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  1. Im not a fan of the picks of players going to harvard, cuz of the vesey kinda sh!t.
  2. When could we pencil in Rykov into the lineup for the devils?
  3. nevermind
  4. Think its likely that perhaps Grossman approaches Shero with 2 or 3 offers an possibly lets Shero decide?
  5. That may be the case, but if I was Shero I am only saying I am looking for prospects or picks and leave it open ended for the Kovy Destination to give their best proposal. There is just a lot of possibilities, Devils adding a pick to get back a higher pick, or for us to retain to get a higher pick etc.
  6. I am with you on this. I have been flipping back and forth on this but it comes down to this. NP has been under the microscope for 2-3 years, whereas Nico hasn't been as long. So Nolan feels like less of a bust potential. I am afraid (and I admit I don't know prospects as much as some of you), that Nico will turn into a Yakupov or alexander daigle type. We can't afford that. If he is healthy I have to say we have to go with Nolan.
  7. By a Ranger fan but some good points.
  8. Yes, this is going to be an additional lot. I actually bid on the work for it but I wasn't the low bid. They seem to be putting these bids out in phases.
  9. Has anybody seen the rumors that Zacha has failed the physicals for the Czech world team?
  10. Hope oilers rest some of their stars in the last 2 games...
  11. Are any of these NHL ready and can step right in or do they need more time developing?
  12. Man, watching the chi-van game...Vancouver sucks, couldnt hold on to this league. Hope they at least get a point. Also, chicago is good, lol
  13. With regards to the bold, I don't disagree with that. I just find it ironic that on one hand a lot of ranger fans will put down brodeur saying that he is overrated but then on the other hand always have to compare Lundqvist to Marty. They do, I have seen some real odd stats that they cherry pick. and the next day that's all the fans talk about.
  14. Yeah it was Rags logo, I actually walked out of the DD today, they grabbed the cup and I asked "is that on all of em" she said yes. Told her nevermind, and why, and then walked out...