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  1. Question

    Coldply123, you might wanna take a look at this. It's his bio and it confirms what NJD said in one of his posts. http://www.newjerseydevils.com/2003/devils...files.php?ID=22
  2. Doc Says Oleg Had Concussion

    Nope, not like him to do things without consulting his team first. What I can't get through my head is why Pandolfo was diagnosed with a concussion but Oleg wasn't. That is just odd.
  3. Doc Says Oleg Had Concussion

    I would tend to think that if Oleg actually has a concussion, then this is kinda embarrassing for the team. Instead of having missed 5-10 games, he'll probably end up sitting out for 20-25. What I don't understand is if in fact Oleg has a concussion, how come it wasn't diagnosed? I don't know (N)Đ„verson that much, but I don't a journalist would make up this kind of stuff (would he?)
  4. Fear Factor Helps Friesen

    Oleg was mentioned in another paper. Lamoriello said that the results will be in in about 48hrs and that doctors were basically comparing notes. As for Friesen, all I have to say is Cudos to Pat Burns. Never thought this guy would find his game again.
  5. Maxim Balmochnykh

    Last I heard of him, he was playing hockey in some league in Russia. I don't know at what though. And I'll be quiet honest here and say that I never heard his name associated with the Russian mob. Heard of Bure, Fetisov, Tverdovsky (although for him it was under very unfortunate circumstances), but Balmo..
  6. Niedermayer Knee Injury?

    It might be a screw up, neither cbc.ca or tsn report any new injuries for the Devils. Both say that Oleg is questionable for tonight, nothing on Scott.
  7. Secret Santa

    I love this topic.. Niewendyk, his 500th goal and peace of mind.
  8. Tivo?

    bad case of the flu.
  9. Tommorrow

    Good luck not getting lost in that mall.
  10. Interest In The Nhl Declining

    I don't think he decline of hockey has anything to do with the athletes. We have guys who come from different backgrounds. Some of them lives on farms most their lives, others are from really poor families in Europe. I'm sure if you ask any of the Russian players, most of them will tell you that they didn't even have a car growing up, they can really easily be related to. Hockey players are nice and accomodating. I've seen Teemu Selanne sign authographs for kids for 20 minutes in a freekishly cold Toronto day. And the good thing is that they don't make the headlines for bad behavior as often as other athletes. The bottom line with hockey in my opinion (and sorry if I'm repeating if any of you has said that), is that the product has changed because of the expansion. Instead of solving the problems with existing NHL teams, they went ahead and created more problems. They moved the North Stars from Minnesota to Dallas to put a new team in place. Atlanta, Colorado, same thing. The attendence in Anaheim, Carolina, NJ isn't great...instead of helping that they decided that it would be nice to have other problems with Atlanta. They put a team in Ohio for Christ sake. The players make way too much money and they keep whining about it. And when they go on strike in 2004, I'll sure miss the sport and it'll probably be a nusance to the sport, but I'm sure as hell won't be sorry for the players or for the owners. One hockey game is no longer affordable to a regular family of 4 people. Some people can't leave the rink without having burned a hole in their pocket As for the sport been Canadian...I don't think it's the case anymore. Hockey has become a mix of everything, and we've seen it during the Olympics last year. The Europeans brought their game with them and so did the Canadians and the Americans. And the kids don't play because of their psycho parents who just are on their backs constently, because of their coaches. Hockey is supposed to be fun, but nowadays parents put extra pressure on their kids to be good because of all the money that can be at stake. Coaches teach the kids defensive play, instead of letting them go with the puck. You can't expect a 10-12 year old to have fun with this. Parents yell at their child who is on the ice...it has become a joke. It's no longer about the kid going to the frozen lake and playing 'til he drops. It's just not that simple anymore. In Canada, more kids play soccer than hockey. It's just today's reality.
  11. Tverdovsky

    Am I the only who noticed that? He has pretty much since the game against St-Louis. And he won't sit out unless Burns forces him to. You don't play over 350 consecutive games by sitting out every time you have an awee. Jennie
  12. Tverdovsky

    I agree with all of you. This is the worst I've seen him play in a very long time. I got to say that I was expecting so much more than that from him and it's desappointing. I don't know what the problem is right now. I noticed that he's been trying to avoid physical contact, so I'm guessing his back is still bothering him. I'm not trying to find excuses for him, because I think that I'm more desappointed than all of you, but I am confident he'll bounce back.
  13. Colin White Continues To Play Well

    White...and I'll add Langenbrunner at your list of guys who stick up for their teammates. He dropped the gloves against that psychopath Jeremy Roenick after that cross check he served Oleg. I thought it was great of him to that, even if he missed 17 minutes of play.
  14. Is Anyone Going To Toronto?

    I'll be there, but just because I happen to be visiting my family that week end.
  15. Friesen Line's Hot

    why does every single journalist keep repeating that Jeff Friesen came along with Tverdovsky in exchange for Sykora and a bunch of players? I'm sure everyone knows. Do they have a word limit or something, that they have to put that in to have their 500 words...enough already.