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  1. Everyone Stay Calm

    Kovy's cap hit: $6.6mil Parise's cap hit: $7.5mil!! Guys, I know you wanted to keep Parise, but he isn't a $7.5mil player........
  2. Moose re-signs

  3. You Be Lou

    I am going to comment as an outsider here. I am a fan of hockey and always have liked the Devils (all of my goalie gear is based off of the Devils colours). However as a person growing up with the Devils not being MY team, I don't wear any rose coloured glasses towards a franchise hero on the Devils. Marty is 40 and he needs help (as in reduced playing time) to be effective come seasons end. With his current abilities, not based on his legacy, he isn't a top tier goalie. In the past, you'd maybe overpay to keep your "Legend" player nearing the end of their career, but in today's word with salary caps & financial issues plaguing the team, it isn't a no brainer anymore. I believe there are goalies available today which are better for a similar or smaller cap hit. Some of these goalie are also ones that could have a future here, whereas Mary has 1 maybe 2 years left? Sometimes the team has to make choices that are unpopular with local fans. Those fans will be upset for a while, but provided the team is playing well it will be forgiven/forgotten. IMHO, The Devils would be best off with the Mary/Moose tandem and them splitting time 50/32, but Marty shouldn't be overpaid and I think it looks poorly on him that he would want that as it doesn't have the team's interest at heart.
  4. GDT New Jersey Devils at Flyers

    I've been able to catch 4 games so far on my Centre Ice Package and 3 have been shootouts. A win's a win, but Briere stopped. I dunno what they consider stopping is. What happened to Kovy??
  5. Moose re-signs

    The man with his own smiley face stays! MMMMMOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSEEEEE!!!!
  6. Goalie stats from Game 41 on

    Hello did someone ask for a vancouverite? I don't think the fact that Luongo is locked up hurts Scheider's trade value. If they really like Scheider, the Canucks could always ask Luongo for a trade and/or continue with the 2 goalie system that worked so well this year. Having Luongo only play 60 games really helped his performance (much like trying ppl have been trying to get Marty to do...). The goalie situation in Vancouver will be defined by what happens this postseason. If Luongo thrives and the Canucks get to the West/Cup Finals expect Scheider to be traded this off season. Any faltering by Luongo or an early exit and expect Scheider to remain a Canuck for at least another year and Luongo being asked for a trade. That's the general consensus around here. If Vancouver was to trade Scheider, what could we be looking for? If I remember, 3 of our top 5 defencemen contracts expire this year so depending on who re-signs, we might be weak there. 2nd line scorer (winger) and a capable backup to replace Scheider. (give us back the Moose ) I am not saying all of those for Scheider, just thinking of what holes could be left in our system after this year.
  7. GDT 3/8/11 Devils vs. Senators

    1. (i didn't get to see this game) 2. Switching lines base on one game... I say stay with what has been working previously. 3. It's still along shot, like it always has been, but the chance is still there. 4. I say start moose, he was excellent and people thought the team played with some gusto for the moose. Maybe it will spark the team since they played poorly last game. Also, its his & Kovy's former team.
  8. Moose or Marty

    So how's everyone think of that 1.2mil salary now?? Did we pay too much :D Well worth the $$. MMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!
  9. GDT 12/2/2010 NJD vs. Canadiens

    no Kiddn' eh?
  10. Official NJDevs.com Keepers II

    ahhhhhh why not
  11. Why does Gary Bettman get booed all the time?

    Bettman has done some good things for the game I feel, but he is hated up north because of his departure from tradition, sell-out attitude to corporate money and treating canada like the ugly duckling to keep out of sight. Hell, we even made a movie making fun of him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bon_Cop,_Bad_Cop see character: "Harry Buttman"
  12. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Man Kovy must really want to go to LA is there is all of this back and forth
  13. Official NJDevs.com Keepers II

    I also would like to take Hedberg. let the duel begin
  14. Canucks to retire Naslunds #19

    They copied it from the Seattle Seahawks 12th man thing since they are just south of us.
  15. Canucks to retire Naslunds #19

    Sheesh that 7th man stuff was stupid. Thank god they axed that. Whoever the marketing person was that came up with that idea should be fired.