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  1. Equipment Sale is on!

    i don't know my friend told me that he saw it on here somewhere but when i looked to see for myself i couldn't find what he was looking at so i just gave him the benefit of the doubt and believed him sooo im assuming he's wrong then?
  2. Equipment Sale is on!

    so if the equipment sale is the same day as the draft party then y i am i hearing now that they changed the sale to saturday?? or did i miss something
  3. Question regarding Equip Sale/Draft Party

    yeah I'm not so sure either because the last few years i've been paying with cash but thanks i'll just have to watch how much i buy then
  4. Question regarding Equip Sale/Draft Party

    sorry to hi jack this or whatever but do they accept debt cards at the sale?? i dont remeber queit clearly from previous years thanks in advance