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  1. I had no idea that Miles Wood was 220 pounds for his last year of college. He's actually dropped 10 pounds for development camp and for the upcoming season. I think it would be VERY interesting to see if Wood can develop some chemistry with Smith-Pelly. Both guys aren't very tall or "big" necessarily but both of these guys definitely have power forward built bodies.
  2. Fair enough. I should have been more careful of my wording. Obviously I'm changing the argument here a little but would you argue that Rangers were never bailed out of particularly bad contracts through trade? You've even stated that you were happy for the team to get out from under the Gomez contract.
  3. Is it just me or does every team bail the Rangers out with almost every trade. It's probably just me. Paranoid as fuuuuk Sent from my C6725 using Tapatalk
  4. While this is true, and while he has had his chances and you don't expect him to be much better. I expect Zacha to make him better. Where else does Josefson end up with Fiddler locked into 4th C and Gadzic likely taking 4LW spot. Josefson, while a complete black hole offensively still has very good possession numbers on a Devils team last year that ranked near last in the league in puck possession. Josefson should be in the lineup as well considering the contract he just signed. I don't expect him in the A. Maybe Shero likes him as a 13th guy???
  5. Oh that might be true. I'd be down for some Mozik. I would like to amend my statement on Shero's confidence in the defense. He must have a pretty good deal of faith in most of those lower pairing guys such as Merrill, Mozik, and Jacobs with the Larsson trade. Jacobs gives you that extra safety for sure because he has plenty of time to develop this year and next in the A.
  6. Seeing Zacha with Josefson is very intruiging. I like Josefson on the wing and at center, but maybe Josefson can produce with shooters such as DSP and Zacha. This is what I predict the starting lineup to look like come opening night. Santini hopefully will stabilize Moore on the d end and like I stated earlier, Shero is showing a lot of faith in Merrill bouncing back and I'm still not very thrilled having Lovejoy in the top 6, but it will have to do. Maybe there's another gem on defense that were missing. I'm not super-worried about Boucher, he's shown some promise, just has to stay strong on the puck and shoot playing with Henrique and Hall.
  7. Preferrably Lovejoy would be on the bottom pairing with Moore, although Merrill-Santini doesn't inspire confidence without even seeing Santini in live-action.
  8. I see Blandisi and Boucher really fighting for Bennett's spot (In Jason's Lineup) in the top 6. It's a pipe-dream, but who knows what we will see with a Hall-Henrique-Hudler/Palmieri/Boucher line. I'd really pumped. I don't think training camp can get here fast enough. I just hope that the Camms-Zajac-Palmieri line can figure it out if you do decide to go that route. It seems like Palmieri and Zajac were playing pretty well together towards the end of last season.
  9. Do you feel dirty? I feel dirty. Eww....forward log jams? When did the NJ Devils ever have those? lol
  10. Speaking of. Just read Dan Rosen saying Hudler would be a great addition. I'd be interested.
  11. Very likely path of his development. Like his play, he doesn't hold the team back on defense and is a great body in front of the net. I like what I saw from him last year. Hell, Kalinin is a huge steal if you can get 15g 20-30a from him ala Zubrus
  12. Are we sure Lou is in charge of all hockey opeations? Thought it was a weird triumvirate between Shanahan, Lou and some Dumas guy?
  13. Yuck. Maybe Lou thinks he's some more of a Power Forward bottom 6 guy.
  14. I'm definitely on the Okposo train. Now I'm convinced another defenseman is coming with Larsson's departure.
  15. Oh I understand that the defense pairings I posted are by no means perfect. Mozik with Moore is equally scary. Santini is an unknown but I posted the pairing to give a view on what the defense might look like if we stood pat. (Off of the top of my head.) Main point being Shero must have faith in at least some of those bottom 4 guys in the pairing posted.