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  1. Luongo's 12-year contract deal now under investigation

    This is why Bettman is a joke. Go back to basketball!!! Just to save face he is going to have the league "review" Luongo's contract after it's been registered. Seriously what legal grounds do they have if they did find something wrong (which they wont unless he wants to have a player walkout on his stellar resume as well) within Luongo's contract. The NHL REGISTERED it. Now they want to go back and say...well we need to review it again to make sure everything is A-OK after we originally said yeah we looked it over, its all good. Obviously we now see that the NHL...the game we love is run by a bunch of corporate baboons.
  2. Kovy was JVB's call

    The NHL decided to put its foot down with Kovy's contract but they "technically" have no legal legs to stand on...and they know it. This is just posturing by the league to let other teams know they will act as a "bump" in the road for future contracts like this until the new CBA is written and agreed to banning these types of contracts or cutting down on how front loaded they can be. The NHL denying this contract is like your mom finding you looking at a Playboy when you were little and she said, "you wait until your father gets home", all the while you know NOTHING is going to happen. The contract will be approved...when, hopefully soon. The NHL is just making a knee jerk reaction because Lou didnt slip through the loop hole, he opened it up like Grand Canyon, held a press conference knowing it would initially be denied...all the while giving GB the finger knowing it would have to be approved. You dont make a boo boo with a contract like this when the guru of the CBA who used to work for the NHL is now working for the Devils.
  3. Rangers Hoping for Parise

    Let the Rangers make a ridiculous offer to Parise...the Devils will get what...5 first round picks for him...with the scout staff that the Devils have thats like picking the knife instead of the loaded gun in a fight...then again this is the Rangers were talking about so nothing is above them.
  4. Who will get traded?

    If Roger "Winky" Dorn gets traded I will name my first 6 kids Lou.
  5. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    I just yelled in work "THEY GOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" like someone was just caught from America's Most Wanted...today is a glorious day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Oh well...enjoy the rest of the summer

    I've given up on the fact that Kovy will be back as a Devil. If he really wanted to come back as the Devils were "one" of the teams he would consider playing for then I think it would have happened by now, but it seems like he just used the Devils to bargain for more money and that was it which is his right to do so. Whenever he signs with LA or Russia (I always doubted the whole Russia thing) I wish him well. It does suck because I really believe he could have helped the Devils win a cup this year...even if he had an off year of 85 points (which isnt too shabby). Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone...see ya in October!!!!
  7. Just Because....

    LL has decided to scrap his interest in Kovy and at 9 PM tonight on ESPN LeBron James will announce that he has decided to sign a 25 year 500 million dollar deal to be the face of the NJ Devils. This signing has forced Kovy to decided to sign a long term deal with the Islanders and a yet to be announced Russian KHL team. The terms of the contracts are that he will split time between the NHL and KHL splitting years. One year NHL, one year KHL. When in the NHL the Islanders will pay him 10 million a year for as long as he is alive, and the Islanders will also pay him 15 million dollars a year when he plays in the KHL since the Islanders like to pay people even when they dont play for them. The Islanders have also stated they are going to throw 1 year 35 million dollar deal on the table for Martin Broduer as Rick DiPietro's back up when Marty's current contract expires.
  8. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Kovy has a short list of teams he wants to sign with. Did last seaon hurt him...that one is hard for me to say. I mean the guy averaged a point per game while here, he was one of the biggest names the Devils ever traded for so I think its unfair to say he didnt work out. Like I said, a point per game and people expected alot more from him like he was going to score a hat trick every night. How long did it take for the Devils players themselves to stop standing around watching him? It's so hard to tell what will happen. Part of me thinks the longer this drags out with LA the more of a chance NJ has to sign him because Kovy and LA could start to disagree on certain things and it could turn into more of an arbitration hearing and get ugly. But on the other hand with LA not appearing to do too much right now with the free agents they could be locking the deal down with a hush hush verbal agreement.
  9. Devils' Kovalchuk will test market

    I'm planning for the worst and hoping for the best. I doubt Martin comes back. As for Kovalchuk sure he's going to listen to other offers, who wouldnt. If he really wants to stay he will but he's also going to want a nice offer. It's all a part of the game...hopefully this time it will be a game the Devils will win. Anything is possible, how crazy would it be for the Devils to sign Kovalchuk and then the Nets get King James?
  10. Halak...REALLY?!?!?!

    So I'm guessing the Pens plan is to limit themselves to 15 shots on goal to have a chance against this kid???
  11. Halak...REALLY?!?!?!

    Wow...thats all I have to say is wow. That was some 3 game show he put on. 3 goals on 130+ shots in three games. That's impressive.
  12. Roger Dorn v. JL

    I thought nothing was what the Devils were already getting out of him
  13. Roger Dorn v. JL

    Who goes...who stays???
  14. Who will be the Devils’ next head coach?

    I wonder if it would make any difference to Kovalchuk. I'm leaning towards it not mattering to be honest.
  15. If you were Jeff Vanderbeek....

    Oh I see fabrications...it all makes sense now