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  1. Yeah but let's hate him cause he's a Flyer not cause of this sentence.
  2. He's doing that athlete thing trying to say we'll be sorry that the Devils didn't pick him. Probably could have worded it different but he really wanted to be 1st not 2nd.
  3. It'd be a gutsy move and when you make a gutsy move you don't have the benefit of the doubt when it doesn't work out. GMs love teh benefit of the doubt as it gives them job security.
  4. I haven't seen anyone go out on such a limb since the Neutrals
  5. I hope he got fed or something for his time.
  6. Poor Patrik having to be interviewed by the sleepy idiot.
  7. Don't forget all that extra endorsement money that being a Rag gets ya. All those commercials and billboards. Inundated with all those Rick Nash and Ryan McDonagh billboards and posters can't take it every where you turn around.
  8. Well it might not be a little less but trying to jump start legitimate offers in that they can be moved from the 1st overall spot and take Makar if the price is right.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if alot of this is the Devils and Shero trying to stir rumours in order to drive up the trade value of the pick.
  10. Unless you are willing to have the pick lottery protected why would Vegas make that move? I think some of us have gotten too attached to the first overall pick for that kind of over payment to be the only reasonable trade. Not saying I'd do that trade but I think three 1st round picks is the kind of trade you'd get for that pick. What if Vegas moved up to 3 and its the 3rd, 15th and 17th? In the end Vegas needs a multiple prospects as much as they could use one really quality one that a 1st overall in this draft would give them
  11. So what do you guys think of the idea of Vegas trading their three picks (6,15,17) for ours?
  12. They made the jersey worse but not as ugly as most seem to be acting. I never really buy jerseys anyway as they are way too expensive to begin with so unless these are cheaper then usual I'm good. I got one away jersey that I got years ago from a blood drive at the Prudential center the rest of my immediate family has one when we go to games (brother has an Andy Greene, mother Elias and my dad borrows my brother's away jersey that he also got from that blood drive.) and I think we are all good with them.
  13. How does he make the list? Why do we still have his rights? 2003 3rd round pick but never seemed to play in the NHL (thou I find it funny his Wikipedia has him as an 8th round pick from 2002 for some reason)
  14. From what I've seen his injury history was not getting the sports hernia healed correctly and trying to play through it made it worse. Sometimes freak injuries happen and aren't really an indicator of their career. As a Vikings fan I can point to Adrian Peterson. Other then 2011 he's never really had a major injury in his prime despite breaking his collarbone in college. So unless there is a major warning from the multiple doctors the Devils have had him checked out with I'm saying you go with Nolan.
  15. How could we not protect Mattias Tedenby