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  1. With Farnham now gone, 2 of the 3 biggest cancers on our offense are now gone.
  2. Only way Devils will get more games is for them to win a cup.
  3. Not good but not completely terrible considering when I used to take the train to the Prudential Center I would take it from the Somerville station. That alone without delays is about 70ish minutes and cost $22.00 round trip and that's a straight shot!
  4. While true, I do not think the ideology of our respective professors were much different. College campuses are largely the indoctrination centers of left-wing ideology here in the US. The fact that I made it through without becoming a brainwashed zombie of liberal propaganda is somewhat out of the norm these days. The views you view as extremist can also be called realistic to others who believe that inaction leads to worse things and social utopia does not and cannot exist.
  5. If he gets injured (and I really hope he doesn't) and out for months, you will be singing a different tune. These guys are contracted to the Devils which they get paid to play on. I long for the day when this and sending NHL players to the Olympics are a thing of the past.
  6. Great, another Devil player to play in that joke of a tournament and more opportunities to get hurt or to wear him out even more.
  7. I have relatives who live in Germany and talk to them a few times a year. While I know this is anecdotal, they tell me more and more in recent years about Muslims, especially those from Turkey, are making their way into Germany more and more every year. For a variety of reasons beyond race they tell me a lot of Germans are not happy. You just hear it as they are drowned out by the guilt-ridden Germans and younger generation globalists.
  8. Another scenario: A gay pride parade is being held and it is marching through a predominantly Muslim community, where homosexuality is regarded as a sin. Both are upset and say they have their equal rights. Who is I guess you could say more "equaler"? Also the line "all people were created equal" is a nice line, but about a decade later the same men who wrote that also wrote in another document that some men count as 3/5 of a person. Reality is often much different than idyllic words on a paper.
  9. So when a couple of radical Muslims shot up the Charlie Hebdo office last year, whose treatment of rights were more important? A) The employees who were expressing their freedoms and opinions in a paper that they are not forcing anyone to buy or view or B) The radical Muslims who expressed their outrage as a major sin in their religion was committed by the people at Charlie Hebdo by killing them or C) Both rights were equal.
  10. lol I have my degree in history, so I know a few things. The fascist word is thrown about like candy over in Europe. I follow what's going on there and while I do not pretend I know all the ins and outs of the political happenings of Europe or France in particular, the fact that these events happening and even your Prime Minister is telling your people to essentially "get used to it" is very alarming and disturbing. Yet, if I was to trust your word on the general feelings of the French people, then I feel horrified to where this will eventually lead to. Just yesterday a 17-year old Afghan "refugee" slashed and stabbed over a dozen people on a train in Germany. Also during the Nice attacks a report came out that Germany was suppressing the numbers of sexual assault reports filed in Germany against migrants/refugees over this past New Year's. Would you rather be politically correct or dead at this point? France has an interesting history, unfortunately if the last 100 or so years of French history is any indication of their future, I am deeply worried for them. Edit: BTW the highlighted/bold part is funny. Only the French could wax poetically forever about preserving freedoms and liberty yet barely lift a finger to fight for it.
  11. Never said it was a barometer. What I am saying is that the same polls on even the same day of the Brexit vote that was indicating that the remain vote was going to win were wrong. Whose to say that is the case over here? There is a large segment of our population who, like many who voted leave in the UK, who don't answer these pollsters questions honestly due to a sort of Shy Tory Factor, but when they get into the booth anything can happen.
  12. lol at "fascists" The same word being thrown around like candy by bleeding-heart globalist Europeans who are accepting more and more frequent terror attacks in their country and hope they can pray and hashtag it away. Enjoy your seemingly weekly terror attacks these days. Maybe one day the terrorists will care what hastags you use and what colors you drape your profile pic on social media after each attach and suddenly stop. I wouldn't bet on it, but I do hope so for your sake.
  13. The same globalists who thought Brexit would never happen are the same ones who think Trump will never win.
  14. From what I remember from last season, Den charges $195 for a Reebok premier replica with their crappy ironed-on customization.
  15. Looked it up and Brendan Morrison won it in 97.