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  1. Retain some salary if necessary to increase the assets we get. If Kovalchuk wants 5.5 or 6million, offer to eat 2.5-3 mil of that as long as we get a good pick/prospect. We certainly have the caproom.
  2. I don't want Shattenkirk because i believe its going to take a 7 year deal with a full NTC. I'm ok with giving him one of those things, but not both. Although I am coming around, partly because all the Rangers fans I know seem to think they will sign shattenkirk in the offseason and he will fix all their ills. Worth it just to deny him to the Rangers.
  3. I have no problem with a little schadenfreude. Especially if its the Rangers or Flyers. Hopefully we are building our way back to being perennial contenders. This off season is going to be ginormous. Shero has an amazing opportunity to remold the franchise.... he better not %&)#% it up.
  4. It's the same kind of thinking that ends up with former players as GM's, in spite of having no actual real qualifications other than "well he played hockey".
  5. So you would sign him for 7 years at 7.5 million with a full ntc for the length of the contract if that's what it takes? Just curious.
  6. Why not just re-hire lemaire at that point? Boucher's entire coaching style is predicated on the trap. Oops, im sorry, its only the trap if we do it. If its the rangers or senators its a 1-3-1
  7. Who's hating on Shattenkirk? I just don't want to have to throw a ridiculous contract at him to get him and that's what I think its going to take. Hes absolutely better than anyone we have. That's not saying much though, and if its going to take a 6 or 7 year deal to sign him, with a full ntc, im not interested. That's it.
  8. With how bad Shattenkirk has been in the playoffs, and how much of an offer its going to take to get him, id almost pass. His playoffs have made it a much harder decision to just throw money and term at him.
  9. 1994 for me, just in time to watch us lose to the Rangers in game 7 ot Stupid *&(%(&#(%$&#$ing crybaby messyface and matteu . I remember that night rushing home from a ski trip, my dad picking up me up and letting me know the Devils had tied it with like 7? seconds left. We got home just in time to watch them lose. The following year I got Sportschannel and could finally watch regularly... was hooked ever since. I also ended up seeing them win the cup the following year... picked game 4 against Detroit because it was a Saturday, never thinking we would be sweeping them. Some guy at the game offered us 500 dollars a piece for the 2 tickets my dad and I had gotten. Face value was around 100 a ticket... my dad turned to me and said "if you want to take the money we can, and you can keep the money for your ticket..." 500 dollars is awful tempting to a 15 year old kid, but I said no thank god, and we got to see them lift the cup. Greatest sports experience in my life... still remember everyone beeping their horns to "lets go devils" in the parking lot for like 2 hours after we won, continental was literally shaking... and slamming the walkway over the highway to lets go devils on our way to our cars, and worrying about it collapsing... lol. If the devils had lost that game though id still be kicking myself for not taking the 500....
  10. Do not want Tippet or Rasmussen at all. Tippet reminds me way too much of Virtanen, and id rather have last years version of Rasmussen (Logan Brown), who actually has the skill and mental ability to match his size and skating.
  11. Im not so sure how up and coming Philly is. Nothing but defensive prospects and goalies. Both notoriously hard to project, and goalies are just not as important as they used to be. What do they have? Giroux signed to massive contract who has been sharply declining. Voracek, who while a good player and not declining like Giroux, is not worth what they are paying him for the next bazillion years. Konecny? Funny, all that "guaranteed first liner, glad we didnt waste a pick on Zacha like the devils" talk has gone away considering how poor a second half he had. Rubtzov? It's starting to look like me may be made of glass. Ghostiberere is one of the worst defenders Ive ever seen, and I think he almost hurts more than he helps if not on a team with an already stacked defense who can cover for him. Provorov looks very good, however, its still very, very early. Remember how high we were on Merill at one point? The Flyers aint sh!t.
  12. Other than rooting for Boucher to light it up I agree. F*** off Vancouver. You are just going to waste the pick picking another Virtanen anyway.
  13. From what I am seeing following this years drafts I am starting to think its not going to matter too much where we pick. No one has seperated themselves, and while I believe there are no obviously elite talents like last years, 1-15 seem to all be relatively close to each other, and I am not as down on it as some. If we chose wisely there should be an impact player to be had regardless of where we pick, and there are alot of centers in there if we choose that route. Having a higher pick last year was much more important than this year imo. I have also read on several sites that there are some good talents that should be available into the third round, and some amazing goalie prospects which is a good thing considering how many draft picks we have in rounds two and three. Patrick had seemed to seperate himself but I am now hearing his work rate, defense, and injury history are becoming rather large concerns...
  14. I have been following Shestyerkin.... he does look quite good. My hope at this point is his stats are misleading due to the team he plays on being such a power house. Don't think I can stand another Lundqvist level goalie on the rangers for the foreseeable future....
  15. **Vilardi Damn italian names. Regarding Tippett, for some reason he makes me think of Jake Virtanen a little too much. All tools, no toolbox etc.