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  1. Solving the Issuse at Center

    Lombardi would probably be my first choice followed by Belanger for UFA centers. Plekanec would be sweet but everything points towards him resigning with Montreal. There was alot of talk before this years trade deadline that the Panthers were looking to blow their team up. A would really like Weiss as a 2nd line centerman but not sure what we would have to give up for him. Also if the Canucks make a long playoff run without having Mitchell in their lineup , I can see them letting him walk with the thinking that they made it that far without him . I would prefer him instead of Martin. Far fetched pipe-dreams with about 0.004% chance of happening: Trade Elias + Clarkie for Iginla (some talk about Iginla waiving NTC) OR Langs + ? for Kaberle then sign Willie Mitchel or Volchenkov or Sutton instead of Martin.