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  1. Even so I'm just curious why the change of course for Stevens in 2001
  2. Ahh Barcade... the one in Brooklyn I had the best first date I ever had there. Only woman to make the first move to kiss me on the first date. Also meet a great friend last year on my birthday in the JC one.
  3. So the Devils of course won it 5 times. The superstition is to not touch or lift the trophy but of course all three times Stevens lifted the trophy they won the Cup... now the big question is why didn't he do so in 2001. He touched it took a picture then left it there. Side note: Loved it in 2003 when Gary Thorne was so cock sure he wasn't going to touch it, then when he touched it really really sure Stevens wasn't going to lift it and being proved wrong so much that game. Side Side not: Still pissed at Brodeur for telling Parise not to lift the trophy buying into the superstition.
  4. Yeah but Vegas needs some salary to reach the floor.
  5. This could all be solved if the Flyers gave us next year's first to swap picks
  6. Also how bad going from 11th iirc to 30th hurt us will be seen in a few years when all the 1st rounders start getting their shot in the NHL and how good they all are. Right looking back we missed on Dylan Larkin and a bunch of names that haven't matured yet.
  7. From what I gather their fans hope Vegas takes Stepan to help give them some cap room.
  8. It'd be bad but in the NBA this is franchise crippling, fanbase killing. Holy hell they don't even have a 1st round pick next year as this year was a swap with the Celtics. I think the Leafs trades were just as bad but it being hockey and me having to combine trades nearly 2 decades apart makes me think of it, they could rebuild quicker then the Nets can. The next two years are going to be painful til they can get their own picks back in 2019
  9. You try and get Shattenkirk unless you know of a better option next off season. This year kinda made me rethink where we were in the rebuild in comparison to a playoff spot but if Cory can get back to his 15-16 self they'll look a lot better which will be better for the development of the young players. So is their a better realistic option to hold out for next season instead (or comparable and a year younger for what that's worth)?
  10. I did always find this weird where usually RFA rights are held until 26 or whatever the official age is but college players can sign anywhere after 4 because reasons.
  11. No one is taking the things they need to clear out. Girardi, Staal aren't even okay for that combined cap hit, Nash never scores in the playoffs and with an aging Lundqvist that makes alot of money. Its hard to retool that.
  12. ehhh fvck St. Louis so I'm glad they lost
  13. Hell Bobby Roode's theme GLORIOUS
  14. David Poile looked really the excited. Like fall asleep on your feet excited about his teaming moving on to the WCF
  15. Would a swap be realistic and what in return would we be able to get in doing so? Maybe if it was the Chicago Bears a 1st next year but is Philly that stupid?