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  1. Alright good hands Palmieri!
  2. That's goalie interference?!?
  3. Helped by Schneider's skate
  4. D'oh the live boards
  5. Wow I was proven wrong. Devils totally stole this one. Let me rephrase that - KK totally stole this one
  6. But they have Oshie the Olympic shootout master
  7. It's like a game of keep away...and we are the little kid that can't catch the ball
  8. KK has saved the Devils way too many times tonight
  9. Here comes the game winning PP goal for the Caps...
  10. They tried to give up another backbreaking late period goal but KK wouldn't let it happen
  11. This end of period goal trend is very disturbing
  12. And then he scores a goal...
  13. This Devils team is reminding me of the NY Jets regression from last season to this season.
  14. Or maybe get Happy Gilmore to take off his skate and try to stab Price with it. One of these two options would work
  15. Wow what a nail biter at the end but good win nonetheless