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  1. yeah those are teams that need more love. I mean the Devils weren't a playoff team and they weren't playing an offensive game that scores alot of goals while doing so. Now idk when they make this decision (before or after we got Hall) but we have to actually make the playoffs to get back to our handful of games that we got when we were making the playoffs.
  2. It'd be like not signing a big UFA because we lost UFAs in the past and it wasn't a good feeling being that team.
  3. The Rags getting instead of giving a pick in the first 3 rounds? What is this crap? The most curious thing about the move is that Brassard is more established and going to a team that isn't in a win now mode or even an upswing and Zibinajed is the guy with potential and younger going to the team that's more win now.
  4. He might be a bit over paid but yeah this
  5. Ahhh Mike Mottau my favorite replacement level player.
  6. Also let's not act like getting into New York City from Newark takes a big effort.
  7. Damnit I had him getting 69
  8. Are they doing an open scrimmage this year?
  9. Larsson's offensive game probably won't be where its needed to make this trade make sense for them in a one for one. He might get there based just on defense but that's also a major if but its more likely. Hall has shown he's really really good at this level so its hard not to be happy. Also it would be more likely the Devils fill the hole left by Larsson leaving with in or even makeshift in free agency then getting the need that Hall was for us
  10. Is it because he's a goalie or is he not a highly thought of goalie prospect?
  11. In Shero we trust. Time will tell if this was the right choice.
  12. Welp didn't trade down again. My prediction was wrong
  13. Also prevents someone leapfrogging the Sens to trade with the Devils thus having to give up something to swap. Won't be surprised to see another trade down.
  14. Sweet a free 3rd.
  15. If he came in 2-3 years ago after a few years in juniors of overseas he's top 10 or near it in the redraft. They are being overly punitive due to his growing pains being in the NHL for the most part.