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  1. Promotion--2 Free Tickets If you Download NJ Devils App

    I got 2 good lower level ticket to TH coyote s game there was still a decent amount of good seat left
  2. Promotion--2 Free Tickets If you Download NJ Devils App

    It worked for me after u downloaded the app I played around for a min checking it out and when a clicked THe back page the offer appeared
  3. GDT: 2015 NHL Draft Lottery- 8PM, NBC

    There should be a limit as to how many times you can pick 1st overall in a decade it's getting ridiculous
  4. Devils Membership Program?

    I got the same email about this offer filled out the form and was never contacted by anyone if you're going to offer this you should follow threw
  5. Happy Anniversary of Brodeur breaking the wins record

    I was there I got it all on camera it was also a big night for party but it was understandably overshadowed one of the best games I have been at
  6. elias signing sports minded unlimited 11/9

    I think it just depends on when you catch him I meet him about two years ago I had him sign a authentic Jersey from his russia lockout team and he wouldn't stop talking about it where did I get it, that he doesn't even have one like it I talked to him for 10-15 mins and he was very open and friendly to me
  7. Brodeur on the cover of NHL14 !!!

    Been hitting around 200 a day keep it up
  8. zach parise auto'ed jerseys , puck , pics

    home replicas one is inscribed nhl debut 1G,1A
  9. i have a few auotographed jerseys , pucks and pics if anyone would be interested let me know i will post pics later
  10. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    in case anyone is planning on going to the upcoming signings at pime 34 i live about 5 mins from it and they just closed down i don't know if they will reopen just thought i would spread the word.....i think all the ones that were at prime 34 now at park east in hazlet nj of rt35
  11. Should the New Jersey Devils Consider Going After Alexander Semin?

    not that it means much or anything but Š„klund (2.3% accurate) has devils as front runners for semin and it being between just devs and pitt. but 2.3% so take it for what its worth
  12. GDT: Anaheim @ New Jersey - 2/17/2012

    it was funny man he kept saying shut up sit down then he was saying to come down we were screaming at him i was grabing my neck telling him he was going to choke and to stop being a cherry picker but we kept it up screaming PERRY!!! and he was a little ticked off it was great i kinda like him now for going back at us
  13. GDT: Anaheim @ New Jersey - 2/17/2012

    i am going to take a little credit for tonight my friend and i were sitting behing the bench in between devs and ducks and we got in cory perrys head he was going back at us the whole third OT and the shoot out it was great to have a player talk sh!t back to us he was not happy with us
  14. Trade Rumors and minor team trades.

    that's why i hate ESPN insider it's always good headlines then dumb guesses that anyone can make