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  1. The Marty Night thread

    one other thing - is it just me that looks at the order of the retirement banners in the image and sees them in reversed order. Now i know that they are ordered (L->R newest to oldest but I feel like it should actually be oldest to newest). maybe i'm just insane.   edit - now i'm really gonna be a prick. the font on the neidermayer and brodeur numbers are wrong in the image. now the "wrongness" of the neids banner matches the wrong font in real life (in the arena, it's correct in the practice rink). But the Marty # 3 is wrong.
  2. The Marty Night thread

    looks great - wondering if we can increase the size - the header that was up for marty that took up the entire top was really sharp. just an idea
  3. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    Great job by the Devils tonight. Everyone loves to criticize them for anything PR related but this was perfect tonight.    As as for the game, even with the josefson being josefson whiff, I thought he had a nice game. Kennedy too.    This painting was also on display on the lower level
  4. 6 Years ago today... one of the best comebacks happened

    Blandisi skating reminds me of Kovy a bit actually. 
  5. very enjoyable game to be at - playoff atmosphere at the rock tonight. blandisi is a real nice player - i'm not ready to say his gaudreau but he can be a hagelin like player which is something i can't remember the devils having in a long time - a speedy winger that creates matchup issues for most defensemen. other than him, i didn't see any real standout performances on the positive...other than cory who was magnificent as he's been all year. gelinas is still terribly terrible. and his stink affects whoever is with him. schlemko, who generally has been pretty solid just seemed to play poorly tonight when he got around 44. I am begging for moore to come back soon but that just pushes helgeson out. we need merrill to push 44 out of the lineup. boucher's last 2 shifts were good. every shift before that was forgettable. he just can't get himself into scoring situations and therefore, he's pretty useless. and larsson - for as good as he's been this year, probably had his worst game of the season tonight. he just could not handle the speed outside and got caught flatfooted. he'll never be a fast skater - i agree with others who have said that. but he's gotta get better at recognizing speed and playing it safe when it calls for it to not get his doors blown off and have to take penalties like tonight.
  6. GDT: Devils @ Pens 7PM MSG+

    you don't give okposo 6.5MM to play 3rd line. also - as much as i appreciate what stempniak has done this year, i think it's very foolish to just pencil him back in for first line duties next year. first of all, you're talking about a guy who never stays healthy and this year is shooting at 13%. second of all, while not exactly ancient he'll be 33 next month. i think the devils need another palmieri type move - get a guy who's gonna get expensive from a team that can't afford him. Sven Baertschi Tomas Tartar Marcus Johansson Tanner Pearson Andrew Shaw Tomas Hertl Brett Connolly   I don't think the Devils are going to dip their toes in the UFA market for any of the "first day" guys of which okposo is one.
  7. The Marty Night thread

    great looking space CR76!
  8. Drouin

    Tony Amonte
  9. Shout out to...

    Jerry - I'd suggest taking a look at who you're talking to.    I am not that guy.    But it I will say congrats on never doing any a$$hole like things in your life. Must be nice. 
  10. Shout out to...

    He doesn't post here. I actually sat next to him every year until this year. Truth is he is a good guy.     I can assure you that he did ask quietly 2 or 3 times before he gets loud and annoyed. He's been doing it for years.  It is annoying when people get up and sit down constantly during play. They're at the game but have no interest in the game.  He does get too hot at times and he's an acquired taste but he's not s bad guy. 
  11. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    See Robin Hood; Men in Tights  
  12. GDT: Gaudreau vs. Palmieri

    i forgot to mention that gaudreau is absolutely worth the price of admission. Might be the second most fun player to watch besides Patrick Kane. i was petrified every time he was on the ice.
  13. GDT: Gaudreau vs. Palmieri

    enjoyable game to be at - liked a lot of what i saw from blandisi who has wheels and pretty good hockey instincts. boucher clearly understands that he's gotta play defense to stay and is at least cognizant of it. kalinin's strength is impressive to watch - if he can find any kind of offensive game, he could be a 15-20 goal guy. as far as i'm concerned, there was only one negative tonight and that was gelinas who, i don't care if possession stats possibly put him in a good light, was simply dreadful tonight. again with terrible decisions, not supportive of the play, got beat on what honestly looked like every play and just really seemed to have no idea what he was supposed to be doing. i don't know how anyone can defend him. as the PP continues to be dismal, he's no help there either. i'm not sure who it would be, but I could see an Albany D come up while Merrill is hurt and Gelinas gets scratched - he just cannot be out there anymore. The only excuse to keep him out there would be to try and hope he gets his shot off for a couple goals and they can trade him to someone stupid.
  14. Are you renewing for the 16-17 season?

    They do a lot in the way of perks - tshirts, team meet and greets, rewards, etc. And yes, being in the same seats around the same people is important. Up until this year, we sat to the same people since the day the Rock opened. We went to their kids' weddings. My cousins are a few rows ahead of us. And as silly as it sounds, if you care enough, you do it because it supports the team. While I don't think the Devils will ever really be in jeopardy of moving, having a weak season ticket base is something that starts those wheels turning.