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  1. Well that should be about that. NJ should definitely be in sell mode now
  2. I'll be there two rows behind the Devils bench
  3. Don't know who would come out for Cammy since DSP had big goal. Maybe Wood?
  4. My last home game was vs Vancouver. I did go to one road game in Philly two weeks ago
  5. Risked my 8-0 record for these chumps and they repaid my loyalty. I'm also going Sunday vs SJ so that's gonna be a toughie
  6. The Columbus scorer robbed my man Severson of a primary assist on Helgeson's goal. Severson is the one who slid it across not Santini
  7. Shero is a God among GMs
  8. These are the games I want to see from here on out; play well but lose because of simple, correctable errors. As long as young guys like Zacha, Wood and Santini improve, I'll be happy
  9. I guess one positive is that Wood had his best NHL game and Zacha started to dominate shifts in the third. Seriously, when PZ has confidence, it's a ton of fun to watch
  10. Kings played last night and havent been great his year. Seeing as I expect a win, we'll probably lose 5-1
  11. Well, I am undefeated away as well
  12. Unimportant fact of the day: I'm 7-0 this year watching in person vs. Minnesota, vs. Arizona, vs. Vancouver, vs. Leafs, vs. Flyers, vs. Canes, @Flyers. So far, I'm scheduled to go to the game vs. SJ and away at Brooklyn. And yes, I strategically attend games NJ should win!
  13. I went with 15 family in friends; probably 2/3 are Devils fans. There were also a handful of NJ fans in our section, so lots of high fives after goals and we even started a brief LGD chant after Wood scored his first goal. Philly fans are tame when they lose, which has been a lot lately!
  14. This was very fun to attend
  15. Will be there be in section 215