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  1. its good to ok, being paid a bit higher than a consistent 40 pt player. its up to kyle to make it a great deal, which he very well could. you have to be happy about this, there's little way he seriously underperforms these numbers
  2. he's still one of the best pure skaters on the team, just doesn't have an NHL wrister... but with all the centers he's going to have to distinguish himself : hopefully he's paired with a few speedsters and at least one who can shoot
  3. he's only 25, and ifs he's paid like a good 2nd line winger, Im not overly concerned with going over 5 years. in 6 years hes 31 and will still be fast... just pay him like a 20-20 winger not a 30-30 and we're good
  4. hopefully Merrill is healthy enough to hit the weight room hard this off season
  5. Bill Gramatica , LOL
  6. SCHLEMKO to the sharks!
  7. , they probably qualified him as a center going with severson to Edmonton for RNH, but then shero smelled blood!!!!
  8. he's a good skater and decent stickhandler, they might have qualified him to retain bargaining rights in a move
  9. exactly, needed the righty.. if schlem was a righty we probably wouldn't have made this deal
  10. good point, imo, the 5 PP assists can be replaced. he has a sneaky wrister that finds its way thru, but hardly a cannon.. Id look to find a PP point, and have him on PK duty until he shows its not a strength
  11. the way I was looking at this was that severson is larssons replacement, so we are replacing severson's role. someone to pair with the lefty Merrill, but shero may have other plans, does he pair greene with another offensive threat? not seeing that, but....
  12. they should resign schlemko even if he is another lefty the hall move pushes talent down, which is exactly what we needed smith-pelly really is the unknown and must have a good year for us to make a playoff push
  13. way to hold out for hall shero, Im sure they were offering RNH,
  14. This, without Andy digging out those tough, high stress, behind the net battles. lets see how he fairs now that he's the number one guy
  15. true, but ask dallas how their bad boy move worked out, this is SWEEEEEET