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  1. HAPPY NEW YORK RANGERS ELIMINATION DAY EVERYONE! It's truly the holiday of all holidays.
  2. This might be blasphemy to some of you but I would have no issue if they phased Dano out. I think he's insufferable as a color guy and was far better suited doing something like H.N.L.
  3. I'd like for us to bring on Kulikov on a 1-2 year reclamation deal. LHD, young, has big boom potential and will most likely be able to be had for cheap. Alzner should be an option as well, especially if we lose the Shattenkirk sweepstakes.
  4. Do the Schneider trade then fleece the NHL and the open market by grabbing Bishop. Bishop w/ Kari as backup, and the 3rd overall. Sign Shattenkirk and Oshie, sign and trade Kovy then march to the playoffs.
  5. Hall Henrique Palmieri Cammalleri Zajac Bennett Boucher Zacha DSP Blandisi Fiddler Kalinin For the defense: Greene Severson Santini Lovejoy Moore Merrill If we can sign a, Hudler for example though, he would go on the first line and Kalinin would be our extra forward.
  6. If I were looking to convert my Larsson Jersey to a Taylor Hall jersey, where would I go considering Meigray doesnt customize and the Devils Den issues lousy quality
  7. Hudler plays every forward position.
  8. Any idea if the team is gonna bring back Farnham?
  9. Keep in mind. At this point in his career, Hedman was still budding and finding his game. It takes a while for these players to mature and Larsson is a special player. He was dicked around here by PDB, started to find his footing this past season and now he's traded. Hopefully Shero gets a quality defenseman to fill that hole. Because our defense right now is infinitely worse and the Oilers got rid of one of their many, many forwards and added a quality defenseman that they needed desperately. We are over valuing Hall and everyone is massively undervaluing Larsson. Sorry.
  10. I must be living in bizzaro world. You're supposed to build from the goaltender out. Give me the offensive hole over a defensive hole any day of the week. This time next year you'll be saying Chia is a genius. Watch.
  11. Good luck backing up this AHL quality defense Cory. You're gonna need it. Hopefully we get Shattenkirk or something to offset this blunder
  12. I must be the only one who feels gutted. We just lost the future of our franchise for a one dimensional winger with attitude issues. This isn't like giving up Odyua for Kory.
  13. Aren't you the same poster that was also so adamant about how we didn't need Kovalchuk? I mean, with that track record... (Just joshin' you of course)
  14. You're the one that did the "Why the NYR suck" youtube video with the Futurama song in the background right? Looks like you have another year to add.
  15. I would think Drouin would want to take the Saad route and go to a team where he will get the playing time he desires and be "under the radar". That's how things have looked the past couple of months. Arizona, Carolina and us would really be the teams that fit that bill.