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  1. Wow, really missing out on this one..........
  2. You are just a giant ball of sunshine aren't you? Yeah, things aren't going so well right now, but do you need to take every opportunity to tell us?
  3. Drinking Lou's kool-aid, Russian red flavor, from my beer helmet. LGD!! Show that you still care please!!!
  4. Argh...........What's wrong with the Devils? a friend asked me today. Everything I said.
  5. Coming into the season I thought Volchenkov would be just as big of a key to the season as getting Kovalchuk would be, he isn't the only reason we are struggling, but sure is a piece of the puzzle. What is his estimated time of return? He had a broken nose, correct? Was it an extra serious one or something?
  6. Ryan Miller is playing, correct?
  7. Boo yaa!!
  8. C'mon get an early PP goal in the 3rd, put the Habs away, and start our climb up the East leaderboard
  9. When did Montreal trade for Ryan Miller?
  10. Who else is going to the Vancouver game?
  11. Thanks for the link. I agree, that was fairly terrible. Previous efforts have been way better.
  12. Just wondering for those who weren't lucky enough to be in the arena last night, if there anyone who recorded the opening video montage before the game?
  13. We couldn't have traded him for a late round pick at least?
  14. Split quads Legion, similar to baseball in spring training. Radio only? Ugh.....