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  1. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Gorton's Fishermen

    Box score says mcleod didn't register a SOG, not good
  2. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    Loov is a big presence in front of our net... he might make this squad If we ever have to leave nj may I suggest PEI as a destination
  3. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    OK boys save some goals for the real season, nico from stafford, 3-0 good guys
  4. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    Atta boy zacha sweet goal, 2-0 We look good, sens finding very little ice to play on
  5. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Gorton's Fishermen

    Hey, hey, easy there fellas, As a former HS scrub, I resemble these comments....
  6. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    LG"new look"D's Bratt has to slow his game down tonight lol... hopefully zacha grabs this opportunity and owns it
  7. 2017 Training Camp thread

    I don't know crap about ELC and the OHL.. he has a 3 year contract (in his second year of).. do we retain the rights. If he doesn't make the club next year
  8. 2017 Training Camp thread

    What's wood doing to earn his Spot? I switch hayes with stafford, want to keep that line together with pavel and bratt, move blender to woods place. Wood can sit a few times.. before we send mcleod back to the ohl , I still want to see him on a line with established nhl top 6ish forwards, if he still can't get visible or shots off. Then move on. Unfortunately he looks like a checking line center as his ceiling..
  9. GDT: 9/23/17 Bright Lights Brah @ NJ Devils

    Dam,This is not going to be an easy roster to predict.. I'd like to see mcleod get some time with some vets.. butcher is a slick puck carrier but green, in front of the net I'd actually prefer this guy loov.. who played nash very strong 1v1.. but it's only one game and ii need to see how quick his stick is.. stafford looked energetic and has the nhl wrister.. in the two games I saw, that line has been very active and possession favorable.. need too see speers and noesson more.
  10. GDT: 9/23/17 Bright Lights Brah @ NJ Devils

    AFAIK that line is a lock..Zacha stafford bratt...they were the best line first 2 periods.. mcleod needs to step up and be more than a PK...Hayes and Q look active
  11. GDT: 9/23/17 Bright Lights Brah @ NJ Devils

    Yep, the roster is just too big for the benches, also.... and they need to see these kids skate tired in the 3rd.
  12. GDT: 9/23/17 Bright Lights Brah @ NJ Devils

    LGDS, things are getting real now boys Lots of competition, do we see zacha and stafford together Again? Who with, Q? Who will mcleod be With? Thought his board work was ok against the rags, and might be a good face off kid No top line.. tonight.. but against the habs nico got a chance with hall and palms, and scored on it.. but Johansson also fit well with them Loving this preseason
  13. GDT: 9/18/17 Washington Capitals @ NJ Devils

    Let's go boys, there's a top center spot up for grabs. Actually the top 3 center spots..
  14. Bryce Salvador to join Devils' broadcast (Replaces JMac)

    It will be interesting to hear him, he is Intellectual, but he's seems introspective... as long as he lightens up and has fun he should do well.. as others have said, Weekes would have been great, that guy has gobs of charisma
  15. 2017 Training Camp thread

    How many times will marcus Johansson pass it to ovechkin in this first game.