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  1. welp...... Pierre LeBrun: "There is a conflicting provision in the CBA, which is decades old, the voluntary retirement provision, which says this: if he goes back to the last team he ever played with, that, perhaps, he doesn't need the other 29 teams to sign off on it, and that would be the New Jersey Devils." 8.4 says: "The Club on whose VRL a player's name has been registered may transfer his name back on its Reserve List at any time after the expiry of one year from the date of registration on the VRL by filing any currently valid contract" 8.5(a) states: A player whose name has been entered on the VRL by a Member Club at his request, or by direction of the Commissioner under Section 8.2 hereof, may not re-enter organized hockey, professional or amateur, as a player for a period of three years from the date of such entry without written consent of the Member Club making such entry.
  2. Its all in the legs, Ovechkin looks like a slob without a shirt on also
  3. People fail to realize that LA shares a hockey market with 2 other nhl teams. Where as Chicago has its own market that spreads throught all of Illinois most of Wisconsin,Indianna and Iowa
  4. Realistically He would only have to sit out until march correct? since his last playoff game was around march. He just had knee surgery, Depending on how the knee feels he could simply just continue and rehab the knee until march and come back?
  5. She is a creep with stalker tendencies.
  6. I think it only applies if someone gets an instigator penalty
  7. Trade deadline is around the first week of april according to lebrun and free agency will start a week later i believe
  8. Forgot Henrique got hurt. When is he due back?
  9. To me if the devils play the game the way they have for the last three games there is nothong philly can do about it. It seems by the post game interviews that the flyers really have no answer to what the devils are doing. Look completely lost. This devils is a confident group right now. I do not see a let down in game 5. Just keep doing what they are doing
  10.;_ylt=ApBxxJ7Uq36H_6E0a49OB2l7vLYF dont know how much of it is true. Giroux was heard to have said the team is panicking and lost confidence.......Time for the devils to finish this off
  11. Lets go devils......although cant promise how much I will be watching as I am a Titans fan and I am glued to the computer screen waiting for the latest peyton manning info......Its like Kovy all over
  12. Yea it's all kovalchuks fault if we don't make the playoffs if you believe that then you are really delusional
  13. fayne has been a pleasant suprise
  14. had the worst dream........Had a dream we traded Kovy good thing it was a dream

  15. had the worst dream........Had a dream we traded Kovy good thing it was a dream