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  1. I get both sides really. Trying to look at this like there's positives to either outcome, making the playoffs, or getting a higher pick to help down the road. That loss to Ottawa hurt the playoff hopes big time though, and has shifted me a tad more towards lets get a better draft pick.
  2. It's pretty simple. Id rather trade one or two seasons of first round exits, or barely missing the playoffs, for a legit shot at winning a cup and if you are lucky, building a dynasty. I don't get how people have such a problem with this philosophy.
  3. Holy crap josefson did a thing. Brb going to buy a lottery ticket.
  4. Speaking of the bottom and the draft, anyone know a site where I can get a list of what draft picks NHL teams posess, including trades? Trying to find out how many picks we have and where we have them in 2017 and 2018.
  5. Cannot believe we got a 4th for him lol. Nice work Shero. We are starting to stockpile a nice assortment of picks.
  6. Glad to see Blender back. Hopefully he brings some creativity to the lineup.
  7. Not konecny's goal, hopefully they take it away from him. And fvck the refs.
  8. So I see Kerfoot is having a phenomenally productive season. Leading Harvard in points. This bring up two questions for me Id like opinions/thoughts on: 1) No one has seemed to rate Kerfoot as a prospect (that ive read), has his production this year changed that at all, or is it as expected for someone who is one of the older players on the team? 2) Being as Kerfoot has stayed in college so long,and assuming his stock does have value now, are we at risk of losing him as a FA ala the Douchebag twins? (Hayes and Vesey)
  9. Still think Boucher has been written off way way too early. Especially considering how long some players have been farting along for years and yet arent held to the standard Boucher is. (josefson im looking at you)
  10. Have always thought the diving thing was way overblown. Every team has players that dive... some of the best in the league are notorious for it. Blandisi just doesnt get the benefit of the doubt (nor should he) because hes not an established star, and tbh so far he really sucks at toeing the line between diving and embellishment. He either needs to learn how to get better at acting (see: Giroux, Claude - Malkin, Evgeni) or stop altogether. Very curious to see what kind of of player Blandisi can become. Hes got alot of skill, and has great offensive instincts imo.
  11. I feel like everyone has forgotten how solid Boucher was last year for us. He had 19 points in 39 games. Hes 23 years old, and was barely given a shot this year, after looking like he might be breaking out last year. Also, I get that one of our overall team concepts is speed, but does that mean there's NO room for players who aren't fast? Boucher's shot, especially on the power play (if he got power play time) is world class. It doesnt make sense to me. *Josefson has 2 fvcking points in 13 games this year.
  12. $+#(_+_+#
  13. Should we be concerned about Bastian and Mcleod? Was hoping for a bit more production out of those two, especially considering the start they had.
  14. I have a bad feeling he could pot 25+ goals regularly for someone down the road... Hope I'm wrong, but not happy to lose him for nothing (if we do).
  15. Why is it so unreasonable to look at Cams history with missing time when wondering whats going on? Stop the preaching. That said, glad his daughter is okay and looking forward to him being back out on the ice. We need him.