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  1. The Marty Night thread

    I've got 2 tickets for sale, section 104. PM me if interested
  2. Can hockey fans ice skate?

    my parents could never afford the price of youth hockey, so i never played when i was younger. now im 23 with my own income and i want to learn it badly. i have purchased a full set of equipment and skate when i can, but i only just graduated college so i haven't had the time to really do it, seeing as how i went to school during the day and work 7 days a week. hopefully i can land a "real" job soon and have a little time to pick it up. i really wish there was late night skating, its the only time im free but all the rinks are closed, understandably, but still
  3. GDT Devils vs. Panthers

  4. Weekend Season Ticket Plan

    that 1386 is per ticket, so if your splitting 2 tickets, your dad would be paying 1386 and whoever splits it with him would be paying 1386 as well
  5. Kovy Press Conference info

    i guess the organization really is tight lipped, if they knew he was signing on saturday and word didnt get out until their announcement yesterday
  6. Official 2010 Stanley Cup Finals Thread

    wonder if pronger will try and steal the cup
  7. Game 3 GDT | Devils @ Flyers | 6:00pm ET

  8. Caption this picture

    thats the best anyone can come up with, this is over
  9. History Will Be Made

  10. GDT - Boston @ Devils

    anyone have a feed for tonight's game?
  11. Free Ticket Vouchers from Modells?

    go to the box office as soon as you can and you might be able to get some decent seats. im going tomorrow night with tix from buying a jersey and im sitting section 6 row 20, not too bad especially when i was buying a jersey anyway
  12. It’s official: Martin will play tonight

    Yyyyeeeesssssss. I'm so excited to finally have true top 4 dman inthe lineup again edit:just read the full article and saw Fraser and salmela are scratched, Martin should get a decent bit of ice time
  13. GDT: St. Patty's Party at the Rock: Pittsburgh @ Devils

    LGD. Can't wait to get out of class and head to Newark

    GOT ONE!!! sect 15 row 7, finally got it by restarting my iphone and going on 3g, dont know why it didnt work before, why my computer still doesnt work, and wifi still doesnt work for my iphone, but i got one and im thrilled

    im giving up, all i wanted was 1 ticket for myself, but i cant seem to get the option to enter the code no matter what i do. two different computers, shut down each, cleared cookies and cache, different browsers on each, tried my iphone on wifi and on 3g, and still nothing