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  1. Michael McLeod 2014-15 Mississauga Steelheads Game Used Jersey
  2. i am only assuming they would be used as a trade piece in the future
  3. goal.... no goal ....goal
  4. i created this poll to see if any of these players would you like to see part of the devils future
  5. since he has been drafted, what does everyone think of him since then? how has he been with mississauga and in the world juniors? the hf board has been saying at best he is a 3rd line player
  6. what channel is the game on optimum?
  8. i was able to find the video on ebay
  9. This is a great video for anyone who isn't familiar with the Devils history. Was this released on video? I never knew it existed. I am assuming it was for season ticket holders
  10. did anyone here have an alexander semak jersey? i believe it was a preseason one
  11. i was listening to nhl network radio on sirius and apparently he was upset that his name would always come up in trades
  12. i think the change of scenery will benefit both players
  13. We should play a flock of seagulls song for him one last time in his honor
  14. haha i wonder if Lou would of made this trade? hahaha
  15. did taylor hall play with henrique at any point in windsor?