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  1. Anybody Using the MSG GO App?

    Nevermind. Further reading tells me it is not compatible with AirPlay, so I'm no longer interested. Sorry to waste everyone's time, but I can't find a way to delete the thread. At least, not from my phone.
  2. Anybody Using the MSG GO App?

    Wondering that the quality is like? And I read somewhere that it doesn't allow Airplay. Is that true?
  3. Bryce Salvador to join Devils' broadcast (Replaces JMac)

    Just to be clear, my comment about her looks was in response to Satans Hockey's post, not yours. As you say, all I really care about is how she does her job, and I think she's fine at it. I'd agree she's nothing to home about, but she gets it done well enough.
  4. Bryce Salvador to join Devils' broadcast (Replaces JMac)

    Ah, well, OK. I don't really see her that way, I guess. I think more in terms of how she compares to the other on-air hockey personalities in the area. Just one man's opinion, of course, but I think she fairs pretty well in that company. I guess I don't care so much what she looks like.
  5. Bryce Salvador to join Devils' broadcast (Replaces JMac)

    What's the problem with Deb? (Not trying to be argumentative; legit question.) I think she does a pretty good job.
  6. No More Hard Tickets

    Could be. My Ticketmaster login from within the Devils Account Manager is different from my regular Ticketmaster login, and for whatever reason the Ticketmaster app won't recognize it.
  7. GDT: Game 6 - Devils vs Coyotes - 7PM

    Seat location is the only reason I renewed this year, and I think it's probably not going to be enough to hold me next time around. My wife's work schedule makes it nearly impossible for her to get to weeknight games, and now that they've made it harder to sell (or even give away) the spares I'm expecting it to be more trouble than it's worth going forward. We'll see how it goes this season, but I believe this is my farewell tour.
  8. No More Hard Tickets

    At the risk of being Captain Obvious, I'd remind anyone with an iPhone that you can save the tickets to the Wallet app* on your phone and you won't have to log in over and over and over in the Devils app. I imagine you can do the same on an Android phone, but I don't have any first hand knowledge of those. *As far as I can determine, you have to log into your account via Safari (or whatever browser you use). The Devils app doesn't seem to have a button to save to Wallet.
  9. GDT preseason 10/5 vs Islanders

    Kind of amazing the score stayed so close all night, given that the Devils had almost a ful period's worth of penalty minutes. On the seemingly rare occasion that they were even strength, I thought they didn't look too bad overall. (More or less agree with all Sundstrom's observations above.) Nice to see some good speed on our team after several seasons of ... well ... not very good speed.
  10. No More Hard Tickets

  11. No More Hard Tickets

    So last night during the game, I opened the official NJ Devils app on my phone and discovered that it is now just a trigger to open the official NHL app. Now how are we supposed to sign in to our membership accounts on there?
  12. No More Hard Tickets

    Assuming all this is true, and assuming it works as well in reality as it says in the description, then I'll be fine with it. More than fine with it, in fact; if it works properly I'll be in favor of it.
  13. No More Hard Tickets

    Clearly my rep either had no idea what he was talking about, or he plain old lied to me about forwarding tickets.
  14. No More Hard Tickets

    Yep, that's exactly why I posted this here; because what my guy said is not what other people have been told. And my guy also said we're behind the Ticketmaster change, not "getting out ahead" of it. As I said, only time will tell. I don't think there's any real chance we're going to know how any of this works before we actually get the tickets and our online accounts get updated. I don't think the ticket reps really know, either.
  15. No More Hard Tickets

    I just spoke to my rep about getting paper tickets, and he said nothing is changing in regards to managing our tickets online. He said, and I quote, "You'll still be able to forward or sell your tickets online exactly like before." To which I asked, specifically, would I still be able to email tickets to my brother-in-law that he could print out like always. He said yes. I suppose only time will tell, since this seems to conflict with other information we've heard. (He said he'd keep me on his list as a "maybe" for paper tickets, until we have our tickets in-hand and I can see for myself.)