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  1. GDT:7:00 Devs vs. Rangers. MSG

    Dean McAmmond on the power play that is all that I left the garden thinking about from tonight's mishap
  2. Cluck with Stamas and Kev

  3. 3rd edition GDT: Maple Leafs @ Devilchuk 7:00pm EST

    What a game one of the best regular season games I've been to in a long time! Can't wait to go tomorrow and see the devils play at the garden! side note: They showed me with my Kovalchuk errr Rupp jersey on the pre-game show http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z161/Deathscythe84/IMG_0365-1.jpg
  4. OFFICIAL!! Devils Trade for Kovalchuk

    ahah that would be funny, yeah there probably will be other people doing the same maybe even some getting a brand new Kovy jersey. Ahh Rupp is and was one of my favorites mainly for fighting . I think I am only 1 out of 3 who have a Rupp jersey.
  5. Kovalchuck jersey's

    haha I am sure they have been pressing them onto jerseys since yesterday and I am sure the devils den has the kovalchuk strips all ready to go I went with the poor man approach
  6. OFFICIAL!! Devils Trade for Kovalchuk

    I wish I could it wont fit on the paper if I go any bigger. But I think it will do for tonight
  7. OFFICIAL!! Devils Trade for Kovalchuk

    I had to do this. See you at the game tonight.
  8. I don't believe that we gave away our future entirely. I am not a fan of Oduya so I am not hurt to seem him go I just never liked him in my opinion. I do not know much about Cormier except he blindsided some kid and got suspended haha. and Bergfors I love him but not that sad he's gone he wasn't producing as of late and the two we've had up in his place Davis and Palmieri have been playing well. Plus don't forget about Mattias Tedenby there are a bunch of good prospects coming up.
  9. What's up!

    What's up My name is Tom Repp. I am 17 and I am a big devils fan as much as everyone else. Been following the devils all my life going to as much games as possible. I play goalie here and there with my friends at our roller rink hope to get some new pads soon and maybe get on a few ice leagues.
  10. OFFICIAL!! Devils Trade for Kovalchuk

    I just signed up here and made another one http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z161/Deathscythe84/kovycelebrateagoalwiththedevils.jpg can't wait to see him in action I'll be at the game tomorrow and at the garden