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  1. I'm saying we will be a playoff bubble team. I really don't think losing Larsson is going to have that big an effect on our D overall, and we may actually have a semi-useful bottom 6.
  2. NBC's coverage is atrocious anyway. Doesn't bother me at all.
  3. I have doubts about McDavid ever staying healthy. He seems to play a balls out high speed style that i could see leading to a lot of injuries.
  4. Fine with Hall taking 9. Hopefully Ill start to associate that number with him more, instead of the Judas.
  5. Like Tootoo, just don't ever want to see him on the Devils again.
  6. Solid. No more former penguins though lol.
  7. Is there a good reason we just don't sign Demers? Don't want to give up assets for Shattenkirk or anyone else in a trade.
  8. Just saying Adam could still turn into one, hes not now though I agree. The untapped offense MIGHT be there. Worst case scenario this trade ends up close to even. Right now we murdered the Oilers. Very happy.
  9. Just in that a No1 D is more valuable than a No1 LW. That said I am happy with this trade.
  10. I need a moment.... I need a moment... I think I'm okay with this... Big risk though if Larsson turns into a TRUE no1.
  11. Apologies if I should know this but where is this in the hierarchy compared to Castron?
  12. Lindros shouldn't be in, but the decisions are mostly arbitrary and a popularity contest. Lindros getting in is certainly not first selection I have a problem with, or even the most egregious.
  13. If I had faith in the Devils not playing Elias if he is underwhelming (which I feel he will be) id be ok with a 1 year deal but I know it wont happen that way so I dont want him back either.
  14. Still rather would have taken Brown. Initially very very disappointed with this pick, but considering who was off the board by that point, its not an awful pick. I know some scouts like McLeod more than Brown so its close. Also, overall the scouting reports ive read of him have left me with a better feeling about this pick than I started out with.... who knows, we should be due a pick or two that really work out considering how many stinkers weve had. Very happy with the rest of our picks, and love the Bennet trade.
  15. Keller, Jost, Brown in that order for me. If we end up taking a D at 11 the only one I wont be hugely disappointed with is Sergachev.