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  1. That's what I'm referring to. Look at the teams that have won since 09: Pens, Hawks, Bruins, Kings, Hawks, Kings, Hawks, Penguins.
  2. I don't even really care much for playoff hockey after the semifinals. It's been a sham for the past several years with the same teams over and over and over and over
  3. Sens/Preds is a loss for ratings, but a win for hockey.
  4. If the Pens win the Stanley Cup again it will be so anticlimactic and "meh."
  5. I would see what ANA might want for Perry. He's had a lackluster season and may be ripe for picking.
  6. 1994!
  7. Trade Schneider if it makes sense I guess, but where? Gibson in Anaheim isn't that great and Perry has had a down year so maybe the Ducks?
  8. I'm just saying let's not be too ecstatic. It's a higher drop if Patrick or Hirschier turn out to be the next Alexander Daigle or Nail Yakupov
  9. Only thing that makes me kinda meh about us having the #1 pick is that we may get a player with the ceiling of RNH or a Nail Yakupov
  10. I agree!
  11. Watched highlights of both. Hirschier seems to have better hands and stick handling skills
  12. I really hope the SCF is NSH v. OTT. That would make Bettman cry
  13. Look, Manta Ray asked me to fill in for him until he comes back!
  14. Trade the pick. Nothing good out there. If we don't trade it I guess this Nico guy will work.
  15. Trade it! Nothing good out there