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  1. In the previous section, it should be
  2. Part Four: Patty Talks Pancakes LN: Talk about the transition between the Czech Republic and America. How big is the change for you when you go from New York to Trebic? PE: The first fourteen days are a really big shock. (laughs) And I don
  3. Part Three (sorry about the question I couldn't figure out): LN: Has the large amount of money you
  4. Part Deux: LN: Two years ago you scored 96 points in the NHL. Only Jagr and Sakic were better and you dreamt of (not sure exactly, something like
  5. Hi, all. I posted once or twice on the old boards, but now I mainly lurk. Quite a boring summer we've been having, eh? Anyway, I've studied Czech and am working on translating this puppy. It'll take me a while, so if PK can get her friend to do it, I won't bother. Oh, and it's going to be very, very imperfect. Sorry! I've added question marks and comments in parentheses where I'm not sureaboutthe translation. Here's the first part: Elias: I