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  1. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    It is an accomplishment for sure.  When I first got to work, I was hit with it by my ranger-fan-coworker.  My response was to him, that for years I heard from some ranger fans that Marty was overrated and wins don't matter.  So now that the same fans are using him as a measuring stick, they are acknowledging Martys greatness, you don't use "frauds" as measuring sticks now do you?
  2. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Trust me, we all probably heard from our resident ranger fans, I heard it about 5 times.  Is that with the Shootout wins?  Where can one find out shootout wins, I was searching yesterday and couldn't find it.  I saw something on hockey reference when I googled it but when I went to the page I couldn't find it.
  3. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

  4. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    With regards to the coaching staff and sitting players, I really like how they are going about it. It doesn't seem like the same way they did with the old regime.  They really make sure that they do so with the players best interest in mind.  Severson's response to being sit as per TG.
  5. Ahem, we play Toronto today...gdt....
  6. The Marty Night thread

    The forecast I am looking at shows snow on Monday now.
  7. The Marty Night thread

    I never put the effort into learning how these things work but the construction company I work for also plows and the forecasts they look at are more often then not more accurate than the national weather service and the like.  Right now the ones they use show snow as well.  I live in Sussex but took the day off, as well as the other 3 people that are going with me.  I plan on getting there early but I don't care what happens, I am going to be there, even if I have to buy snow shoes.  One thing I hope doesn't happen is if the Rock doesn't get packed.  It would be a shame. Zubie, what day would be safe to say those models are 90% accurate?  Sunday?
  8. The Marty Night thread

    since the ceremony will start at 6:15, does anybody know when they open the doors?
  9. The Marty Night thread

    I will be there.  Section 115, first row.  Boughtmy tickets on stubhub, so hope they don't pull the kobe bryant acenario on me.  Took the day off work to get down there early. Statue looks awesome, where exactly is it going again? The plaza? Bte, they said on the FAN the other night to be in your seats at 615.
  10. GDT - Devils at Blues - 1/12/16

    wait, am I seeing this right, Farnham is 5th in goals in our team??  
  11. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Personally feel he is being mishandled
  12. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I would love if the Devils made a trade for Drouin, wonder what it would take.  They may just take picks because of cap issues.
  13. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    With how the are playing now plus McDavid, I could see it.  I hope they cool down for the February 9th game.
  14. Anyone Going To The Game Saturday?

    Wah?  How/why did you comment on this old thread ? 2002?
  15. Upgrade from Hell...

    Its the actual video, it is quite large....