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  1. Was the guy Keener? For actually wearing to games, I used to have a small arsenal to wear to games including a white scouts, a blue scouts, a white rockies, a blue rockies, a white throwback (including a Daneyko Mitchell and Ness), a couple of red throwbacks, those black Starter fashion jerseys from the mid to late 90's and so on. Now, I have basically sold them all and down to a couple: a Game Issued Reebok Edge 2.0 Andy Greene and a mid 90's era ultrafil authentic that I just had customized as Peluso. I will be alternating between the two this season and I am content with that.
  2. Someone posted this on FB and quite frankly I don't think it looks bad at all.
  3. The moron knows little about hockey and even less about the Devils. I think 3 minutes is a small miracle with him.
  4. I guess it depends on Patty and his availability. Niedermayer Night was in mid December.
  5. To be fair, I also see a lot of the same people beating the war drum pretty loudly with this.
  6. Take away 90% of the twitter followers to be on the extreme side and you get roughly 50,000 accounts/people. 300 out of 50,000 is less than 1% who signed the petition.
  7. They're not. All the teams have 17 on them as that is this year.
  8. Apologies for my poor photoshop/paint skills
  9. Speaking of retirement ceremonies, I wonder if they will now take the bottom stripes off the retirement banners in the rafters to conform with the new design
  10. I see people post pics on Facebook of themselves giving the finger to other fans over the jersey they wear behind their backs. I don't think confrontations are a stretch if enough alcohol is involved.
  11. Since my photoshop skills are very limited, is there anyone here with the talent to see if they can put the full stripe design from the Newark Bulldogs jersey onto the new Devils one? Would be interesting to see. This is where I miss SD
  12. Yeah items 2-4 are a stretch, especially 2. I have heard of the Bulldogs in passing only so I had to look them up today and see they played in the 1920's as a minor league team. Hard to connect the Heritage to something extremely few if any fans remember or know about in addition to the visual aspect that you cannot even see the connection as the stripes are different.
  13. While nearly impossible to get a good measure about the size of our fanbase, the best way to see is that the Devils FB page has over 478,000 likes/follows. Out of the 8500 contacts you stated, if 80% are negative that is 6,800. That means out of 478,000 fans they have received hate from 6,800 or roughly 1.5%. I don't think it will do much.
  14. That's an bad comparison. Those were third jerseys that were an option outside the primaries. These are our primaries and with the no third jersey program next year, it is guaranteed to sell well by default.
  15. It's perfectly fine to be disappointed/angry/upset at this. However some of the stuff being said here and other parts online and social media is just over the top. You know I collect jerseys and quite frankly I am meh about it. They definitely could have been better than what was revealed, but I feel it could have been a lot worse. Plus the uniform looks much better on the players in the pictures than that digital mockup Adidas/NHL released. FWIW, I think the patterns would look better on the white jersey that has yet to be released. That is, if they follow the exact same design but inverse the colors.