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  1. Devils Red and Green Jersey

    bump wondering if anyone has seen the Reeboks hit stores yet?
  2. Devils Red and Green Jersey

    Anyone have new information on this. Eagerly awaiting for when the Reebok jerseys are for sale and not the CCM ones.
  3. Good places to order your Kovalchuk jersey

    Me to I thought they were to be out by now all I can find are the CCMs.
  4. Game Worn Jersey

    Where do people get the game worn Jerseys? Is there a reliable site where they can be purchased and typically how much do they cost? I looked at the NHL auction site but they never have just Devils jerseys I have seen a Parise olympic jersey but nothing else.
  5. Does anyone know anything more specific then what the devils have posted on their website about what the appreciation entails? I have tickets to Saturday's game and would not want to miss anything because I didn't get there early enough.
  6. Is there any website that is actually selling the Reebook jersey all I see for the retro throwback on NHL.com is the ones from CCM but the players are wearing ones made by Reebok. Please forgive me for asking something if it is already answered somewhere else.