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  1. Hola!?

    Que paso amigos? Actually hello everybody! Not starting a fiasco but just introducing myself. Avalanche fan just cruising around here and "possibly" meet some interesting and intellectual Devil fans. I am not a troll but just a simple hockey fan enduring all this political fiasco in the NHL.
  2. Where's Warren the Ape? I'm pretty sure he would fill that role very perfectly.
  3. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    If I were Ilya Kovalchuk I would spend all of my cash on "potato" vodka and russian hookers. Not too mention the fact his tone of communication is composed of Kavkaz and Tatarin descent. We call them churkas!
  4. where were you?

    I was watching my "infamous" 2001 tape of the Colorado Avalanche. Gosh what a decade of hockey that was. Oh and btw I am not a troll