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  1. hey zach tell me how my ass tastes
  2. great finish
  3. just when I think somebody might be able to stop this team, they set me straight with a gutty OT win against a hot goalie. nice watching the eventual 15-16 cup champs for a bit tonight
  4. ice water cammalaeri
  5. they seem tired
  6. mother fvck on the other hand they've played a bunch of awesome songs there since I turned the game on a short time ago
  7. outshot by nearly double and still wins handily? team has "15-16 stanley cup champions" written all over it
  8. wtf
  9. He's a lock. Voters will not be able to ignore a #1 finish in the East
  10. good win to get back on the right track. Thought the team's cup chances looked shaky last game but that appears to have been a fluke
  11. Beautiful concentration from Henrique on the second chance goal
  12. miss having Ilya Kovalchuk on the penalty kill haha what a hero.
  13. yeah baby show no mercy what a goal cool as a cucumber, this cammaleri guy
  14. is it just me or is this pp sh!t
  15. great opportunity for this team to show it has the perseverance to win the cup