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  1. Bingo. At most he is going someplace as a rental. No need for the Devils to give up assets to land him short-term if he is dead-set on testing FA. St. Louis made a valiant try, but yeah Shattenkirk wasn't having any of it.
  2. That line says a ton and shows of much of a ways the Devils have to go to be not only contenders, but to just be a playoff team. Basically outside of goaltending every position need some sort of upgrade in the near future. However, by the time that happens there is a good possibility that our goaltending will be the position then that needs upgrading as Schneider is already no spring chicken (even with the relatively low mileage on him). Devils 9-6.
  3. lol I am glad I am not the only one who thought that and I am still mildly confused by it. Is it glorifying the diners, doo-wop (still big in Wildwood), or gambling? BTW I thought the one against the Islanders was pretty good.
  4. Lol it does. half of his post seems to contradict the other half in the same post or statements he made in previous game posts. When it's pointed out it's that "we don't get what he means." The Ray Babbitt comparison helps me prevent having an aneurysm reading those posts.
  5. Kalinin on waivers per Devils twitter and AG
  6. I don't think Blandisi has done anything special to stay in the lineup. It is better for him to spend the rest of this year in Albany.
  7. Devils 8-3
  8. Solid win and looked like the arena was half empty. Also hearing reports from other fans of a lot of drunkeness happening last night including video of a very clearly and incredibly intoxicated Devils fan pissing himself in his seat. Good times.
  9. Devils 7-3.
  10. Didn't Julien replace Therrien in Montreal for his first tour as head coach back about 15 years ago?
  11. Honestly I am at the point where outside of Zacha and Hall I don't care if we lose or trade any other player on our team.
  12. I hope its Jan-April of 2018. I need time to save up to buy one of the game worn jerseys from Elias night.
  13. From what I understand he is a bit of a faceoff and PK specialist. Maybe Nashville felt they needed to tighten that up in those areas heading up into the playoffs? How hard are these types of players to find and maybe that affected his value? This felt like a Bob Corkum for Future Considerations (Steve Kelly) trade the Devils made in 2001 but reversed as the Devils needed the PK and faceoff help.
  14. That 116-124 balcony section has gotten a bit of a reputation lately. When I look for seats on Stubhub, believe it or not those are the cheapest seats in the house most nights. I know the Devils made those sections as cheap as the 200's for the past few years to have fans come down from the rafters a bit, but it's funny that on the resale market the 200's are often the same price or more expensive than that one balcony end. There has to be a reason for this and I personally think (tinfoil hat time) that is has to do with who else sits in those sections.
  15. I've actually heard that one for over 15 years now back in the old arena. He looks to be in his mid 20's so I doubt he was doing that when he was 10 years old lol. Plus I remember hearing that o a few years ago when I sat near the 233 Crazies section a couple of times so they do it too. Don't know about the other stuff as I actually purposefully avoid sitting in the 116-124 balcony sections because I know I would lose it there. I usually pay extra to either sit in the bottom bowl, goal bar or opposite balcony sections to avoid that end of the arena.