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  1. Start the bidding at a 1st
  2. McLeod leading OHL scoring this late into the playoffs is awesome. Can anyone calculate his ppg since the WJC? Gotta be nearly 1.7ppg
  3. Oh, I agree, though I think Shero bringing in Hall, Palmieri and Bennett the last two summers indicates he's trying
  4. His buzzwords like "effort", "grit" and "being hard to play against" made me cringe. He hardly mentioned lack of skill.
  5. Finally!? Try for their whole damn existence.
  6. It sucks, but after 5 years, I'm getting numb to the losing and cheering for futility in January.... When we were 9-3-3, I was obviously happy, but you look up and we're either in the third spot in the division or in a wild card spot. You see the nearest teams to us and it's Washington, Pittsburgh, NYR and Columbus. The fact that, despite that start, we had to be better than those teams was disheartening. The kicker is, aside from CBJ and maybe the Rags, those teams are going to be elite for the next 2-3 years. Then, you have Philly and Carolina who are up and coming. It ****** sucks, man.
  7. 1) They should just take BPA regardless. I know NJ's forwards are pretty bad as a whole, but I think a lot of our offensive issues stem from the fact that outside Severson and sometimes Moore (who sucks in his own right), no-one from the back end can move the puck. I'll be happy with Vilardi, Glass, Liljegren, Mittlestadt, Petterson or Makar at 5-7. 2) This is where we should try to nab a top 4 dman from Minnesota, Anaheim or Nashville. I'm looking at Ellis, Ekholm, Manson or Brodin/Scandella/Dumba. Maybe TB is down on Namestnikov who could be a good 3C for us. 3) I'm really hoping the Caps win the cup, mainly because I think Ovechkin deserves one, but also because Shattenkirk wont feel the need to chase one.
  8. I guess this thread should be used for offseason chatter, rumors and news. However, let's please start new threads for trades and signings for NJ players.
  9. Don't think it's announced yet
  10. I guess the good news is there isn't much separation in quality from 3-10, so we should still get a very good player. Screw you, Vancouver
  11. If Vancouver doesn't pass us, what are our odds of picking in each slot?
  12. Yeah, this. The Devils have beaten the crap out of the Flyers this year and that was fun, but time to end the year on a 3 game losing streak
  13. Man, this game was one of the worst of the season, this team has checked out. Some notes: -I like Coleman in a bottom 6 role next year. Has some nice wheels and has made some plays. -Zacha with 3 more shots after 4 on Friday. He needs to keep shooting. -I haven't loved Quenneville since his first few games back up here. His shot is + but he needs to work on foot speed. -I hate Prout and think he has no place in the lineup next year but good for him for going after Gudas. Gudas cuts across the ice like an a$$hole and hits Q up high. I'm glad Prout did something about it. Of course, judging by the post game comments, the players and coaches loved that sh!t. So we'll be seeing more Prout! -I didnt get a chance to watch much of Friday's game, but I liked Kapla tonight. He did a good job QBing the PP and seems to have good offensive instincts. -Oh and Zajac rules for going after Weise after that cheapshot on Palms
  14. Just a few: -Kovalchuk's contract getting rejected---> we subsequently get boned by Bettman -The Hydra Era -Clarkson planking on the net after scoring that playoff goal vs. the Flyers in 2012
  15. Zacha played very well. 4 shots, an assist and played like an alpha. More of that please