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  1. Ruminations on the first 39.02% of the season

    Sounds great in theory , but for alot of players getting in a groove and playing on a consistant basis is needed. I think it is good that we have depth to push the guys in the bottom pairings and pressure them to perform knowing that their is someone chomping at the bit to get back in the lineup , but a consistant rotating guys in and out would not help in building chemistry with D parings etc. We are on a hot streak right now so I hope not too many changes are made. Stick with what works for now and if someone starts sucking , sub in the 7th guy.
  2. Jon Merrill

    Was he suspended by the NCAA or just by Michigan? I believe it was just Michigan and not the NCAA , but not 100% certain. If the NCAA did not suspend him , seems odd that his school would suspend him for so long for something that does not break NCAA policy.
  3. Devils 11/12 line combos

    All I hope is that for our forward lines: Zajac/Parise should be kept together Kovy/Elias together and only way to get production out of Rolston is to put him with Elias.. Sucks for Teddy as he deserves a look on the second line and deserves more than 3rd line minutes. 3rd/4th lines are a mish-mash of Zubs/Napalm/Clarkson/Henrique/Pelly/Steckel/JJ/Zharkov D pairigs: Volchenkov / Greene Tallinder / Larsson White / Fayne
  4. GDT Devils vs. Isles 3/6/2011

    Its insane to think we have gone 22-2-2 during this stretch..... I do not know how or why I forget about this all the time but... we have done this without one of THE top forwards in the league being out with his knee injury. Once ZP is ready to rock , it will be crazy to see how good this team can be. I am still holding out hope for the playoffs this year , but I am really excited knowing how good this team is even without a player of ZP calibre in the lineup.
  5. Can hockey fans ice skate?

    I played Hockey all my life , just wasn't very good I played with and against some decent players that had a cup of coffee in the NHL: Chris Mason Jeff Shantz Paxton Schafer Mark Polak Jason Prosofski Seen some others who are younger than me make it to the NHL that were HORRIBLE and at the time thought there was no way in hell they are good enough to make it. Travis Moen is one. There were alot of other guys who were 10 times better , just didn't have the right tools / size / some people just get a lucky break and are at the right place at the right time. Went to hockey school every summer in BC. Ryan Smyth went to the same one every year too. Once again , back then he wasnt anything amazing at the time. Currently Blaine Lacher plays in same Beer league team as I do lol.
  6. GDT - 12/23/10 - NYI@NJD

    I know the score was ugly but I honestly thought we played well form the 2nd period on. The game looked wayyyyy more up-tempo , aggressive. Our D pinched well , we moved the puck quickly instead of hesitating and standing still We finished our checks and actually looked like a NHL caliber team , unlike the previous 5 or so games.
  7. GDT - 12/21/10 NJD vs Washington 7:30pm (VS)

    Very bad decision by Fayne. Did this guy not play any hockey prior to coming to the NHL? What is the thought process that goes through his mind when he decided to pinch along the boards on that play.
  8. GDT-12/18/10 NJD Vs. Atlanta 7:00 PM

    I am not totally sold on the whole "fire JMaC " thing. I am guessing that Lou has seen one too many coaches run off by players quitting on them. I think that this is where he puts his foot down and is going to ride out JMaC for the season , with the hopes that whoever is acting like a little biatch about not agreeing with the coach , realizes that this time the coach is here to stay , and if the players don't like it , it's THEM that needs to go.
  9. GDT-12/18/10 NJD Vs. Atlanta 7:00 PM

    Kinda sicking to watch this game. We are re-active to plays instead of pro-active. Its like they forgot how to play basic hockey. PLay is comign up the boards , Thrasher anticipates the puck being rimmed around and beats Clarkson to the puck when Clarkson had about 6 body-lengths on him.... Its liek they have no structure , no flow , no chemistry. When we have the puck we hesitate and look around , this hesitation enables their team to easily defend and anticipate the play. Its like we are stuck in pre-season mode.
  10. Pronger out 4-6 weeks

    Is it wrong for me to wish that his leg becomes gangrenous and falls off? If it did fall off , I would still want to trade Corrente or Greene for Pronger, pirate-like wooden stump leg and all.
  11. Our Center Man Problem is Solved!

    Don't forget to add that he takes about 18 seconds to wind up before he shoots , so more or less he has to be wide open and the defencemen covering him has to fall down on his way over to him for Rolston to get his shot off. I wish we could strap some of our players in a chair and make them watch video of how they are supposed ot score in todays NHL. Quick release > wind up and telegraph the shot.
  12. Rebuild

    Only way we get a D that is a current upgrade is to give up someone like a Parise or Zajac. Sad but true. That or if we draft someone like Larsson or overpay in offseason for a UFA. I cannot see anyone else that we could trade that would bring in someone we could use right now. MAYBE clarkson or langs or zubs + mid level prospect for a 3/4 pairing D.
  13. Lou would have made a move already if there was anything out there worth trading for if there was any way for us to improve our team via a trade. Who do we have that offers any value to other teams ( and dont have NTC's)? Zajac Parise Marty A-train(NTC?) JJ Teddy Urbom maybe a couple of other prospects. Langs - NTC and one year remaining on current contract = not much value . maybe 2nd round pick or 3/4 pairing D with similar contract. Clarkson - a lot of teams already have this type of player on their team that is either younger or cheaper. White - NTC. Maybe waive at deadline ot play for a contending team. 2nd round pick in return Greene - good $ contract but 1 year left and is currently tied for 2nd last in entire league for +/- . Return would be minimal. Zubs - one of our hardest working forwards , has size and good on the cycle , can play wing or center. Contract $ is somewhat horrible though for what his production numbers are. Arnott - see Zubrus. Playoff renal for another team. 2nd round pick in return maybe. Leaves us thin for centers. Elias - $ contract + length + NTC + age = only lateral trade. Would be getting back same type of salary + age in return. Not worth giving up Elias ( career Devil) for that. I would hope that Parise and Marty are untouchable and assume they are. Same goes for our prospects as we need them at their cap friendly contracts to plug in and use to be cap compliant. That leaves Zajac and .... If we move Zajac , what the hell do we have left for centers? We need a PMD and losing Zajac to get one would leave us with Arnott Zubs/JJ as our top 3 centers??????? Only thing I can see possible is Zajac + for a decent PMD and prospect C. Somethign along the lines of Zajac + ? for Cole+Bergland or ????? Can't see the Blues going for that. My dreamworld trades : Marty+ salary dump 2m+ (Clarkson/Rolston/Zubs) to TB for Vinny Lecav. TB needs a #1 goalie. Gives us a C we need that is big , good in all situations and still can put up 70+ points. Negatives are that his contract is horrible. 7.7 ish mil for like the next 8 years or something ... We would then have about 13 million tied up for two players for the next 8 years.... lol Zajac+ Salary dump? to ??? for a PMD. Calgary and the Blues rumored to be looking for a young C. Options maybe Regher ( not really a PMD though and getting up there in age) Cole or Polak from the Blues? If Calgary is in re-build mode , Elias + for Iggy
  14. Š„klund (2.3% accurate) rumor

    Would any of you guys do : Zajac Corrente or OMG or Fayne Clarkson for Regher Backland Glencross I am guessing there is no way Calgary gets rid of Backlund ,we would have to add a pick or another prospect. Maybe swap Backlund for Stajan?
  15. GDT 12/2/2010 NJD vs. Canadiens

    JMaC needs to go , he may be a good X's and O's type coach and know the game technically , but he does not motivate or install any confidence ( which we are severely lacking) that a wise ol' veteran coach would install ala Hitch. we are playing with no confidence at all , a rookie coach will not help this at all. I would think that as a player , having some old grey ballz coach that has been around the league would instill some confidence.