their feet there. silfverberg - i know anaheim is intent on making changes - i'm not sure they make that move (especially with the devils again) i did mention tanner pearson in the other thread as a similar type target.
  3. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    don't get me wrong - conte hasn't drafted great the last couple of years. but there are guys in the pipeline that were still their picks so maybe they can raise their final years if some of these guys pan out.
  4. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    i wonder if shero can target tanner pearson as this year's palmieri type trade. LA will be big time up against the cap and pearson's going to be an RFA that needs a raise. They already are going to have to REALLY take care of tiffoli and look to be trying to sign lucic so pearson is one of those young guys that might have to deal before he gets too expensive.
  5. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    or skate the guys that just showed up and have them win the game for you (lappin, zacha, boucher, sislo, blandisi.
  6. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Assuming no outside UFAs and what should happen letting people go cammalleri-zajac-palmieri boucher-henrique-DSP blandisi-zacha-wood kalinin-josefson-pietila/farnham this is not an acceptable F lineup for a team looking to do anything other than get the 1st pick in the draft so it's clearly not what it's going to be. this lineup certainly has room for elias in it. but again, this will not be the lineup the devils bring to camp.
  7. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    speers and white apparently got ATO's w/ Albany. Don't know if that's a precursor to a true contract or not:
  8. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Devils LW depth next year for sure: Cammalleri Boucher Blandisi (not sold that he's a center) Wood Pietila Now get into UFA possible to come back for LW - only Farnham is reasonable. Henrique, although he has played center is probably better served on LW. Zacha, if he makes the team, will likely be at LW. I am not opposed to Elias coming back necessarily and I wouldn't make him wait until November. It will depend on UFA moves and if the Devils win the lottery but assuming they really don't bring anyone of consequence in, You could get Elias on a $1MM + incentives deal and scratch him if your plan going into training camp is essentially the team they have now with albany and prospect graduates.
  9. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    I noticed blandisi got another diving call in this game. He's gotta clean that up. This isn't Carolina.
  10. Chere retiring?

    it's odd that chere himself hasn't said anything and that he is still tweeting and reporting even as of today. i'm not convinced this is real yet (even w/ stan who might just be parrotting something he heard not from chere). we'll have to get used to someone covering this team. there is a clear demand and one of the record or ledger are going to want to capitalize on that.
  11. Zacha call up to the DEVS

    this year slides and doesn't count. he's got another 3 years on this existing deal.
  12. Chere retiring?

    it's not a thing - it was a joke
  13. Devils Sign Santini to ELC

    According to Fire and Ice year this is year 1so they are already burning a year which was probably part of convincing him to sign.
  14. GDT: Tampa @ Devils

    lose saturday and montreal and buffalo win out - devils pick 8th (and have 19.2% chance of getting one of top 3 picks).
  15. The NBA is a different animal than the NHL. Two star players make you a championship caliber team and one superduper star does it on its own. The sixers have been trying to tank and keep missing the #1 pick. I mean, the Devils kinda sorta tried this by eschewing big UFAs and going for bargain basement one year deals. When you hear about a 2-4 year plan from Shero, that involves getting draft picks and understanding that you'll be bad. It's just not as dramatic a "Process" as they're trying in Philly.