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  1. 2017 Training Camp thread

    so far, if i had to guess, i would bet opening night looks like this: hall-hischier-palmieri johansson-henrique-stafford bratt-zacha-blandisi wood-boyle-noeson mcleod greene-severson butcher-santini moore-lovejoy meuller | prout schneider kinkaid * If Boyle can't go, Coleman makes the team out of camp in his spot * Hayes sticks around for a bit and will get signed within 2 weeks - I think Quenville and Speers, because they are waiver-exempt will start in Bingo. It's an easy roster decision. While I think it is very likely that Bratt returns to London, he has done enough all summer (and the brass have been pumping his tires all summer) that I think he gets a look to start (like how Speers got it last year seemingly out of nowhere). As for Mcleod - the under 20 AHL rule stinks here. That's really where he belongs but without that option, I think the Devils give him a shot just to keep him around a little longer and see if he can stick. Otherwise back to the OHL for one more year. - As much as I detest Lovejoy, he's going to get a decent leash to see if he's still an NHL'er.
  2. The Devils Uniforms

    new: https://twitter.com/NJDevils/status/908345185247121408/photo/1 old: http://www.meigray.com/edealinv/servlet/ExecMacro?nurl=control/StoreItem.vm&ctl_nbr=2381&siId=6881841&catLevel=0&scLevel=&thisCatLevel=&oldParentID=&catParentID=4542&scId=4542 I suppose i can see a slight difference in the font (new one looks slightly taller and thinner) but this neither of these are as bad as the ones used at the Devils Den that they heat press on and again, it's not enough that you'd really notice unless you're trying to pawn off as game worn or something. whatever EP does, it won't look like some chinese knock off like this:
  3. The Devils Uniforms

    well i literally just called again and said "will you customize the new NJ Devils Adidas jerseys" and they said, yes we will. They quoted $75. So maybe, as you say, they will do it with the lettering/font they have from the past and perhaps it won't be 100% accurate but if it's 98% accurate and unless you have a microscope you can't tell, that will be ok for me. Frankly, the Devils Den font is not as nice as the EPS as you say so perhaps I am improving on the Devils actual jersey
  4. The Devils Uniforms

    interesting - i spoke to someone this morning who said they absolutely would. i'm getting the jersey monday night and expect to send it to EP Tuesday. coolhockey.com also said they'll do it but they don't know when they can start. They also said it would be $130 including shipping which is much higher than EP has ever charged to do it.
  5. The Devils Uniforms

    STH will have ability to buy Authentics for $180 over the next week or so. They have set them aside specifically for that. I also called Exclusive PRO and they say that they can customize them.
  6. Zajac... OUT 4-6 Months

    Wow - that is a blow for sure. Honestly - the person this affects the most is McLeod. There was going to be a center log jam and he seemed like the odd man out. Now, not so much. It's also gonna ask a lot of Nico off the hop. With that said, I would bet they give Zacha 1C to start. Hall-Zacha-Palmieri Henrique-Nico-Johansson Quenville-McLeod-Speers Wood-Boyle-Noeson
  7. Vegas odds put Devils in last

    It was 50/1. I put $50 bucks on it. Didn't hedge when they made the finals. Oh well.
  8. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Devils Insiders podcast had Matt on the other day and he said they're looking to sort of have a guest "third man" and that might actually turn out to be his permanent partner. He mentioned "former Devils" as well as NWHL players.
  9. 2016-17 Prospects Thread

    i don't think there is a big question whether anderson will sign with NJ. He's going into his true sophomore year. the devils will hold his rights two years AFTER this year. i heard several interviews both with him and his coach that made it seem like all parties (including the devils) wanted him to have one more year and then turn pro (assuming he continues on current development path).
  10. Update-Forum version

    is default top banner supposed to be grey background instead of red?
  11. Update-Forum version

    I actually went back to the default theme. Not that I don't love Patty - but the black was a bit much and it's a really large header.
  12. Update-Forum version

    replying here just to see what this looks like
  13. The Devils Uniforms

    look inside the collar - they say "made in indonesia" in lime green. only "true" authentics that the players wear are actually made in Canada.
  14. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    https://www.pscp.tv/w/bDUDUjFZTEtKcnBKQk5LTm58MURYR3l5V2RtWWVHTaJIIzzczfKu7MKsaLAR51wm_foqZsrghNsFUCUGKjoB https://www.pscp.tv/w/bDUDjDFZTEtKcnBKQk5LTm58MXZPeHd2ZGpFV29KQlwt6dlaExxP1sjHTjMzC8f1PCCli5-ZC0Ov8MEzKxbW Don't know how well those will work now, but those were the two periscopes I did on the far side rink. I ended up meeting up w/ @SMantzas. Great to put a face w/ the name. I thought the Devils did a great job w/ the entire event. The guys we saw the most were Boqvist/Zetterlund and Wood/Santini/Bastian. Man o man did Boqvist have his way out there - he looked damn good both offensively and defensively. Popugaev was also impressive - both in size and ability. Mantz basically treated Wood like I used to treat Malakhov. What little I saw of Nico - talent is so clearly there but I thought he looked tired. I think it's a good bet that he has not been training as much since the draft with everything going on. I think he said as much in an interview yesterday. I thought Walsh and Talvite also looked good too.
  15. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    I'll be there also and will report