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  1. Karlsson is a beast
  2. Yes!!!!
  3. I knew it was gonna be a long night when I heard right from the puck drop tonight: "Is Brodeur still the goalie?" "Josefson is seriously the best puck handler I've ever seen"
  4. This is like the catch rule in football. No one knows anymore...
  5. These guys seem to give up a SH goal every game...
  6. I can see why Columbus got rid of Prout...
  7. What a great individual effort by Coleman for his first NHL goal!
  8. Love the attitude of Blandisi and Wood in this rivalry
  9. Yes!!!!!!
  10. Why did Lovejoy decide to take the first man and not stay with Nash?
  11. Well at least they made it close...
  12. Can't blame Cory for that one
  13. That was one of the best shifts I've ever seen from this team
  14. Just finding new ways to lose
  15. Bad break. He saved it but it went off Lovejoy