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  1. Welcome Bano, I'm Dave a Devils fan since 82 used to live in E Rutherford NJ 1/2 mile from the arena moved to Florida in 2003, looking in to using NHL Game Center, Center Ice does not do playoffs any way welcome! LGD.....

  2. Fire Bettman 2010

  3. Haviland, Therrien reportedly final two candidates

    No question about it if it is between those 2 it is Haviland! C'mon Lou make it happen, soon
  4. Michel Therrien for Devils coach?

    No, No, NO I hope this is a joke... I am not a fan of Johnny Mac but I would take him over Therrien, Please Lou say it aint so!!! I would say if it is true he makes it to December before he is canned by Lou!
  5. Brodeur factor doesn't matter?

    There are too many variables, like the last post said it is not a science, Take the season Marty had the amount of games, How Marty was and still is the best puck handling goaltender,,, Too man Variables to say this.
  6. Kirk Muller

    Ok I will bite! I think Capt Kirk was a great player for this org. But when it comes to coaches lets remember Lou has a lot riding on this choice I think he is with out a doubt playing it safe and going with a vetern coach, Like Hitch, Or Keenan, I could be wrong and he could go with Johnny Mac. But lets face there are a lot of critics waiting on this decision and his decision on Kovy.
  7. Jamie Langenbrunner

    They quit at the end of second period in the 5th game you could single out a lot of players but Jamie is our Captain if he is back next year the least I would expect is for Kovy (huge IF we sign em) or Zack deserve the C not Jamie I have never seen a team quit like this before, They were getting beat to the forecheck so badly something we did well all year that 5th game was hard to watch.

    Listening to Dano as a commentator I liked the way he thinks, I would love to see him and Stevens behind the bench as assistant coaches with Johnny Mac as head coach I believe it is his time also. Just watching Dano & Stevens energy would be worth the price of admission. I would hate to be a defenseman giving up the puck in our end next year having to answer to Dano and Stevens.
  9. Jacques Lemaire Retires

    I liked Jacques, he did a lot for this team, the players he molded, winning in 95 was a awsome feeling we were told we had no chance to beat the Red Wings let alone sweep them. I really felt we were in trouble this year when after the Olympics he kept changing the lines and no scoring. That continued into the playoffs, with no chemistry. Any way you look at it he is gone and we are team without a coach again, One thing that did bother me was in the press conf the Maven asked if he told the players he said no I let Lou do that, there must be some resentment from the players
  10. GDT: Game One: Flyers at Devils 04/14/2010 7:30 PM

    "From the churches to the jails tonight all is silence in the world As we take our stand down in jungleland"
  11. GDT: Game One: Flyers at Devils 04/14/2010 7:30 PM

    Lets Go Devils ..... Lets Go Devils.....Come on Kovey score a hat trick tonight!!!!!
  12. GDT: Game One: Flyers at Devils 04/14/2010 7:30 PM

    Please be on Center Ice channel, Lets Go Devils,
  13. Could you imagine the horror...

    Here's how I see it. Boucher. 3am...laying in his race car bed wearing nothing but his orange thong...dripping in sweat....kicking off the lavender silk sheets he pressed go carefully this very evening...George Michael music playing ever so lightly in the background.....and that same familiar nightmare... Elias...Elias...Elias....Oh LORD take away my bunny ears and spurs or my Chris Pronger calendar, but please don't make me face that team again!! Oh my god im sick oh sick puke puke.... ahhhhhh because it is no doubt TRUE ahhhhhhh..... Lets Go Devils!!!!!
  14. Playoff Schedule (all teams)

    Ok I can stop breaking things it looks like i will not have to call into work and fly home to my brothers for the playoffs... Thank you to all that replied it sucks living away (taking care a sick relitive) I miss home, But Thanks!! Go Devils
  15. Playoff Schedule (all teams)

    HELP!!!! I have watched every game this year on Center Ice because I moved to god awful South Florida and now I can not find a :(station carring the game will Center Ice have it or since I have comcast am I screwed out of watching the Devils playoffs.... any help will be appreciated