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  1. Can the Devils Make the Playoffs in 17-18?

    I wasn't suggesting that. Like others have said it just made an already tough job even tougher. On the bright side this should help our chances on getting a good draft pick next year. Bad news is that we might have to sit through months of crap hockey before we get there.
  2. Can the Devils Make the Playoffs in 17-18?

    I think losing him while not the complete end of the world is a bigger loss than what you are suggesting. He was a nice two way forward who helped out quite a bit in our own end. Considering our D is a dumpster fire, this will certainly hurt us even more in that department.
  3. Zajac... OUT 4-6 Months

    Travis needs to stick to light workouts in the offseason from now on. This is now the second time this will cost him significant time. Also yeah Henrique is almost certain he will be one of our centers now.
  4. Devils to be Affiliated with the ECHL Adirondack Thunder

    Your seeming obsession with making SNJ into the US capital of everything that is good is beyond astonishing. 1) It did make a noticeable dent in their wallet with the Trenton Devils. That's why the team doesn't exist anymore. 2) The Bullies page on Wikipedia is incorrect. As you said it is listing about 6,900-ish as capacity for Bullies games but on the actual Boardwalk Hall page they list 10,500 for hockey and even the Press of AC is listing that as closer to the capacity (http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/communities/atlantic-city_pleasantville_brigantine/professional-hockey-tries-boardwalk-hall-on-for-size-again-in/article_73688fa8-fd08-11df-b04c-001cc4c03286.html). 3) That means either the Bullies Wikipedia page is incorrect (not uncommon for Wikipedia to get facts wrong), or that they curtained or blocked off seating areas of the arena. 4) To call Binghamton Rangers country is a bit of a stretch. Quite frankly I am not even 100% sure which team they fall under in terms of telecast territory. Regardless, it is a 3 hour drive from Binghamton to MSG. It is a 3 hour and 15 minute drive from Glen Falls to MSG. From Boardwalk Hall to WFC, it is an hour. Point I am making is that even if Binghamton is Rangers country, it is a lot harder for them to go to games at MSG than it is for Flyers fans near AC to go to a Flyers game. Same goes for those in Glen Falls. I know you are going to rationalize this by saying you and your buddies go to NJ games all the time and drive 1-2 hours each game, but you are more the exception rather than the rule and you are still closer than Binghamton fans have to go to see the Rangers at MSG. 5) Binghamton fans took to the Senators fans pretty well. They played in front of small crowds, but the arena is almost 1/3 the size of TUC in Albany so they had a better capacity %. 6) I think you are overestimating the "sizeable minority" schtick (again). There are indeed pockets of Devils fans in SNJ, but not enough to support an AHL or ECHL team. If there were, then where were those fans when Trenton was drawing small crowds in a city that is in less firm Flyers country than AC was? Why do you think a Devils branded ECHL team in AC would work when a team that wasn't Devils branded, who also won the Kelly Cup, had trouble drawing crowds? 7) AC is a dying city anyways and an awful fit for any professional sport team. Every one that was placed down there in the last 20 years failed. Do you think with 4 major casino's now closed in the last 2-3 years and with crime and city ineptitude still running rampant would make things easier now than when the Bullies were in town? If the owners gave completely no fvcks about any team they own losing money then they would have placed a team down in AC or Trenton already. However, they do as evidenced by moving the team from Albany with a more modern and larger arena, to Binghamton with a smaller and older arena but with a more passionate fanbase and sweetheart deal. The best way to grow the fan base would be what Chuck said; to grow the youth hockey outreach program. Right now that is pitiful compared to the Rangers up here in NNJ. Get them young, expose them to Devils players who would go to these rinks here and there to help the kids and get them hooked.
  5. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Only things I picked up in the summer sale were Holik gloves and a McKay stick. As for jerseys, since the last time I posted I got Zajac retro night from 16-17 (with some nice photomatches), a Holik 96-97 red set 1 Kevin Todd 91-92 red set 1, Nieuwendyk 01-02 white set 3, Andreychuk 96-97 red set 1 (previously owned this and re-acquired it almost exactly one year after I sold it), and a couple of other things:)
  6. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Nice pickup! You know which jerseys I have picked up lately;)
  7. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Saw this over the weekend. Looks like he is going into the real estate business. I will never forget watching that really long fight he had against Janssen back in I believe either 09-10 or 10-11 season.
  8. Devils to be Affiliated with the ECHL Adirondack Thunder

    This is very true and probably a more effective way of getting kids to become Devils fans. I agree with Crisis and yourself that there are many rinks in even Northern NJ that have little to no Devils affiliation but there are tons of Rangers signs, banners, and sponsored clinics.
  9. Devils to be Affiliated with the ECHL Adirondack Thunder

    I really don't know why you keep pushing this narrative where you are trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. There is a reason why the Bullies moved; they were drawing in 1-2K crowds in an arena that holds over 10K for hockey. That was even after they won the Kelly Cup in 2003. Why should the Devils pour money towards a team in a dying city that is solidly in Flyers country (and will always be no matter what minor league team we plop down there) that failed the first time around?
  10. The Devils Uniforms

    Regarding the purported salesman sample I posted, the logo looks sublimated while the lettering looks screened. Since usually salesman samples are lesser quality than the real thing I hope this is the case here. Won't know either way until next month. yeah i was asking in the other forum about who these people Fanatics were asking in regards to being able to fold and other nonsense. Even the most casual of jersey people I know have never stated that as an issue even for replicas. authentics seem to be the ways to go and with the even more wonky pricing structure, it will be worth spending a little bit more to get something that is not a glorified long sleeved shirt. That includes even if the authentics are not 100% like the on-ice ones.
  11. The Devils Uniforms

    This was posted in another forum. This eBay seller is claiming this is a salesman sample of the presumably the new Fanatics Breakaway replica jersey line. http://m.ebay.com/itm/122636180788?_mwBanner=1 if this is true, I can imagine the counterfeiters will make a killing. This looks cheap and awful
  12. Devils Beach Bash

    No clue to be honest. I guess best way is to ask or buy one off a STH. I was thinking of going, but now on the fence. Some people have told me it was a blast, and some said it was boring. I am leaning towards not going overall.
  13. February 24th Elias night

  14. Devils Beach Bash

    No confirmation on players yet, but there are a number of players who have been hanging out in NJ this summer. Most likely it is some of them. Some of these players are Zajac, Greene, Zacha, Schneider, and Moore.
  15. February 24th Elias night

    They will be high, but I am not sure if it will be Brodeur Night high. Also the prices now on Stubhub are insane due to very low inventory. Season ticket holders have not received their ticket packages yet and individual tickets have also not yet gone on sale. Once the inventory increases then the prices should come down at least a little bit. I am fully expecting and preparing to pay $100-150 a seat for this night. It is is higher I will just have to tough it out.