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  1. Islanders still woof on the road.
  2. In a post Cubs winning world will anything on the ice make sense tonight?
  4. Usually people only give refs a star if they are pissed and the other team won lol
  5. Ugly kids... so depressing.
  6. Hey look someone not named Hall scored a goal
  7. Feels good to have a forward just that offensively creative again.
  8. You got it wrong its the puck not the player that can't go backwards. The puck was moving parallel when it went off his stick and I think the player has a right to set up the shot by bring the puck back. The controversy is was his stopping the puck and then pulling it back that far enough to end the momentum of the puck
  9. We already have a third jersey we wear them on throwback night.
  10. I prefer the FM signal. Had a phone with an fm tuner that they allowed me to use so if I had to miss the 1st period due to work or whatever I was able to hear it.
  11. Who can blame him? I wouldn't want to play in that parkless hell hole known as Winnipeg.
  12. Scott Stevens was awarded to us. Thank you St. Louis.
  13. Let's not kill him for something that may not happen yet.
  14. Islanders beat writer. No idea how he'd have the sources for such info but hope he's wrong
  15. Should they bother with the players who have their numbers already retired?