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  1. Change point structure for W-L-T

    Shootouts should be eliminated. Please bring back ties! That little skills competition after OT has nothing to do with the game that proceeded it. It's RIDICULOUS.
  2. GDT: New Jersey @ Edmonton - 1/11/12

  3. GDT: New Jersey @ Edmonton - 1/11/12

    this oleo tv thread is the worst!
  4. GDT: New Jersey @ Edmonton - 1/11/12

    no one say it.....
  5. GDT: NJ Devils vs. Dallas Stars - Niedermayer Number Retirement

    I live in the middle of nowhere in NE Connecticut. I have the hockey package, but they are not carrying the ceremony. Does anyone know where I might find it online? Thank you. (disregard- they are carrying it!!!)
  6. GDT: New Jersey @ Florida

    Just wanted to chime in to say it was a great effort tonight. I can't say I'm a fan of the shoot-out, but I'm sure glad we've killed in it so far this year. Larsson needs to get his crap together. Kovy needs to keep shooting. He's starting to earn his pay. Excited for Zajac's return.
  7. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg Jets

    sweet! chug that Dogfish 60 minute. WTF! number 7!
  8. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg Jets

    great puck control.
  9. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg Jets

    chug your beer if the devs score.
  10. Who remembers Fetisov?

    1. Microwavepizza


      i have a Russian 1980 CCCP Fetisov jersey...

  11. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg Jets

    Quinn- your Chico-Cheese avatar keeps drawing my eye to it. It's freakin' me out man.
  12. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg Jets

    Take kovy off the point on the pp! Turnover machines.
  13. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg Jets

    Kovy hat trick.
  14. GDT: Devils @ Wild. 8:00 pm EST

    Refreshing to see a bounce go the Devils way.