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  1. Don't get me wrong - Schneider is way down on the list of problems. And yes - despite my previous statement, a real good team can win w/ not great goaltending. But it's rare. And you need 4 or 5 hall of famers to do it. But by the time the devils draft toews Kane seabrook Keith and trade for Hossa, our Cory will be either retired or gone. The Devils honestly were buried this year in early December and Cory's putrid 7 weeks when the Devils needed him and the games did matter - he was absent. Last night is a game you need to come up big. The rest of the team did. I could find something absolutely positive about everyone save Lovejoy who can go sit on a jagged piece of balsa wood. Goal 4 is awful. Make the save.
  2. I don't mind any other goal on Cory but the OT is garbage and can't happen. And he was fish out of water a ton in the second. Rangers didn't finish.
  3. Fun game to be at, and I was proud of the Devils effort. It is just a shame that it can get sabotaged by essentially two players. Lovejoy - I'm sorry but he fvcking sucks. He is a net negative and hurts the team being on the ice. He is an invitation to opposition to attack him and he looks like end of career Daneyko out there. All the Girardi jokes we make - he's fvcking Bobby Orr to lovejoy. I have had very little quibble w/ Shero but this was in the Lou mold of going with what you know and not what is the truth. Goal 3 is 100% his fault. The sequence before the icing - devils have complete control and he is behind the net with the puck. He's pressured - coughs it up - Rangers control play for 30 seconds including seeing Lovejoy out at the fvcking blue line because he's so out of sorts. Greene is forced to clear the puck and creates an icing out of it (Greene does this way too much by the way but he's playing defense against his own guy so what can you do). So after the icing - zajac wins the puck but Lovejoy still can't help - gets to the point and a shot gets by Cory. I don't love that goal but it's not awful. But then we get to the OT goal. I'm sorry - Cory has to have it. I know that I sound like the idiot fans I rail against. Simply put - a goalie that is going to win when games matter doesn't give that up. And yes - Roy, Hasek, Marty - they've all given up softies. It happens. But tonight was a playoff game for the Devils. They are very obviously not going to the playoffs. Their season is 20 or so games left. They are the definition of playing out the string. But games like tonight - you treat them like a playoff game if you're the players. And for the most part, they all did. Lovejoy is like playing short handed ever shift he's out there. He is in Malakhov territory for me which means there is no coming back. I will only complain about him until he is gone to the point of annoyance. If he scores a goal, I will credit the guy who assisted on it. He makes the Devils less enjoyable to me and I curse him being on this team. But Cory - honestly - they will never win anything with him. Tonight proved that to me.
  4. didn't he already have one earlier in the season - i forget what ailment kept him out.
  5. this one was an A+ in my opinion. This and the 8bit retro are the two best so far.
  6. apparently - nobody claimed PAP besides the Devils so they are free to trade him anywhere. this per Devilsinsiders twitter who is pretty good.
  7. good job by the brass giving cammalleri the scratch - it was deserved. now it's lovejoy's turn.
  8. now that you mention it, that makes the poster make MUCH more sense. I wasn't sure what you were going with and outside of context, it loses the meaning. the only other critique i might offer, is that the scaling is perhaps reversed in that the Senator helmet is much more pronounced than the mascot. with that being said, its still a really impressive feat - as have all your other posters.
  9. wow - montreal is leading the atlantic and solidly in the playoffs - that's a surprise move. well, shoe is on the other foot for julien on this one.
  10. i would assume they did but I didn't ask - i already have that one.
  11. FYI - season ticket holders can go to membership lounge and buy any poster for $5 from any game. I got a couple games that were sold out those nights yesterday. They didn't ask if I was a STH so you could probably walk in there and get one. They had the retro night one so that's nice. I heard from someone while waiting in line at the store on the main concourse for yesterday's that he saw the retro night posters going for upwards of $50 on ebay.
  12. explains why i saw him @ short hills mall this afternoon.
  13. looks like tonight: 9-19-21 44-14-13 37-16-23 64-51-11 6-12 22-28 39-34 35 Will be interesting to see how Hynes works that 4th line. I could see blandisi jump up and take wood's spot during the game if line 2 is cold.
  14. The ASG is a corporate money grab that, for all of our complaining, is a pretty solid revenue event for the league and players. I'd venture to guess the weekend makes as much as some stadium games because you've got two days worth of events to make people pay for. It's not going anywhere.
  15. Tonight's poster was sold out by 6:15. I will try to get one w/ my STH rewards. This was a good one.