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  1. I mean, his finger is broken and we got him as a waiver pick up. I'm just glad we got something.
  2. PAP for a 6th per McKenzie
  3. I'm sure Philly got at least a 2nd for Streit.
  4. Not seeing where Auvitu gets his shot now. I guess they can just waive Prout or Helgeson
  5. Paul Castron, our head of scouting, drafted him in CBJ
  6. brutal
  7. This morning has been brutal in terms of activity
  8. So what does he need to improve on most? Imo-- hands, slowing play down and positioning
  9. Yeah, I mean, how can there not be a clear answer? I guess you could also say upward of 8 if we get at least a 3rd for PAP or Quincey
  10. Devils could have 5 picks inside the top 90 if it's true we have SJ's pick
  11. Quincey held out tonight as a precaution per Morreale
  12. I guess that's true, but I'm not sure they'd even lose anything good anyway.
  13. Yeah, the Lightning got nothing for a good goalie. Pittsburgh has to be mad since it looks like MAF's value has gone down. I know he's signed a couple of more years, but still...
  14. Couturier also has stone hands, which is interesting since he lit up the Q as a 17 and 18 y/o
  15. Was hoping if NJ lost yesterday, it would've been in regulation. Gotta start worrying about Philly