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  1. GDT: 9/21/17 NJ Devils @ Les Habitants

    Only preseason. But they have looked good. Really really good.
  2. The Devils Uniforms

    The flyers would have great jerseys if their primary color wasn't puke orange.
  3. Brian Boyle Diagnosed with Cancer

    Very treatable I believe. My father has a similar disease Polycythemia Vera in which his marrow makes excess red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets and he was being treated with medicine and the occasional phlebotomy. He was fighting forest fires during all of this as well, so I think theres a fairly good chance Boyle will not only recover, but also play a decent amount. Thoughts are with Boyle and his family.
  4. The Devils Uniforms

    Lack of a stripe on the bottom is a complete non-issue for me after seeing them in a game. Not noticeable. The damn stripes are jarring to me though. I was fine until I actually made a conscious effort to notice what the jersey looked like while they are playing. Now I cant unsee how off they look. Kinda like seeing the arrow in the fed ex logo for the first time.
  5. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Its an improvement but why don't they just ban the use of a challenge for an offside? No one seems to like it. I honestly feel like offside is the sort of thing where if its not obviously an offside, the benefit of the doubt should go to the attacking team (you know, more goals and all that), and calling back goals because someone's toe was in over the line a microsecond early was never the intention, and is HORRIBLE for the flow of the game.
  6. The Devils Uniforms

    Looks completely fine, and once we see them on the players on the ice, I think they will look even better. Still liked the old jersey better, but this isn't that big a deal to me.
  7. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Clearly there is a unique situation when it comes to NCAA players going the FA route, what you want to call it is completely besides the point.
  8. Hischier: What are your projections for season 1?

    If he plays up on the top two lines I think 40-50 points are possible. Ideally id like him centering the second line so he doesn't have to match up with the other teams top centers.
  9. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Love any info about our prospects
  10. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Once again, certain teams seem to benefit more from the college ufa situation than others. Next up Walsh will pull the same sh!t.
  11. Will Butcher Agrees to Terms with Devils

    Have never seen Butcher play but the list of Hobie Baker winners as seniors is not impressive whatsoever. And I have no idea what to think about him as a player because for every article/post ive seen saying hes a good skater, ive seen ones saying his skating is what will keep him out of the nhl....
  12. Devils All Access new host - Amanda Stein

    So theres this: https://twitter.com/amandacstein/status/894595755905884160 I guess that means Robenhymer is gone? Amanda did okay work with us during the prospect camp so I'm not too upset, and she seemed popular in Montreal.
  13. 2016-17 Prospects Thread

    To my understanding he's not signed yet, but we still have another year or two before its an issue? That said, I would love for this loophole to be changed. It doesn't have to be removed all together, but the players should have to go through some sort of waiver wire like in baseball.
  14. Devils select Nico Hischier #1 overall in 2017 Draft

    Sure wish we would have taken Brown....
  15. Johnny Mac joins Coyotes as Asst. Coach

    Good. No problems with Jmac as an ex devil but hes not a good tv guy.