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  1. No for the simple reason= we have no back up goalie.. But there will be a trade.. one or two of our defenseman. If there is none Lou has lost his mind. I just hope who ever it is we get, if we get.. is UNDER 30.
  2. I am glad Salvadore is ok but it would be nice to see how well the team would play with him and Volch out for say 3 or 4 games bringing up some youth. Also no doubt they will play Cory with the excuse Marty was hurt with the shot he took to the collarbone in Ottawa, and not the truth that Cory right now is the better Goalie. As much as I love Marty he needs to be our Back up not starter!
  3. Staged, No! But real anger where you want to punch your tv because someone like Domi just blindsided your best defenseman,d.eWU Then Hell yes!
  4. wow, Sad, RIP Denis. Hope Marty was able to be there.
  5. Just got a answer from Blueskirt it will be on Devils central. Its posted on the game day thread. Thanks Blue!! Lets Go Devils!!!!!
  6. Thanks many Blue!!!!! Lets Go Devils!!!!!
  7. I thought I read somewhere that tonights game will be on the Devils web site can anyone confirm that, I really want to catch the last game!
  8. I'd like to join but being 48, I had to stop playing for real due to health problems, just would like to know how I could get involved but I am a newbie at the on line part due to a lot of people on line taking it like it pays their rent! Please let me know what teams and how to get involved. Thanks my gamer tag is, VS Devils65
  9. I agree it is very hard to ask that question. Maybe because I am a Devils fan I would want Marty for that one game but without the trapezoid rule, if I had to pick one! but very unfair to compare. IMO
  10. if I had to pick a goalie in their prime, Marty! One big reason, Marty's records are not through the roof even more is, A: the loss of years due to lock out! and B: That stupid Trapezoid rule if Marty was allowed to play the puck to his ability hands down there is no one who compares. IMO it is unfair to compare because The Goalies such as Roy did not have any rules made just for them!
  11. How long after watching him falling all over the ice tripping over the blue line will they start calling him Clarktard, we will see how much of a fluke that 30 goal season was. My money is he scores early in the first game making him the next Clark, then falls off the map because that Toronto plays a different game then us. But good for him they were giving the money so he took it!
  12. I waited a day or so before posting again, now that the rat has left town and the dust is settling. We are in a better situation then I thought listening to all the smart posters and even the some of the islander fans ( go figure) negative crap, in the long run picking up players like Brunner and watching prospects build in a couple seasons we will be ok! Not only that I am now really looking forward to a hungry group of players, when we have won in the past we did it with several 20+ goal scores not big flashy names. We made the names. I do hope that the league gives us back our 1st rounder but I'm not holding my breath. Lets Go Devils!!!!!
  13. Pepper your funny!! but I am calming down a little just burns me how much the team went through to make and keep him a Devil. The Lou I thought I knew (maybe thats where I went wrong) would have put up more of a fight but what do I know. If he knew last year he should have just let him stay in Russia then. But its over enough about the trader. Lets do what we do best build from within !!!!! Lets Go Devils!!!!!
  14. If you don think Washington is not watching this very closely after the remarks Ovie made during the lock out. He is another strong case of I'm home sick and money has nothing to do with its, ill wait a day to announce my move, Pittsburg, there are a lot of teams that need to watch this very closely. I hope we will be ok, the least he could have done was just retire last year!