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  1. I know some Devils fans are weird about a 3rd jersey (we have one its the throwback one) but if it is a 3rd jersey I'm fine.
  2. Ignoring his 3 wins and one shutout as a Blue I see
  3. It could go better as they wouldn't suck out loud like the Nets did and the old Long Island fanbase would be more accepting of a move to say Queens if that's where they might go then what ever Nets fanbase there was with NJ.
  4. I've been lucky enough to go to games where Lundqvist gave up 6 and 8 goals not 7 thou.
  5. That playoffs was the definition of veteran savy getting him by. I never really thought a goalie could use his smarts and tricks like that for a run. So many poke checks and double stacks and just doing stuff to throw off the other team.
  6. And it annoys me there too. You're the Yankees. You can afford to give everyone a bobble head.
  7. No they haven't the giveaways for x amount of people is a really recent thing
  8. Watch out Lee Stempniak. Reid Boucher is going to top your number... probably this year.
  9. Islanders still woof on the road.
  10. In a post Cubs winning world will anything on the ice make sense tonight?
  12. Usually people only give refs a star if they are pissed and the other team won lol
  13. Ugly kids... so depressing.
  14. Hey look someone not named Hall scored a goal
  15. Feels good to have a forward just that offensively creative again.