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  1. The new NHL website sucks
  2. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    It's possible he was a bit rattled after the hit and thought the linesman was a NSH player. If you watch the video the incident happens right by the NSH bench. If I'm a bit dazed skating back, I'm right by the NSH bench where they're giving me sh!t, out of the corner of my eye I see a person on the ice right by their bench so I cross check them.
  3. GDT: Devils @ Pens 7PM MSG+

    Great to know when it comes down to moving higher in the stands or being knocked out of 4th place  this team will sh!t the bed every time.
  4. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    So Lucic gets one game for sucker punching Connauton. Way to be fair NHL. If it were a team the NHL didn't care about we'd see at least 4 games.      
  5. GDT: Devils @ Thrashers 7PM MSG+

    How many ppg doe that make against us lately?
  6. GDT: Devils @ Thrashers 7PM MSG+

    No SOG for us in the 2nd period so far
  7. GDT: Devils @ Thrashers 7PM MSG+

    Not really feeling it tonight. I still don't believe the Devils are as good as the worst team in the Central.
  8. Tlusty out 3-4 months after wrist surgery

  9. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I believe Lecavelier was bought out in TB, Sterio.
  10. GDT: Gaudreau vs. Palmieri

    Did Hynes just keep PDB's playbook and scratch his name out? Typical sit back and try not to lose 3rd period.
  11. GDT: Gaudreau vs. Palmieri

    Which one is Lanny McDonald?
  12. GDT: Gaudreau vs. Palmieri

    Goddamn penalty parade!
  13. GDT: Devils @ Mickey Mouse Org 2PM MSG+

    Good to have Moore back. Perhaps having Blandisi and Boucher in the lineup will encourage Hynes to reconsider putting Farnham back in.
  14. GDT: Devils @ Mickey Mouse Org 2PM MSG+

    Good win. Get's us back in the 4 spot in the division
  15. GDT: Devils @ Mickey Mouse Org 2PM MSG+

    Alright. Palmieri with his 18th! We gotta win this one.