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  1. they change their jerseys too much and its always worse then the one before.
  2. R.I.P John Marsico! You were loved and will be missed terribly :'(

  3. something like this. i like the fog horn
  4. what happened to the Islanders?
  5. i dont see that tweet.
  6. well saying the Kings cant meet his needs doesnt mean the devils cant. he knows what the team is about and he has to see the big moves which the devils have made so far. I believe Lou will work it out somehow
  7. if this is true it definitely increases our odds of keeping him, regarding the flyers and avs arent involved. but it makes sense cause the flyers asked gagne to wave his NTC
  8. i haven't heard anything about Avs and Flyers.
  9. i am going to miss Pando, he did the Devils well.
  10. I saw this one coming once they took the "C" away from him and gave it to Staal
  11. If we dont keep Martin,I wouldnt mind seeing Anton Volchenkov. He's a big physical player who could help.
  12. if they didn't say it was new i wouldn't see the difference in the old one
  13. a new jersey isn't going to help them win a stanley cup.
  14. I wouldn't say they are this good. They got hot at the right point which is making them look better then they really are and they are playing a Canadian team which looks tired and honestly they should be due to the teams they had to go against and knock off. Are they good enough to win the cup? I cant see them out scoring the Blackhawks or Sharks. Too big, too physical, too quick.
  15. i think it will be johnny mac but i still wouldnt mind stevens. but i dont see it being worse then what it was