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  1. Simulation Hockey League

    Yep it is interesting, check it out the more the better No you didn't, you're lying, and it's not some sort of internet scam
  2. Simulation Hockey League

    Making a single post is hardly spamming, I don't think you know what that means.. I'm just seeing if anyone would be interested in this, not like it's harming anyone, it's for fun.
  3. Simulation Hockey League

    Ever wanted to create your own player and compete to win a championship? Maybe you're like Ovechkin and you want to score 50 goals a season. Or, perhaps you want to be like Thornton and lead the league in assists every year. Of course, being a heavyweight like Colton Orr, or a punishing defenseman like Dion Phaneuf can be rewarding too. Now, with the Simulation Hockey League, you have a chance to create your own player and define your own legacy! check it out: http://z7.invisionfree.com/The_SHL/index.php?act=idx How does it work? Simple: first, create your account for the forums, then you create your player from scratch, full of all the customization you could dream of, from the create a player form. You pick from what type of player you are, whether it be grinder, two-way forward, offensive forward, defensive defenseman, or offensive defenseman. Season 1 is half way done and we are in the post-allstar game half of the season.There are six teams (3 in eastern conference, 3 in west) and we are looking have an expansion draft for more teams by next season if we have enough players signing up! Sign up and create your player as fast as you can because there is a junior league starting up, and there will be a draft held for it soon. The junior league is where all new members; free agents and prospects that haven't been signed up on a SHL team yet can get drafted by a junior team and play for the junior league to prove why they should be signed on an SHL team, and if your tearing up the junior league, who knows? you'll probably be offered a contract from an SHL team that really needs a player like you... The SHL is run by experienced administrators who love simulation hockey, and are devoted to making the league a great experience for all of its members. It uses the SimonT Hockey Simulator for simming all of the games, and will provide live play by play (and with it an exciting atmosphere) for each simulated game. you can improve your player, negotiate your contract, you can find a job to earn yourself some extra cash (used to improve your player). If you're interested or have any questions, swing by and check it out, all of your questions are welcome and will be answered promptly! Guys and gals this is for people that actually have just a little free time, that are interested in engaging in something interesting and fun, and are willing to stay active and help SHL stay active. They're really nice and friendly members and this is a really fun experience, if your looking for me in the SHL my username is Scott_Stevens4