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    What are you? 6? Do people grow up and learn to spell, you show your ignorance when you type....there was alot more to that Bourque situation than you know about, or care to admit....he owed Boston NOTHING, they didn't fulfill their promise to him, so he fulfiled a promise to HIMSELF! I know loyalty, and if my boss promised me something, I'd expect it, not cheap imitations, or pathetic substitutes, i'd do whats best for me, because as long as he's getting paid, he owes noone anything.... Your a pathetic example of a Devils fan....

    I didn't take it that way either....but as for me saying F*CK LOYALTY, it WAS in the case or Bourque for Kariya, i'm sure theres some other reason lurking behind that, that no one knows....

    Of course you will, your a bitter disgruntled Devils fan....your team got beat that year, you have NO EXCUSES....PATRICK ROY let in 1 goal combined in games 6 and 7, he GAVE the Devils a chance to win it, but they choked in game 6 and didn't show up for game 7....


    BTW, when did the Avalanche BUY a CUP???? Making trades and re-signing players for their market value isn't buying a Cup.... SAD???? You guys have a team that rarely sells out during the regular season and almost moved to Nashville a few years ago....

    Your argument was good to respond to, right up until you slipped on that Pamper and made that comment....stop being bitter because of some other teams success....

    I can't disagree there, see my other posts about uselESPN, they have no business doing hockey....

    Dew, backoff, don't speak on what you know nothing of....any disgruntled fan from another team thinks thats what happened, softens the blow from having to hear what a great team it was all the time....just because the Bruins are dedicated to losing doesn't mean Ray had to be, F*CK LOYALTY, especially when the Bruins broke their loyalty to Ray first....

    Neely was great, I hate Ulf Samuelsson for what he did.... Game 6 vs the Devils WAS the next game, wasn't it? Hey look! They have an Al Morganti emoticon

    Bruins fans can stay bitter for all I care, they should be mad at thier GM at the time, not Ray....when it came time for him to resign with Boston, he signed a contract past his free agency eligibility, and for ALOT less than he could have received for becoming a FA, JUST to stay in Boston because management told him they'd build a winning team around him with the money they saved from signing when he realized they weren't keeping up their end of the bargain, he decided to realize his dream.... Brodeur will follow in Roy's footsteps as the next best thing, but Roy did play better after most mistakes....thats why he is one of the best of all-time.... But in both cases, I hated uselESPN's coverage of the Finals, and anything doing with the Avalanche that they broadcast....I watched the games on CenterIce til they were only exclusively on uselESPN, I wish they'd show the Canadien broadcasts of the Finals, they do such a better job....

    Morganti is alright, just has to make sure he clears a path on his eyebrow so he looks normal.... But yes, they're all garbage....nothing compares to HNIC, and I still think of Mike Emmerick as one of the best in the business....although Chico can be a bit retarded from time to time, I guess that comes from too many pucks to the head....

    Roy and Bourque are 2 of the best ever....I didn't see anything wrong with them, please give me some examples....

    I agree, they overblow Forsberg, although he's one of if not thee best in the game, they just overdo anything he does....but other than that, the uselESPN announcers are usually extatic when someone scored on the Av's, especially Roy....Thorne needs to go back to baseball, where the game is slow enough that he gets all the names right....Clement needs to go back to the clinic that gave him the vasectomy, and get it's a shame that Saunders, Olczyk, and Strader are the only announcers worth a have Unibrow Morganti, Steve "should" Leavy (the announcers booth), Daren Pang who is pathetic with his commentary, and of course, the Flame Menon' Bitchygrass....does this tool have anything to do with hockey?

    I'm here because I wanted to know what his deal was....he repeats the same post over and over....with the Avs winning the Cup this year, as much as i'd like to see it, until they get a goalie or the "Swiss Miss" plays beyond his current output, I don't see that happening.... I respect the Devils as the only team in the East that can stand up to the teams in the West, and they were the first team I ever saw live....god I miss those Christmas jerseys

    Whats the story behind SBT? Been wondering myself since he joined the Avalanche site....