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  1. Hey! Matt Carle was actually a pretty good player
  2. Sent my Parise jersey to Exclusive Pro on Friday to get the nameplate changed. Can't wait!
  3. Thanks, Sund! Now I need to scrub the Mottau Hancock from that jersey. Any suggestions?
  4. Where should I get my jersey redone from Parise to Hall?
  5. Today is the day!
  6. Only 40 goals!? Is he gonna break his leg or something?
  7. I think it goes down a bit. Expecting 25-28
  8. Would love to get James Wisniewski for 1 year/3.5 mill. That way, NJ gets a PMD and lets Santini get 20+ mins a night in Albany with the potential of a call up if a RD gets hurt.
  9. The Devils just stole Taylor Hall. However, now they need a PK guy and one thing that worries me is that Shero will overpay for a Lovejoy in UFA. Santini could be a candidate but I don't think he's ready for more than 16-18 mins a night if that. So who could we target?
  10. I just can't believe it. The Devils just parlayed a #2 or #3 dman with limited offensive upside for a legit 24 year old superstar. Shero just paid .60 cents for a dollar.... franchise altering move. NHL forwards, 2012-16, min 1,000 minutes, ranked by 5v5 PTS/60: 1. Sidney Crosby: 2.71 2. Jamie Benn: 2.54 3. Taylor Hall: 2.49 199 retweets 105 likes This is better /60 production than guys like Malkin, Stamkos, Giroux, Seguin, Kane, etc. Let me start out by saying that I'm gonna miss Lars. He really recovered after a tough start to his NHL career and became a very good player. I wish him nothing but the best in Edmonton. However, how much of his rise had to do with Greene? Put anyone with AG and they seem to be a first pair guy. Whether it's Severson, Fayne or Larsson. I get that Hall is a LW and we have Cammalleri, Boucher, Blandisi and others but you do what you can to get a star and worry about the rest later. You also have to think this means the end for Elias as he isn't a C anymore.
  11. I love you, Ray!
  12. RNH is above average at everything(except shot) but not elite in anything. He's a guy who flies under the radar
  13. Yeah, I do that in a heartbeat. I bet NJ would have to add a bit though
  14. Ya really love this pick. Him, Anderson and Gignac seem like the best values
  15. More of a top 9 guy who has the skill to play anywhere. Pens fans say he's a top6 rw if healthy