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  1. Meh, I dont think she's been super critical of the team. I mean, she certainly isn't as much of a cheerleader as Dano is, but she's usually positive. One saving grace could be that they could push Dano to radio and get a better guy along side Cangi. Some nights, Steve and Dano are legitimately unlistenable. A more astute analyst with a better voice would help a lot.
  2. This is what I think may have contributed to her firing. She had #theresistance on her twitter bio and she was liking/retweeting countless anti-Trump articles and tweets. I wonder if the team didnt want one of their prominent employees spouting off political content?
  3. If the Devils pick Nolan, their top 3 centers down the road (Patrick, McLeod and Zajac) will all be righties. I wonder how often this happens
  4. Give me de Haan
  5. I think he will. NJ can blow him away with an offer and likely give him over 1.5 mill aav than NY or Boston.
  6. Would anyone be opposed if we offered Washington Nashville's 4th or SJ's 3rd for Shattenkirk's rights?
  7. Ok, I lol'd hard at that one
  8. The Devils actually played pretty well in 2010, but Brodeur was trash and they couldnt solve Boucher: G1- Outshot Philly 24-14. Lost 2-1 G2- Outshot Philly 33-29. Won 5-3 G3- Got outshot 34-19. Lost 3-2 in OT G4- Outshot Philly 31-28. Lost 4-1 G5- Outshot Philly 28-21. Lost 3-0
  9. I'm leaving for my honeymoon the night of the June 23rd and returning July 8th. I'll be out of the country, so internet will be sporadic. Between the draft, the Kovy situation and July 1st, I'm gonna miss a ton!
  10. I dont think this is true. A). I'd wager a good portion of the league couldn't absorb the 11 million or whatever he was making in his highest earning years. You hear about "internal budgets" from teams like Anaheim, Arizona, Dallas, etc. B. Then you have teams who are up against the cap like the Blackhawks, Penguins and Caps. C. Then you have division rivals where Lou would have never considered trading him to like Philly and NYR D. The cap recapture penalties would have been atrocious if Kovalchuk retired after, say, this year. Something like 4 million on the books for 7 more years in DEAD space.
  11. 2013 Kovalchuk had negative value because of his contract.
  12. Hoping the Rangers win this series and get blown out by the Pens. I'd love to see them pick 28th instead of 23rd in this weak ass draft
  13. Someone floated the idea somewhere that NJ gets to choose a Minnesota dman and trade Kovy for that dman since a deal cant be made until July 1st
  14. I find myself cheering for teams like Anaheim and Washington to lose. It means they're more likely to trade away players due to being reactive.
  15. Looks like retro template with black shoulders. That looks pretty damn sharp