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  1. Hard fought game, we dumped and chased a bunch. High effort by the boys.
  2. I'm on the "tanking is good" side, but this one I want to win. Lgd
  3. this is exactly the point we are sucking thru useless seasons and missing the playoffs yet winding up out side the top 10 picks, only 2 top 10 in last 10 years and those were 4 and 6. not sucking nearly enough LOL
  4. go full blown youth movement this year, organized tanking
  5. I didnt sleep but I moved around the house doing stuff and only popped my head back in a few times... hate to beat a dead horse but this win one lose one win one lose two, thing that we've been doing for the last 5 years is getting us nowhere... need to just lose a few years... and grab a few top 3 picks.. dont want to hear about the oilers, we're not Edmonton
  6. C'mon guys beat this trojan.
  7. The avs are a train wreck ... 5 guys doing their own thing. And totally disinterested in it. We missed 3 or 4 open nets.. so we kept them in it. Glad for the fans again
  8. using QBs are a barometer for draft strategy is faulty. QBs are the most difficult athletes to grade.. the player with the best skill set fails 80% of the time, or more in hockey the overwhelming percentages are in favor of the higher picks..and the higher the better winning meaningless games has hurt organizations in all sports give me losses, with some key wins smattered about
  9. Looked to me that he just grazed his forearm. The velocity of the shot snapped the glove back. Either way, we got a call.
  10. Good call, had zero affect
  11. Dano trying to make excuses for it, lol
  12. LGD, as much as Id like to lose out, the home fans deserve a solid win...
  13. Sorry torts you look like someone stabbed your dog... he'll of a game
  14. Ive had enough of his "bro" schtick years ago. understand, Bro? he's a wfan stooge now
  15. Not too upset with the loss, see some bright spots and still drop in the standing. That's the template for the rest of the year Wow, Johnny Mac is just plain horrible post game