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  1. I know common sense tells us the Devils' d is much worse w.o Larsson because he was our best or second best dman, but check this out: Devils have given up the lowest percentage of high danger scoring chances in the league
  2. The only players I'd rate as "good" so far have been Schneider, Hall, Parenteau, Zajac and Auvitu. Zacha, Severson and Greene have been trending in the right direction. Everyone else needs to step up tho
  3. His second goal from last night was insane. Granted it was Luke Schenn he burned, but still...
  4. MSG has done a better job of placing mics at the Rock. I was there last night and the crowd was pretty good. Watched some of the replay and you could hear a lot of the excitement. Much improved from previous years
  5. Devils were winning the whole game. Teams tend to go into a shell when this happens, thus, effecting possession
  6. OT but are any of the goal bar seats obstructed?
  7. What an awesome game to attend. Hall is so fun to watch live. There were two rushes he had in the third where he took it through the team, gained the zone and took it a nice shot.
  8. Ugh that was a gut punch
  9. If you would've told me he Devils would be 1-1-1 after playing these three teams, two away, I'd be pretty happy. Obviously, Anaheim could be really bad because they hired one of the worst coaches available but they still have been a great team over the last five years. Another tough game vs. Boston away tomorrow!
  10. Great win. Good to see Hall do his thing
  11. That poster is pretty great. Had to miss Saturday's game and will miss my first home opener since 2008 due to my wedding and minimoon, but I'll be cheering on the boys from a Rhode Island bar LOL. LGD!
  12. Devils catch a huge break that they're likely to face the Ducks without Lindholm.
  13. Good night for the prospects
  15. Thanks Feisty!