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  1. I didn't know the spell checker police was active "HERE".
  2. I think it was Tuesday when they were discussing the Islanders situation. Then they decided to throw it out there that the Devils should lose their team, not the Islanders. First of all, why would the even bring the Devils into the argument when the Devils have absolutely nothing to do with the Islanders situation. I guess it was more the Jet loser Benigno saying this but, it really pissed me off how they took a dig at the Devils for no reason whatsoever just to push their Islanders argument. The Islanders are the ones with the massive arena issue, not the Devils. Again, did anyone else hear this and make you angry like it did me?
  3. I hope Santini never sees the minors again. Who knew he would be a short term savior, lol.
  4. Like I have said before....... Thank you to TB for not allowing a parade in the city this summer and best of luck to you in the SCF against that juggernaut known as the Chicago Black Hawks. You are gonna need it. BH's are going for history and I really don't see the Bolts winning this series, although they might drag it to 6. We shall see.
  5. That brunette on NHL Network is a hottie.
  6. Weren't the Devils done physically going into the SCF against the Kings and yet no one complained during or after that series?
  7. And now the injury excuse during the Rangers post game on MSG.
  8. I am serious. I think any non-Ranger fan should call in and rip Boomer to shreds for his stupid screw the Rangers thing for one. I hope Carton toys with him on Monday to make it fun radio.
  9. Ranger fans want to eliminate this guy.
  10. People should call the Boomer and Carton show on Monday and rip that Ranger tool Boomer Esiason to shreds. He deserves it.
  11. You should do this on a Rangers board. hahahahahhahahahahah
  12. I can't get on Lundqvist like most of my fellow Devils fans............ He is the SOLE reason the Rangers are even allowed to breathe in these series.
  13. Hopefully the streaks that are never broken are the Devils never getting swept and never blowing a 3-1 lead. Also, the Islanders winning 19 straight series is going to be an impossible streak to break.
  14. Good luck to the Bolts in the SCF, they are gonna need it.
  15. Nightmare is almost over.