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  1. Remember when Lundqvist was fined for squirting water on Crosby??
  2. Id love to see a suspension. unacceptable behavior. Video
  3. McIlrath on waivers. I would think that he would get picked up no?
  4. Only posting because I cant stand Trautwig and its funny... BRUTAL hair comment
  5. @BizNasty2point0: Awesome first day @BioSteelSports camp. Big thanks to Taylor Hall aka @hallsy04 for the ride home. #ModestMan Shared via TweetCaster
  6. I wonder how we would hear about this otherwise, especially since TG is gone. For all we know they have been given QO's, but its not being reported yet.
  7. hah, same here, glad i wasn't the only one.
  8. ? I thought they did...
  9. Not a good game all around last night huh? Hopefully they bounce back after that embarrassing loss.
  10. Please clarify? Not sure if sarcastic, mainly because i havent been following.
  11. I am thinking Letang gets some discipline for his neck hit on Stalberg. That looked intentional.
  12. Whats a likely contract for Palmieri?
  13. Am I missing something?
  14. Anybody see the Devils motorcycle the OCC is building? Apparently you can win it. If anybody knows when that airs I would love to DVR it.
  15. I am sure Severson has to be disappointed in sitting again. Hope he is able to straighten out his game.