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  1. Happppy birthday :)

  2. Camp Report 9/14

    From what you guys have seen so far, how do you think Chvatal and Kadeykin are doing?
  3. Training Camp

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me how the sting boys are doing? Chvatal, Kadeykin and Tenute(if hes there) I would love it if someone could hook me up with the info.
  4. Devils Camp Roster

    So I guess that means that our sting boys are doing well at camp. Thanx
  5. Devils Camp Roster

    This is my first time posting here. I have a question for anyone that know's the answer. How are Chvatal and Kadeykin doing? I'm just wondering how they are fitting in. Oh and did Tenute ever show up to camp? I know he had a shoulder injury but I wasn't quite sure if he would show or not.