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  1. I wasn't aware that he was claimed by Nashville until just now because of working late, but holy sh!t. I was sitting here thinking...what if Lou up in Toronto wanted him too possibly? Legit? Not legit? I had a nightmare that it was Auston Matthews "doing the skating" for him and he scores 40 or something absurd.
  2. Someone will likely take him. If he was a better skater and could outplay Zacha defensively, he'd be in good shape here, but it was not to be.
  3. Like he's not the starter or something.
  4. Corey was really upset after that one. He looked like he wanted to throw his stick when he was going down the gangway.
  5. Advertisers are piiiiisssed. Not a single stoppage all period until under 2mins
  6. What was Schneider thinking!? He's so lucky that missed! Ah, it all makes sense now.
  7. I didn't realize that Lapping scored as much as he has this season. Sent from my C6725 using Tapatalk
  8. Being the longest tenured Devil can make you have that feeling, but he strikes me a quiet type like Patty Elias.
  9. Travis "Can't stop won't stop" Zajac Sent from my C6725 using Tapatalk
  10. Oh, and maybe Lovejoy should deck the guy that runs Schneider over. The Blackkawk color guys are homerinos.
  11. The Blackkawks fans are booing them......SOooo goood. Hall line looks dominant and the Zacha-QUenneville line looks good.
  12. We look dominant. This is the first game I've seen in a while. Wtf happened within the last 5 games or so? Hoooly fvck Zajac. And now everybody is rolling.
  13. Lmao. Yeah, that will pretty much nail it, but they can't copy the Senators either. That's essentially a hoplite solider, isn't it? Maybe more of a Roman but people can't tell the difference between the two likely.
  14. He better keep it up. There's literally goaltender depth nipping at his heels. Not really.
  15. As much as it pains me to say it, I do have to eat and sleep too.