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  1. GDT: 9/23/17 Bright Lights Brah @ NJ Devils

    Wouldnt Boyle be the ?
  2. 2017 Training Camp thread

    No Nico again tmrw?....that blows
  3. 2017 Training Camp thread

    I seen a couple posts that talk about Hall and how he sat down with Shero to discuss his role with the Devils and how he is expected to take more of a leadership on and off the ice. Do you think this, in any way is also to help motivate him to want to re-sign with the Devils when the time comes? What is everyone's thoughts on the leadership role that Shero wants Hall to fill?
  4. GDT: 9/21/17 NJ Devils @ Les Habitants

    If we win the cup, Then we will chip in to pay you to stay home.
  5. GDT: 9/21/17 NJ Devils @ Les Habitants

    Is Butcher in this game? How has he looked?
  6. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    Cant walsh skip harvard? Guy sounds like a gem and could play in nhl sooner than we think no?
  7. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    That I noticed. I love it. They tend to feel the need to bash our prospects.
  8. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    Are you this guy on HF - "Baemon Severson" , If not, he jacked your post, lol
  9. Devils acquire Marcus Johansson from Caps

    hey, has anybody seen an interview with Johansson since the trade, I feel like I haven't seen one. Only something saying that he was surprised and was unexpected.
  10. In Russia NHL returns you. Kovalchuk staying in KHL.

    LMAO - well done.
  11. I need an educated opinion here.

    If it is lottery protected would WPG do it? I don't know if you can condition a trade as such but if we won the lottery, can it move to a 2019 1st?
  12. I need an educated opinion here.

    I agree, but that's what it would probably take. I am not sure if I would want to do it. Maybe with Trouba we aren't a bottom 5 team?