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  1. I typed it out in Courier already...
  2. is back online...sorry for the down time.
  3. Yeah, right. The Avalanche have a lower payroll than last year. Did you feel that way when Detroit bought the '02 cup, or just now?
  4. I fear you are underestimating the power of the dancing banana. OF COURSE it prevented the war .
  5. Seriously guys, I know its the offseason and there isn't anything better to do, but get off SBT's back. He is a great guy who is very optimistic and he respects his fellow poster.
  6. Good show! Its always good to have some difference in opinion .
  7. Heh, don't worry man, I've been through a board war before. Let me tell you, it ain't fun! BTW, I highly reccomend you add this smilely: . All hail the dancing banana.
  8. Before you jump to conclusions, SBT has told me nothing.