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  1. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    I'm guessing it'll be something like this.
  2. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Please, let it be true this time.
  3. Peter Forsberg?

    Worth mentioning is that he just returned from a rib injury that kept him away from play for a quite a while. He played with special protection in the Olympics because of that. Before the injury he still played with the physical play we're used of seeing from him.
  4. Ridiculous or Not Ridiculous?

    Yes, he also said himself that he's only focused on Modo at the moment. NHL is his dream though.
  5. Peter Forsberg?

    I think people should stop reading the newspapers and actually watch him play nowadays, before they give their own opinion about the player. He still got a lot to offer, and he pretty much does what ever he wants in the swedish elite league. Unfortunately, he's a player which is very injury prone and he has missed some of games this season. Mostly due to the fact that every team goes after him, just because he's Forsberg. I think he still has the quality and motivation for success. But I don't think the team that would sign him, can expect that he would be able to play a full season + play offs. He recently stated that he doesn't see NHL as a alternative anymore. So I don't we'll ever see Forsberg in a Devils jersey. Some fun facts for you, both Peter Forsberg and Marcus Näslund made their comeback in Modo when the team had huge problems, and they play to help the team to the playoffs. Their contracts? Well, both of them make exactly 0$ from playing in Modo. Modo offered them good offers, but they insisted to play for free, to help the club out financially. Modo then offered them some kind of bonus if they made the playoffs. They both rejected that offer and insisted that they both should play for free. With that said. I'm very thankful that I have the possibility to see the greatest player ever to come out of Modo and Sweden. He might not be in the NHL anymore, but while he's still a dominant force in the Swedish Elite League, i think it's ridiculous to say that he should retire.
  6. Ridiculous or Not Ridiculous?

    I'm from Sweden, Örnsköldsvik. Which is the hometown of Modo Hockey, the team he's currently playing in. At the moment, he's currently third in the league point standings. Despite his size, he's the guy who has thrown the most tackles in the entire league. He's not the kinda of guy whose afraid of getting in someones face if they're asking for it and will stand up for a fight. During warm ups, he's always the first guy on the ice and the last guy to leave. During games, he's always the last guy to leave the ice for a line change. He stays in there as long as possible. He plays both in power play and in box play. Offensively, he has a great eye with his passing. And it feels like something can always happen when he has the puck. One thing however, he tend to try for the hard option at times, which can sometimes result in something great. Nut it some cases, it can result in dangerous turn overs. But he definitely has the tools to "wow" the crowd with his great performances, game after game. I think he could do very well in the NHL. He's a great young player with the potential to become even greater. He's small and I think he could use some improvement on his skating, but I think the coaches in the NHL could evolve him to a good player for the NHL.