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  1. I bet the Devils rise to prominence and become Cup contenders again, while the Rangers drift into the abyss. Hopefully the same happens with the hated Flyers too.
  2. I am so done with the Caps. They play a huge game 5 and game 6 and then turn around and lay ANOTHER egg in a critical game 7. With Ovi leading the way in the choking. It has to beyond miserable to be a Caps fan right now. And that is why you heard the booing. I can't blame them.
  3. Of course it's Ovi that fails to back check on that goal. And it could be the only goal of the game. We shall see.
  4. The Devils should try and sign Alzner and try to trade for Trouba. Defensive problems solved.
  5. It's a great day when the Rangers get bounced. I might be the only person alive who didn't count the Caps out against the Pens. They have dominated the last two games and clearly look like the better team, but history is against Washington. Hopefully they exorcise their demons tonight and make the ECF the capital of the US agains the capital of Canada.
  6. What can the Devils get from St. Louis for Kovi?
  7. Guys.......... could this franchise get a major kick in the arm with youth next year with...... Patrick/Hischier McLeod Bastian. I can only hope, right?
  8. It is a slow painful process to respectability. If this team ever gets there.
  9. Having Ben Lovejoy out there in critical moments is all you need to know.
  10. It's just comedy at this point, Not even upset in the slightest. It's one thing to be bad, but it's a whole other argument to be expert chokers. Pure comedic gold at this point.
  11. I didn't know the spell checker police was active "HERE".
  12. I think it was Tuesday when they were discussing the Islanders situation. Then they decided to throw it out there that the Devils should lose their team, not the Islanders. First of all, why would the even bring the Devils into the argument when the Devils have absolutely nothing to do with the Islanders situation. I guess it was more the Jet loser Benigno saying this but, it really pissed me off how they took a dig at the Devils for no reason whatsoever just to push their Islanders argument. The Islanders are the ones with the massive arena issue, not the Devils. Again, did anyone else hear this and make you angry like it did me?
  13. I hope Santini never sees the minors again. Who knew he would be a short term savior, lol.
  14. Like I have said before....... Thank you to TB for not allowing a parade in the city this summer and best of luck to you in the SCF against that juggernaut known as the Chicago Black Hawks. You are gonna need it. BH's are going for history and I really don't see the Bolts winning this series, although they might drag it to 6. We shall see.
  15. That brunette on NHL Network is a hottie.