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  1. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    I remember in the years under JVB, even in the 12-13 lockout season, there being discount codes for every single home game. The discounts ranged from good to literally giving away the tickets. I agree the worst of it was 2010-11 season where I know at least 3 games off the top of my head where I went for free, but 13-14 season the group discount codes the Devils were providing was very competitive against Stubhub.
  2. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    I did wash an Edge jersey that was game worn that had burns and marks on it. I wore it out and someone spilled a little bit of food on it. I put it by itself inside out on gentle cold cycle with only a little bit of detergent and air dried. Got all of the food out but none of the marks/burns/wear left. The jerseys are pretty resilient but yeah I might have just been lucky lol.
  3. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    I think I know what jersey you are talking about and quite honestly it is not a perfect science. You can try detergents while soaking it in cold water that may or may not work. Not sure how Goo-Gone and others would work as they might be way too harsh. I have a couple gamers that I purchased that came with autographs. Not ideal but sometimes it is what it is.
  4. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    I wouldn't put it past the fans to be upset about the name change. Just remember what happened when the Titans became the Devils. Haven't Bridgeport and Hartford been there for years, even when the Rats were in Albany? Before Hartford, there was Binghampton (and still is but for the Sens).
  5. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Over/under on how many years they will pack up their bags from Albany? I say 2 years at best with the amount of fans I saw in the stands during those broadcasts. (yes, I know they extended the lease for another year). Can anyone explain to me the issue they are having with drawing fans? One of the earlier games against the Marlies I don't think the crowd broke the 1,000 mark.
  6. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    I have to admit, I laughed pretty hard when I read that line.
  7. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    My god are you a delicate person. You know sundstrom was able to articulate the same sort of response as you but without taking it personally. You are so far (and probably will be) the only one who took this personally. When I responded to MITB I mentioned I didn't want to get into the fake jersey debate (again!) because of certain someones in this group, I really only meant you and said someones so it didn't look like I was mentioning anyone specific. Way to out yourself. Notice how you are the only one to take certain things very personally when they are not even directed at you? A couple weeks ago another poster made a joke about SJW's and you were again the ONLY ONE to take that personally. Also if you bothered to read my posts, I even admitted that my idea is probably just pissing in the wind and the owners will slap on ads regardless. I even agreed that my post is possibly and probably off-base, but again ONLY YOU took my post to heart. Just sit on that for a while. I have been doing my best to avoid responding to your posts (notice how I don't respond to you unless you directly reply to me first). The block feature on here is still not the best, so maybe you should do the same for me and avoid my posts going forward if I offend you so easily.
  8. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    I think European soccer jerseys are a terrible comparison. That is because the jerseys from the get-go are focused differently. The club logo is almost always a smaller logo/shield on the left breast and are short-sleeved shirts with tons of real-estate on the front of the shirt. Soccer jerseys were like this even before logos took over. If you want an example look at the FIFA World Cup jerseys. Those are devoid of ads yet they don't increase the size of the logo. NHL jerseys are long-sleeved jerseys where the team logo is the main focus. There isn't a whole lot of real estate and unless the NHL allows the advertisers to start sublaminating the ads on the jerseys, it will just be smaller patches. Soccer jerseys are manufactured with the ads on them, hockey ones are not. Fans will just go to aliexpress or whatever and purchase knockoffs without the ads.
  9. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    The fans will go the China route like MITB said. Then they would be making $0 off of every jersey sold. The owners and Reebok/Adidas are not immune to shooting themselves in their own foot (and they have demonstrated that before in the past).
  10. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    According to this article, teams will have the option to sell jerseys to fans with or without the ads on them: "As a compromise, jerseys sold to fans will not include the corporate logo, although teams will have the option of selling a version that includes the logo."
  11. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    So the team with the lowest attendance in the NBA and off-court troubles just happened to be by coincidence the first team to jump on-board the ad-train?
  12. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    The terribleness of those go beyond the slighty puffy crest, but I will end that right here as I don't want certain someones here to start blasting me over the knockoff versus real debate that has gone on over and over again on here. What I am saying is that our fans need to give the owners less of a reason to consider ads on jerseys. Is it any surprise the Sixers are the first with the attendance problem they have been having? In the grand scheme of things I realize it might be pissing in the wind, but we can at least try. Also, minor league teams have been placing ads on jerseys for years. The ones they sell to fans usually do not have the advertisers patch on them. I doubt Reebok will go the extra mile to make sure they have enough St. Barnabas Health patches to slap on to the replica jerseys.
  13. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    Teams are getting money to put ads on them, they aren't spending money on them. Teams will go where the money is. The players will go where the money is. Tradition and loyalty often go out the door when a nice big check is waved in front of people and the players and owners are not dumb. If ads on jerseys gets approved you will bet both the players and the owners will have to sign off on it due to the HRR pot. If the NHL follows the NBA's plan, you can bet the teams struggling financially will explore this avenue much sooner than the others. Therefore if you don't like ads on jerseys, you can either get your butts in the seats, stop paying for knockoff merchandise and stop complaining about the prices of everything and give the owners less reason to start with the ads or just deal with the ads on the jerseys.
  14. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    To compare the Devils/Flyers rivalry to whatever little Devils/Islanders have is silly. I really do not know where to begin how vastly different they are. Just because teams play each other a lot doesn't mean a rivalry is forced out of it. When the Devils/Islanders play each other, neither were both powerhouses at the same time. It's either one team or the other. I doubt even a fraction of Islanders fans even call the Devils rival. This is a unilateral rivalry that a few Devils fans conjured up because they can't stand the Devils not doing well and a nearby team, whom after being a sad sack franchise for years, are now good and their fans are being obnoxious about it.
  15. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Why not? I mean we can trade him for a 2nd rounder, Merrill, Severson, and Josefson. [my best impression of a Devils FB trade proposal]