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  1. Hope we don't get nothing from NaY-Son!
  2. I got a bad feeling about this.
  3. It's like catching a fish and then having to beat it against a rock.
  4. If Cory brings back something good then trade him. He's not exactly helping this team
  5. So since we'll be likely picking 1st, do we trade that pick?
  6. Johnny Mac teams typically lost by a slimmer margin actually
  7. Really? You don't feel that JJ, a good defensive forward with a money scoring touch in the shoot out, doesn't belong in an NHL team?
  8. I said this way early in the season that this team would be worse than 10-11. I was then kicked off chat.
  9. Yeah, that's brilliant! Trade one of the better players on this team for a 3rd round pick which will land us another Albany lifer.
  10. Letting Schlemko walk and trading Larsson don't sound as "genius" as they did in the beginning of the year.
  11. You know it's a weak draft when no one knows who the big draft names are.
  12. Oh look, the Devils are being shut out by the Sabres backup goalie. typical. Where's all that high flying offense we were supposed to get by adding Taylor Hall? Oh, that's right, he hasn't scored in like two weeks.
  13. Losing to teams like the Sabres is exactly why we can't make the playoffs
  14. This team has no forecheck and calling the defense mediocre would be optimistic. This will be one of the worst Devils teams ever.
  15. Contrary to popular belief, I have checked in on most of the games and the forward talent is at least there. However, the team generally looks pretty disinterested and there's very little chemistry. This is definitely a stopgap year.