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  1. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Yeah but can't be sure anymore since NHL Auctions removed the usernames of bidders from auctions last summer. Just taking away Gionta and Danis out from the auction, the average jersey goes down to $702.64
  2. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Also Detroit has revealed the name of their new arena. This is not a joke.
  3. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I like the Panthers current logo, but hate the jersey design. Hate how the shoulder yoke design goes down to the wrist and the lack of bottom striping makes it look like another team with practice jerseys as their primary ones. They should just go back to their original design. It is very 90's but pretty neat and memorable at the same time.
  4. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    The Larsson, Zajac and to an extent the Severson were steals (with Severson depending on how his career pans out). The others the prices can be explained by the following: 1) Gionta - Has a cult following. His jerseys are always pre-ordered and never make it to the Meigray website. Myself and other collectors believe his family is also buying them as well. 2) Schneider - He's a star so no surprise there. 3) KK - Has a little bit of a cult around him. Also probably the only retro night he will ever start in. 4) Danis - There is literally one collector who lives in Switzerland who buys EVERYTHING of his. He once posted his list of game used jerseys of Danis and he had pretty much every one Danis ever wore in his entire pro career. Danis was also one of, if not the most expensive gamer from the Albany Devils Ugly Christmas sweater auction. Most likely they were both purchased by this individual. 5) Tootoo - Has a bit of a cult 6) Farnham - Also has a bit of a cult. He had a bit of a cult in Pittsburgh/Wilkes-Barre 7) Sislo - First career NHL goal(s). Also has a little bit of a cult following A lot of the Albany call-ups have cult followings. The fans up in Albany tend to really like the players as they tend to have closer and easier access to them. Like most other minor league teams fans then build up a following around certain players at their level and follow them to the NHL. That would explain some of the call up ones.
  5. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Here is the full list from the 2016 Retro Night auctions. Average selling price was $782.96, up from the 2015 Retro Night where average was $670.87 but less than 2014 Retro Night which averaged $845.59. Keep in mind that due to the jerseys being worn 2 games, there were more lots this year as there were 30 jerseys, compared to 23 in 2015 and 24 in 2014. Player Final Bid Stephen Gionta $ 2,595.00 Cory Schneider $ 1,810.00 Keith Kinkaid $ 1,730.00 Yann Danis - BU $ 1,220.00 Jordin Tootoo $ 1,041.00 Bobby Farnham $ 1,017.83 Mike Sislo $ 1,017.83 Joseph Blandisi $ 984.00 Adam Henrique $ 980.00 Kyle Palmieri $ 800.00 Mike Cammalleri - GI $ 720.00 Reid Boucher $ 703.00 David Warsofsky - GI $ 644.97 Andy Greene $ 640.00 John Moore $ 640.00 David Schlemko $ 561.00 Tuomo Ruutu $ 550.00 Travis Zajac $ 535.00 Adam Larsson $ 495.21 Lee Stempniak $ 490.00 Devante Smith-Pelly $ 486.99 Sergey Kalinin $ 470.00 Damon Severson $ 460.00 Jacob Josefson $ 440.01 Seth Helgeson $ 440.00 Tyler Kennedy $ 420.00 Brian O'Neill - GI $ 420.00 Eric Gelinas - GI $ 410.01 John Merrill $ 396.99 Stefan Matteau - GI $ 370.04
  6. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Not only that, but Boyle basically begged his way into NY as he has wanted to play for them for years. What did NYR do? They obliged by making room for him by letting Stralman walk to Tampa becoming on of their top 2 D-men over the past 2 years while Boyle becomes a healthy scratch for some games. Boyle didn't write his own contract but even he makes Zajac's contract look like a bargain. He deserves to be roasted and take it like a man.
  7. Food around the Rock

    It's about time as originally it was supposed to open in the fall of 2015. However, in NJ rarely anything opens/finishes on time so this is not really out of the ordinary. The menu looks good albeit heavy Americanized. Out of the 4 "biergartens" in NJ that I can think of off the top of my head (Pisner Haus in Hoboken, Asbury Park Festhalle and Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City), this looks the least authentic based on menu and d├ęcor. Also the space is too small and too segmented to really be a "hall" but instead just a somewhat large room (and this is comparing it to the other beer halls in NJ that I mentioned). Still, I will def try them out next time in the area as it is certainly different and their beer selection is supposed to be about 50 taps.
  8. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Since it's been a while, here has been my latest Game used pickups: 76-77 (first year)Larry Skinner Colorado Rockies White set 1 game worn jersey - Had this authenticated by Meigray. Also found out that Larry Skinner scored the first goal in Rockies franchise history in the first game at home when they were wearing white. While cannot 100% prove it, it is highly likely this is the jersey he wore to score that goal. 07-08 Johnny Oduya Prudential Center Opening Night Period 2 game worn jersey - 1-period wonder but also has some wear on it in the form of paint transfers on the back numbers. Most likely from standing up against the goal posts. 96-97 Dave Andreychuk Red set 1 game worn jersey - Has some decent wear on it. Recycled 95-96 Playoff set. 01-02 Colin White Red Set 3 game worn jersey - wanted a pre-Edge White 07-08 Andy Greene Lowell Devils Red Set 1 - Greene only played 1 season in Lowell, and it wasn't even a full season as he was called up to NJ for about 1/3 of the year. Scored his first point as a professional in this jersey on an assist in a game against Worcester. 2015-16 Travis Zajac Retro Night game worn jersey - Got this one at what I think is a decent price and actually has some noticeable wear for a retro night gamer. This is my third retro night gamer (4th if you count stadium series) that I have ever owned and the only one to show wear. Has a small hole in each of the sleeves and a large black mark on the back 9 that I was able to photomatch to 2 photos from 2013-14 Warrior gloves worn by Patrik Elias. Photomatched this to a game that year in early Feb against Colorado. Also possibly used in Olympics later that month as it looks like it was worn in the game where Czech Rep. was eliminated by USA, but since there is tape over the Warrior logo hard to tell. Also picked up a game used stick from Elias and Greene. Both are now autographed.
  9. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Comparing douche-y behavior of our fans to the worst of the worst of the worst is also two different things. Doesn't make our fans any better. Congrats on the engagement btw!
  10. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    Main reason Quebec is not getting a team is because of the weak Canadian dollar. Long-term it is for their own good to wait a little bit on that. Also most likely the NHL would rather put a Western Conference team in and have a team such as Carolina move to Quebec. This way the conferences get balanced as well.
  11. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    I wouldn't bet on it (yes pun was intended). I think the NHL and the new Vegas team would like to steer clear as much as possible of the whole gambling motif for fear of that blowing up in their face. Even Black Knights really don't have much of a gambling theme and is more of a Chess thing.
  12. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    Looks like in the NBA teams will have a choice as to if their team will wear ads or not. He interesting to see which teams go for that and which don't, if any.
  13. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    If true, I doubt the team will change their current jerseys. I think it's more of a third jersey change. Apparently from what I've been hearing from very reliable source is that for next year, the teams will be wearing the same Edge jerseys but with the Adidas logo instead of the Reebok logo. The following year the teams will change to a new style uniform that is "in the spirit of Edge" but not Edge. Think of it as same basic shape but different materials. The WCH jerseys are actually a bit of a preview of them. He also said that from what he hears it's doubtful that the Adidas stripes make it to the NHL jerseys.
  14. GDT: Boston @ Devils 7:00

    Bingo on that bolded part. Going into the season he had something like the 75th highest salary in the league. After July's free agency period he will probably be lower on the list and plenty of players who are below him are still on RFA contracts. By the way a lot of Devils fans talk about his contract they make him out to be in the top 20.
  15. TG Leaving the Record

    Saw TG's post. Good for him and like you said sucks for us. I doubt his replacement will be as good as him. Can't imagine TG will miss the dumb tweets from some of our fans that he would get on a consistent basis.