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  1. House S4 thread

    yes we had a baby boy in June havent had much time to post but will try show up more often! this show is so smart, janitor as a doctor - hilarious
  2. House S4 thread

    honestly, I dont really care if his team comes back, never really cared about any of them... great first episode, loved Wilson taking the guitar hostage
  3. Happy Birthday !

    thanks everyone
  4. Big Brother All-stars

    you might be thinking of James and he made it as well... I cannot stand Alyson
  5. Big Brother All-stars

    I would love to see Kaysar and Janelle back and maybe Howie...
  6. Vacations

    funny you should ask... we just got back from Cabo last night... we stayed at the RIU Palace, all-inclusive... we had a blast, beautiful property, two pools plus two seperate pools with swim-up bars... RIU is located close to the town of Cabo, you can actually walk there or take a cab or bus - great town with good restaurants and bars... but most of all at this time of year and almost every day, Cabo has the most perfect weather... not a cloud in the sky while we were there!!!! highly recommend it !!
  7. Italy Vs United States Sat 6/16/06

    I dont think USA was a better team, you have to remember that Italians scored both goals
  8. Italy Vs United States Sat 6/16/06

    so Ghana beat Czech Republic, USA has a chance now...
  9. I was sad to see Poland go, I thought they had a good, young team... the loss with Germany was such bad luck
  10. Game Thread

    tied game
  11. How New Jersey Are You???

    that was worse than a history quizz... I got 50%
  12. Game Thread

    omg it is so funny, every goal edmonton scored I wasnt in the room to see it... maybe I shouldnt watch the game
  13. Game Thread

    I am so sick of all these penalties
  14. Game Thread

    yes do we really care how long a player is out on the ice
  15. How New Jersey Are You???

    I got 17% - since I live in Brooklyn, I am not surprised by the score