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  1. Reebok/Adidas doesn't have people in every arena to fix/repair jerseys, especially on the road. The equipment managers do and the rips/repairs happen more often than you think. Below is an example of a Zubrus game worn from a few years back with multiple repairs done by Rich Matthews and his people on the sleeves. Another cool part about it is that one of the ways to tell if a gamer is legit or not is how the repairs are done and if they are consistent to the era. Different equipment managers had different ways of repairing with various quality. Rich was actually one of the better ones IMO at repairs.
  2. That's a different chant. I was talking specifically about the you suck chant with RnR pt2. That chant started roughly during the 2006-07 season. You can look at videos on youtube of goals scored in the 03 finals and no one is doing the you suck chant. The Predators fans have been doing their you suck chant since at least the early 2000's and I have heard even since the late 90's. They have definitely been doing it longer than Devils fans.
  3. They actually started doing it years before we started doing it. Anyways this fanbase has a really strange fetish with this chant. They just can't seem to let go almost 4 years later.
  4. Sherry sells stuff on eBay. She usually sells Devils knick-knacks or home goods type stuff or horse-related items. She sometimes sells Devils stuff for charity but largely it's stuff like signed bobbleheads and the like.
  5. It's beyond that. They set up the dressing room before and after the games. When the team goes on the road, they have to bag up everything and are responsible to taking it to and from the airport to the arena. If they are the visitors, they have to unload the equipment and check and make sure everything is good to go. That includes sharpening skates (they bring a portable sharpener with them as well as a workbench) making sure all the sticks and other gear is useful. They also repair the skates, gloves and even stitch up the jerseys when holes form (no, they don't use a new jersey every game). They are usually there hours before the players arrive and are usually the last ones to leave. So yeah, it's beyond simply handing Henrique his gloves.
  6. USA hockey team sh!tting the bed? Where have I heard that before?
  7. Only to tell the younger players how to bolt to Russia to play less games for more money and less taxes/escrow.
  8. Only good thing about BBA were the memories of us winning. Outside of that the place was a dump. I do vaguely remember the time before the center scoreboards and you basically had only the dot matrix boards on each end of the rink as well as two big screens (which these days would be considered tiny) in two of the four corners up top. Then I believe they added two more screens in the corner and the center board roughly at the same time. Last time I was at the arena was in 2011 for a graduation and outside of the memories everything else about it sucked. Glad we have the arena we are at now. The current cattle bridge isn't terrible. It's fairly wide and since it is concrete it is nice and sturdy. However you are right about the old wooden one. That thing was cramped and seemed like it was about to collapse at any minute. It was very poorly lit with lights I can only described as those dim ones you see in coal mines. Luckily when we had season tickets we got the parking passes after a couple of seasons so we could park close to the arena and avoid that terrible tunnel.
  9. I can understand the TV point of view and I believe that NBC does have the final say over which teams are in it. I would absolutely hate if the Blackhawks were in another outdoor game. Completely sick of them being in one every year.
  10. Regarding next year's Winter Classic: this is the league thinking they are creative but actually being the complete opposite. I know they threw in Buffalo for the 10-year anniversary thing, but to put them in just for that reason alone is lame. Then to pair them up with a team that has played in 3 outdoor games so far adds to the lameness. I would actually respect the league more if they did Islanders versus Rangers again at Citifield as even though they have played an outdoor game against each other, they genuinely hate each other.
  11. I would argue that the Devils got the better of the Chico trade. McDonald trade to Calgary, while not a disaster, wasn't good though. Ramage wanted out of organization as soon as the team announced they were going to NJ so can't blame them for that. That Cameron and Lorimer deal was terrible though. No idea what they were thinking on that one.
  12. I agree. I don't care if he plays with us or with another team next season, I just want this to be over with already. We seem to go on this merry-go-round every offseason and it whips the fanbase into a frenzy over largely nothing. I would give it at best a 10% chance we will see him in a Devils uniform ever again but I still see plenty pencil him in into our top 6 for next season (not as much here as other places). I am just tired of it.
  13. Canucks have come the closest with 2 Presidents' Trophies (back to back) without a cup. However, at least they made it to the finals one year. Ovechkin and company can't even escape from the second round.
  14. Bingo and it seems like JVB wanted something similar to what the Caps had when he rammed Kovy down Lou's throat in 2010. This is why even though I don't care for that Russian merc, at least he saved us from suffering the same fate. I will gladly take 9 years of sucking followed by 1 Cup season over 10 years of making the playoffs while winning President Trophies but never getting past the second round.
  15. Ovi will go down as the best player in NHL history to never win the cup. Dionne must have a sh!t-eating grin today knowing that the end of him being known as that guy will soon end.