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  1. Could be worse, Cory could be Steve Mason or Neuvirth! Seriously, tho. Sundstrom and I were discussing in chat about how we both want JJ as the 4th line C going forward. He drives possession and is a good special teams guy
  2. I keep Zajac, Severson, Hall and Palmieri. I wouldn't be too sad if they dealt Schneider, Greene, Henrique or Cammalleri. Tho, I bet Henrique and Schneider are the only ones with a lot of value
  3. Please win this one. I hope to keep Edmonton out of the yoffs
  4. In your opinion, who is "bad"? I count Moore, Lovejoy, DSP and Kalinin. I dont think the roster is actually that bad. There is no way they should have he 3rd worst goal differential in the league
  5. Devils will lose by 5
  6. How has Joey Anderson been?
  7. This team should not be this pathetic. I think the playoffs were always a longshot, but to be getting sh!t on most games is unacceptable. I wouldnt be sad if Hynes gets the boot. Hire Gallant!
  8. I got more exercise shivering my ass off walking to my car this morning than Gazdic got last night.
  9. It could make a difference if it's Bennett or PAP coming out
  10. She grew up in the town next to my hometown (Medford, NJ).
  11. John Moore playing top 4 minutes and Sergei Kalinin playing center isn't why he team is losing. I does highlight that Hynes may not know how to adjust or evaluate, which is a bigger and more serious problem.
  12. I'm not talking about overall performances, I'm talking about expectations. Bennett has been creating chances left and right; Cammalleri had a hot week but has been otherwise unimpressive
  13. The Devils took 4 shots in the third period vs Nashville and scored 3. Then scored the only shot they took 4 minutes into ot. That was another putrid performance
  14. CR, wins and losses are nice, but it's not about results. This team is getting dominated night in night out. They're being outshot by double digits most nights. This isn't a great roster by any means but it should be competitive. Im not sure how good Hynes is but his overall record means little to me when the team was bailed out by its superstar goalie.
  15. For the last month, this team has been in a downward spiral that shows no signs of ending. Coming into the year, I felt like we were a bubble team; think 88-94 points, with the odds being more likely we were gonna just miss the cut. However, I thought we would be vastly improved from the mirage team that was carried by Cory Schneider. The team was supposed to take a step forward possession-wise, hopefully hover around 50%, but be in most games. What we've seen since the team arrived in California about a month ago has been abysmal, and frankly, unacceptable. I have been the biggest excuse maker for this team over the last few weeks between injuries and the brutal home-away split, but the excuses must stop. This team sucks. Hynes has been a disaster this season. I don't know how anyone with two eyes could conclude that Moore is more deserving of ice time than Auvitu, who has struggled recently. Moore has no clue what to do with the puck and can't defend. These last 3 games have been borderline unwatchable and it takes Hynes halfway through an asskicking vs the Rangers to finally shuffle the top 6. PAP was invisible for a month, yet he gets spoonfed time with Hall while Bennett plays his ass off with Sergei fvcking Kalinin. They've hardly shown the willingness to scratch DSP when he's been terrible this year. They stick with Kalinin over JJ, who has speed and probably fits the system better. I'm not confident Hynes is the guy I want leading this team. The only guys worth a damn this season have been Hall, Zajac, Severson, Bennett and Kinkaid. The rest of the team needs to wake the fvck up and look in the mirror. This last week has been fvcking brutal to watch and some heads need to start rolling if play doesnt improve soon.