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  1. Anyone Good At Reading Czech?

    In the previous section, it should be
  2. Anyone Good At Reading Czech?

    Part Four: Patty Talks Pancakes LN: Talk about the transition between the Czech Republic and America. How big is the change for you when you go from New York to Trebic? PE: The first fourteen days are a really big shock. (laughs) And I don
  3. Anyone Good At Reading Czech?

    Part Three (sorry about the question I couldn't figure out): LN: Has the large amount of money you
  4. Anyone Good At Reading Czech?

    Part Deux: LN: Two years ago you scored 96 points in the NHL. Only Jagr and Sakic were better and you dreamt of (not sure exactly, something like
  5. Anyone Good At Reading Czech?

    Hi, all. I posted once or twice on the old boards, but now I mainly lurk. Quite a boring summer we've been having, eh? Anyway, I've studied Czech and am working on translating this puppy. It'll take me a while, so if PK can get her friend to do it, I won't bother. Oh, and it's going to be very, very imperfect. Sorry! I've added question marks and comments in parentheses where I'm not sureaboutthe translation. Here's the first part: Elias: I