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  1. My Scott Stevens thread

    Very cool. Wonder how much he gets up there anyhow. Yes... I do always look for him on 87 on the way home from Albany That's why I was so shocked to see him on the 287 exit yelling at the poor old coot blocking the (illegal mind you) right exit to his New Bromley short cut... particularly when I was thinking this eejit looks like Larry David -- WAIT -- WTF?!?!?! That's why you never trust an eyewitness. once I thought a young woman in a pony tail looked like... well... a fat Larry David... I guess I expect every driver to be Larry David come to think of it...
  2. My Scott Stevens thread

    I'm still bitter. But I have NHL tonight... or last night as the case may be. I don't think the Devils stink that badly but everyone I speak to thinks they do. I don't think any one sees such a huge difference in anything Whatshisface vs Lou. It's not so bad --- but hockey in general I don't know - just a shift in philosophy I think isn't helping make the game better. I guess there's just shifts every 20 years or so, separated by ten years of real nice hockey product, what I consider more pure hockey. This is just weird because the whole of the NHL just seems like confused hockey on the whole. Not sure why - no one seems to be too driven by ego - but things don't mesh. It's like no team wants to find their own game. They want to either play the other teams game or try to figure out why one team is winning and copy it. It's very odd - a game of seekers not real practicers of the game of hockey. There's not a lot of personality. I'm into Pointers and sheep still. We lost a set of lambs born too early last week. It looks like we have another set of twins coming though. We're re-doing our kitchen. I'm sleepy. Hope everyone is happy and well!
  3. The Marty Night thread

    who on earth likes the Devils, the Mets and the Patriots?
  4. General loss of fanship interest

    I'm still bitter. And I'm annoyed the team is improving. So ha! Not that I'm watching.
  5. TSN Interview with Lou

    I think a lot of his innuendos regarding events on the Devils are pretty much crap. End of the day it's on Lou. So a lot is just damage control and softening of his past mistakes to make the Leafs a more attractive destination IF any of his policies drove players away. There is no doubt in my mind Zach Parise's leaving had very little to do with money - and I dont see Lou allowing himself to be hi-jacked to THAT degree - Suter or some other buddy would have to have been in the deal too I'm sure just to soften the Langenbrunner fiasco as distant as that may seem to everyone now. Fact is - over-paying for "character" players hamstrung the team a lot IMO. I think the chatter about the Devils encouraging players to play hurt is upsetting to Lou. I might be misinterpreting a little but still. As if he couldn't pay a better medical staff? As if he couldn't make that a priority for some reason? Like ownership was saying "Hell no - put that injured guy out there - his absence will hinder the bottom line!" I think it just never really occurred to him how to fix the problem. I wish that the Devils had been able to mediate a wedding of old knowledge with new. I get that it's not worth the effort with so much to do. I just think it could have been handled with a lot more integrity and confidence. I have to say - I am impressed with Shannahan's confidence. Although we all know what they say about confidence. It's that feel you get before you fully understand the situation.
  6. How many Devils fans that post here are following Lou in Toronto?

    You didn't understand what I wrote. No, I'm not cryptic - you all just rush through until you get the chance to blab whatever you want to. I do it too. But if you respond it will be with some defensive bullsh!t as if I even care what you think of me or what you have to say What I wrote (in more plain English for the slow folks) is that the new owners are making very typical NHL business decisions. Yes, Shero and his crew will hit a rough patch and will be fired when that happens. There will be no margin for error allowed for anyone - just as I'm sure none of you here (not self-employed or working for family) has any margin for error in their job. Profit above all. That has absolutely NOTHING to do with any sh!t assumptions about Ray Shero and his crew. It is society today. I choose to live my life in a different way. Marty chose to manage his career in a different way. Marty didn't slam the Devils. Neither did I. This just isn't a Devils organization I feel any loyalty too. And why should I? I said from the start I was here for Devils hockey. For the game of hockey. This is the organization and the game of 21st century NHL. Hockey is secondary. If you're thrilled with the team's moves it's because you love your home state above hockey, which I totally approve of - it's a great reason for unearned loyalty, or you like the NHL more than you do hockey. The people who write on this board are NHL fans - but this is no surprise to me. The NJ fans stopped writing long ago. AND I am happy to follow this new organization. I may end up loving them myself once they hit the ice. BUT I am kind of interested in seeing what Babcock does with Lemaire's insights and I think it's cute he asked Lou to bring him on -- that's what it sounds like to me. I think it's great Lou has a lesser role in the Leafs day to day stuff - very smart. they know what they have. I just find the leafs more compelling at this point. I understand complete why Shero wanted to clean house. But it's coming off weak and underconfident - the owners have positioned him carefully under the bus forcing everyone to say Lou hired him and this was Lou's choice, thus making Shero out to be some lame backstabbing a$$hole. Bad way to start things out -- and now Shero's just going to get defensive and weaker as this team fails despite his changes. He flailed around in Pittsburgh when the organization started to blame him for the failures. I felt bad for the guy. and may I remind you: YOU all are the ones saying "Sure he'll fail - it's the players that suck - but we gotta give him a chance" not me. If you are correct in your estimation of the coming season - yes - this 2 month old management staff is destined for failure -- through absolutely NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. and of course I'm right... I'm always right anyone who reads what I write knows it too Leafs are going to crash and burn with hockey intelligence style and I just think it's going to be more fun to watch - I'll learn more about hockey.
  7. How many Devils fans that post here are following Lou in Toronto?

    I'm with Marty. It's not the Devils - it's like any other team. I don't expect any continuity ever again. Shero and his band will be ousted in 5 years so it's nothing personal against him. Wait -- I stand corrected - Philly has always been loaded with dirt bags and actively encouraged borderline cases to the dirt bag side. Rangers have always gotten completely confused by the concept of celebrity in the city. No one gets NYC is what it is. The more normal you are the stronger you are - if you try to be or worse yet really believe you're special you'll sink before you start. and Maple Leafs are just... losers we'll see if that changes. Good on Shannahan for trying.
  8. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

    I think it would be neat if Lou could get Stevens some time with this kid to get his fat ass into hockey again. Yeah... that's wear my heart is. It's not the logo folks. It's the quality of the hockey. If it were the logo, I'd have been an Islanders fan all these years. I am not buying into this organization as of yet. They have to earn my loyalty not just count on it because of someone else's past or my geographic location. :-D
  9. Lou is New Toronto GM

    I already tried similar logic Chuck. These guys just enjoy the banter -- well - not banter - the stating and restating of the same point in different ways trying in vain to prove themselves "right" Someone really should give out a prize for "The NJDevs poster who was RIGHT today" so at least there is a point to it all.
  10. So now that Lou is gone...

    a) Thank you b) That goes against the whole out with the old thing. Maybe something in yellow and black would be nice?
  11. Tom Fitzgerald named Assistant GM

    AWE! now Sterio gets to not think about his statement and just say "YEAH! That's what I meant" I don't think he did though. But it's good you significantly improved upon the moral tone
  12. Tom Fitzgerald named Assistant GM

    Well -- I just read Holik's comments -- I thought he was going to say some crap about loyalty. He actually said something very similar to what I said in the other thread. I also have to disagree with your take on it Maddog - I didn't feel that Holik's comments were hypocritical. To me, they came from a place of experience. He's probably been influenced into making the sh!tty choices and found it was self-defeating and dissatisfying. It's probably disheartening for him to see all of society is moving in a very hollow, dissatisfying direction - and they will be influencing people who are looking to actually be mindful, thoughtful, intellectually engaged in the process. Sterio I really like that it was you that drew those parallels. You clearly understand the benefits of disloyalty. With all of your negative rants about the teams struggles and the celebrations following Lou stepping down, I had felt you were clearly comfortable with, and probably even embraced these kinds of values. Why tolerate discomfort -- ever? Right? I do get a sense you've been questioning why it is disloyalty leaves you feeling uncomfortable. I hope you figure that out and don't just flat out embrace "If it feels good do it" or some worse kind of philosophy. As an artist I'm sure you have a sense that public opinion in the moment is not always correct. Profit is not equivalent to quality or brilliance of vision or longevity. Fandom is one thing - but the connections you drew spurred me to this comment.
  13. Lou is New Toronto GM

    because reD wants all the old Penguins instead
  14. So...are the Devils the baby Pens now? Or, like, what do we call our Penguin-like self? Re-tred is kind of lame, yeah?

  15. Tom Fitzgerald named Assistant GM

    Hahahaha! I am so just going to post that with each new backoffice hire: doobie doobie dooo