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  1. Yes, very fake. It's actually one of the worst looking fakes I've seen in a bit too.
  2. He had Palmieri for the first 30 games or so and also had Hall as his linemate for a few games as well. Regardless and again it is not his production I am pointing out, but there were many games this season where he played "I don't give a damn" hockey. If you are blaming his lesser work ethic on his linemates then I believe that is a folly.
  3. Just from my own observations I would say he has become a little too comfortable as well. There have been many shifts and even games this year where it looks like he was just mailing it in. There was that overtime loss in Edmonton where his lackadaisical skate back to the bench helped create the play in OT that Edmonton scored on. Also doesn't help then to see him clowning it up on social media after a loss like that as well.
  4. Have a Jay Pandolfo 2010 Retro Night Game Issued jersey for sale. It is a size 56 and comes with Meigray/Devils LOA. Devils made up 4 sets for the first retro night where each player was to wear a new set in each period and in warmups. Ultimately Devils only wore 1 set for the entire game so 3 sets went unused. This is a jersey from one of those three sets. It is a Reebok Edge 2.0 and in excellent condition. Asking $250 shipped. Please PM me if interested.
  5. The thing is a lot of the advanced stats people tend to live or die by them and make bold statements/predictions off of them. Of course when the actual results differ from that they always seem to blame it either on the player being "lucky" or "unlucky."
  6. And the people who constantly use them hold onto them like a security blanket.
  7. I have always liked Josefson and do believe that he makes the people around him better more than a lot of our other players. However, if he is to go then I wouldn't exactly be all broken up about him. His injury history is definitely a problem and while I never expected a ton of goals out of him, he should have at least lucked his way into more goals than he has scored. I do think that statement means he is gone with DSP also gone as well. I think they are keeping Bennett while Auvitu is being kept in the AHL.
  8. Confirmed that the warmup set with the Patty patches are being gifted to the players.
  9. It's not open to everyone. It is open to STH and they are notified days in advance of the game privately by the Devils. Usually the team will tell the winners that they won one of them or that they won a "prize" and to be at the game that night. While teams claim it is randomly chosen out of the STH pool, most teams seem to give a preference to those who spent the most amount of $ on tickets and longest tenure in that order. Last year, which was the first year, the players wore a brand new set for warmups. Then for the actual game against Toronto they switched to their regular set 3's that they have been wearing for a few weeks. After the game they went back to the locker room, quickly switched back to their warmup sets and those were the ones that they gave away to the winners. Therefore the guy who won the Elias last year is probably thinking he got his last game and last goal jersey, but he really doesn't. This year Meigray said the players wore a brand new set for the entire game and they gave those away to the jerseys off their backs winners. The warmup set with the Patty patches, no one knows what happened to those yet.
  10. Bingo. Exactly this. It's amazing how this thought of the new owners being cheap is still kicking around in here when evidence to the contrary has been given. The commonly used "well duh look at the Sixers dddduuuuhhhhh!!!!!" crap is laughable as a comparison as well but often pulled out by these idiots. Exactly correct on saying it is complaining for complaining's sake. I remember when I was seeing other Devils fans bitching and moaning that we didn't sign Belesky a couple years back! Good grief.
  11. You are using the same roundabout dumb as sh!t logic that those morons on FB use. Yeah they are bottom of the league in payroll because they don't have the complete urge to throw money at the Ryder's and Clowe's of the world. How terrible. Funny how Lou ass-kissers used to revel and be proud of the fact that Lou won championships "on the cheap" when that was not entirely accurate as well. McMullen was 100 times the bigger miser than the current owners are but yet they get sh!t on because they don't want to spend it on foolish UFA contracts and thank you contracts that Lou was giving out like candy in his last 10 years here. Hell even your second paragraph agrees and contradicts your first one.
  12. So now with the Joe closing what is the oldest arena in the league now? I don't count MSG as that was basically gutted and a new arena was built inside an old shell. I would think it is the Saddledome followed by HP Pavilion? If so, that means the second oldest arena was built in the 90's
  13. The cretins in the FB groups have been in full "We should have kept Lou and fvck Shero" mode since the game ended last night. Some are actually crediting Lou with being the biggest reason why Toronto made it to the playoffs this year. Best part is that they also say Shero wasn't that good as with Crosby landing in his lap his job was a lot easier, yet they make no mention about not even Stevie Wonder could have missed drafting Matthews. Anyways I would have to think Shero throws everything at Shattenkirk. Only way Shattenkirk wouldn't sign here is because he just doesn't want to play here. Hopefully that will quiet some of the "these new owners are cheap" idiots for a bit, but I know that is wishful thinking.
  14. The ending for 2008/09 was terrible, but on the whole the rest of the season was quite entertaining as we were scoring a ton and Parise nearly broke Patty's single-year point record for the franchise. I honestly would say I hated 2014-15 more than this year. I have to admit at least seeing the line of Hall-Zajac-Palmieri trying to get something going over the past 30 games kept me somewhat mildly interested in each game. Back in 14-15, we were trotting out Bernier and Gomez on the top line with Tootoo on our top PP unit. Also with Lou gone there was stuff to keep us mildly entertained off the ice this year. I know it is gimmicky and the other nonsense, but these things at least make dreadful seasons fun. This year outside of Patty the other big events were the Statue dedication and the McMullen Ring of Honor night. In 14-15 we had retro night and that's about it due to Mr. No Fun Allowed Lou. That made that season painfully longer than it needed to be.
  15. Re the game: I decided to go to the game only a few days before as I had a feeling I would regret it being Patty is my favorite all time hockey player. Have to say I am pleased with my decision and I could have just went home after the pre-game ceremonies and been content. The game was miserable even though we seemed to be outplaying the Islanders most of the game. Halak was definitely the equalizer.