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  1. Shero should make everybody grow out Ryan Smyth type hair
  2. I don't think it's bad to have an NHL ready player down there, kind of acts as an extension of healthy scratches in case you need a player ASAP. Matt Anderson was down there for a while and he wasn't really developing any more. Plus it couldn't hurt to have a guy with NHL experience around your AHL prospects either.
  3. Both of them are super quick around the net. It's an instinct that can't be taught but Fayne and Moore always seemed to be able to swat away at loose pucks floating around the crease
  4. John Moore? I've liked what I've seen from him, though I've only watched the games since the Mets season was over. He's at a -7 now but from what I've watched he's made some physical and savvy plays. Kind of like the anti-Zidlicky
  5. Just one of those games. Outworked seems like a stretch to me. There was an open net just missed on the last PK and a few other chances that could have given us at least a point tonight. Plus it seemed like Severson couldn't get one shot through tonight. Just overall very frustrating
  6. Somebody tipped Dano off on that goal
  7. And there's two goals in my five minutes of watching
  8. Found a stream and we get scored on within a minute of me putting it on. Guess I'll just go back into my hole now
  9. Stream tonight?
  10. Abdelkader signed 7 years 4.25 per. NTC for first four years
  11. Are there any adblocks for free?
  12. I agree with this to an extent. Players back then in pretty much all sports had more edge and attitude to them. If Scott Stevens played in today's NHL he'd be hated like Matt Cooke rather than revered for his attitude. Players nowadays are just too likable. This goes both ways I think too where if you think about the Rangers which I've seen mentioned on this board before. You wouldn't see McDonagh guarantee a playoff victory win. It's easier to be in touch with the human side of these players today through social media and the constant haggling by the Devils media staff asking our players what they like on their waffles. There's no way these guys could maintain the gladiator type stigma that fans loved to get behind because of this.
  13. Babcock doesn't really strike me as the guy who'd be advocating for this sort of thing. So there's less goals, yeah whatever who cares. If we want more offense let's expand the ice and make it the same game they play overseas. Less goals doesn't mean there's something wrong with the game
  14. Yeah, totally agree, and Lou knows that we need an identity of our own, not a juxtaposition of other team's identities, which, quite evidently in cases like the Leafs, Rangers etc. doesn't work. Also, side note, but is there a reason behind your alternate spelling of Lateralus?
  15. How much I liked him, despite him being a Flyer captain makes the prospect of him being a Devil too attractive for me to really view the situation with any bias, but he really is a Devil forward. Even in his old age he has a great work ethic and does everything you want on the ice even if he's not scoring. If we do pull off a trade for him I could see it being a lot like the Ruutu trade. That being said, I really don't see it happening.