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  1. GDT: Buffalo Sabres @New Jersey Devils 7:00 EST

    Kovalchuk just watches the game. In Atlanta he would yell for the puck in his own zone and always want it on his stick to bring down ice with speed. Now his speed is gone (maybe he was not training during the K negotiations?) and he never seems to move into open ice looking for the puck. When he is in his own zone and the other team has the puck he doesn't even swat at it or poke check when he is within like 3 feet of a player. He has absolutely no aggression, he lookes like a nudered dog out there.
  2. What about the Devs going for Spezza instead of Kovalchuk

    Kovalchuk turned down 12 years at 100 million from Atlanta. He is looking to make like 10 million a year, the devils are never going to be able to afford his salary and be a competition team.
  3. What about the Devs going for Spezza instead of Kovalchuk

    still not a bad move, joefeson will never be anything near spezza's level and at least with Lagenbrunner the Sens would be getting a cheaper return which would allow them more cap space.
  4. Spezza right now is under a 7 year 49 mil contract. That is cheaper than we could get kovalchuk for and I personally feel (maybe others agree) Spezza is a much stronger player. He would play center, so we would have Spezza (1st line), Zajac (2nd) and then Arnott on the third line. This would be a stacked team at center ice and it looks like Ottawa really wants to trade him, so we might not have to give up to much. What if we gave them langenbrunner and a prospect and maybe a pick?