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  1. I'm still happy he bolted and tore up that contract... he had to fly on Russian airlines daily for 3 years to do it too... that's taking one for the team....
  2. for 1 year, then zajac gets moved down a line or 2 if he doesn't score.. Patrick and zacha move up... those are good pairings on D if cammy rebounds that's a PO roster
  3. Shero has watched Kovy on film these past few years... if he's any kind of professional GM he will surely know what kovy has left in the tank...if its 60% of what he once was I'll take a second round pick thank you.. if its 80% or close Id pay a one year to see what he has, and risk losing a second and cash if he busts
  4. Go find some cardboard Russian homeless man.... caps were trash tonight
  5. Dagger, see ya henry
  6. All those shots are now , finally, starting to go in... top shelf caps
  7. Choke jobs... they concuss the lip boy and still can't pull this thing out... unreal
  8. Suck down on it sakic, lmao... you got hit with anti-tank artillery... so do we grab patrick...??
  9. Tank you, tank you, tank you.... this is fantastic.... I thought the number 1 card was going to say Edmonton again lol
  10. Please don't go backwards, LGDs.....
  11. Wonderfully brutal loss by the rags. Hank needs to get a grip , literally.
  12. I would expose him with a sweetener that we will pay 1/2" his salary for 2 years, can you do that?
  13. ??? so is cammy exposed or not?
  14. If the Las Vegas team takes , lets say, merrill, do we get any compemnsation?
  15. Like weekes said, Im ok with Hynes for now, he has some experience running sheros attacking offense..we all agree that the skill at the top isnt there, yet we're killing the coach we need a stud top pair defender and a 30 goal forward to replace cammy.. I like zachas vision and skills, he will only get better and possible can play with hall.. but they need to be finishers where does moore fit in?