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  1. Slingbox vs. Center Ice

    Thanks nyrsuck26 I think i'm going to be getting that. I still have to do some research on the bandwidth, I know I have enough at home but the school is a different story. Thanks everybdy for their input.
  2. Slingbox vs. Center Ice

    Yea I did that last year to watch the flyer games but the quality was horrible. I dont think I can watch the Devils games like that. However it is A LOT cheaper. I'm assuming the picture quality would be much better on slingbox or gamecenter, but I'll see how it goes.
  3. Slingbox vs. Center Ice

    Yea I was talking about the internet version because I will be staying in a dorm. I'm leaning towards the slingbox but I'd only be using it for msg and msg+ which kinda seems like a waste to me. I don't know how good the picture quality is on Center Ice and I heard they have a lot of "Blackouts" in the Buffalo area, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds bad.
  4. Slingbox vs. Center Ice

    Hey guys, i'm new to this site. I was wondering if someone can help me. I will be going to school in Buffalo in a couple of weeks and would like to know what the best way is to watch Devils games. I am aware of Slingbox and Center Ice but I don't really know much about either. Which one do you think is better? Are there any other options available?