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  1. Gomer gets a goal to get us jump started in the first ten minutes---we then play Devils Hockey and lock down the Rangers for the following 50 minutes, then an empty net goal by Madden!!!! Devils Win 2-0!
  2. Very good point! The devils need to make money too
  3. Yeah----It stinks----that is why I want to sell these tickets----to real devils fans!!!! somebody must know somebody or something?
  4. Guess Not...they say 95$ right on them, right in my e-mail, they are ready to go!!!! Devils Fans Must have these tickets!
  5. It is on a Saturday becuase we had to pick from Saturday/Sunday (when all Faculty is around). My degree is in School Psychology concentration on Cognitive Neuropsychology. It took me 4 years and at the University of Connecticut---Trust me if I could fake being sick I would, just so I could go to the game
  6. These are great tickets and I do not want them to go to Rags fans, that is why I do not want to put them on ebay----somebody has to want three great tickets?
  7. 95$
  8. I have three extra tickets to Saturday's Game. I can not go becuase I originally bought the tickets thinking the game would be Friday, but since the Game is Saturday, I have my doctoral dissertation presentation. They are lower level seats, corner ice-----face value! no charge for shipping as I have the tickets in my e-mail. Pay Pal preffered other ways maybe acceptable...contact me at hthomasbrant@gmail.com for more information Tom
  9. Haha---guess I was a little too excited with the news!!! i have my tickets and really need an 8pm faceoff on friday night
  10. Hockey Night New York just said dates/times might have to change, will have official times later in shower....7 30 drop of puck or 8pm you think?
  11. Haha that is awesome!
  12. In his defense, the writer did say we were going to make the playoffs. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> After one game we have looked great, only 81 more to go!
  13. Did anyone else notice the girl in the back of parise goal? she was like holy crap he is right there infront of me!
  14. What does everyone think of the organizations move not to name a captain and to go with three players wearing an A? just wondering?
  15. can you sell me some of that stuff you're smokin' ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Is there any solid reason why HE wouldnt want to stay in New Jersey. I can not see Lou just getting rid of him