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  1. So happy my favorite player got to 30 goals! Way to go Rico!
  2. What a shot by Rico
  3. What determination by DSP
  4. Bleh. Terrible execution on the final 6 on 4
  5. Terrible coverage on the PK
  6. Hate that we will probably lose the Jennings trophy because of this one game. Against these scumbags
  7. Palms...too little too late
  8. Where was Severson on that play?
  9. Frickin Simmonds
  10. Wow a two handed slash to the back of the leg is embellishment???
  11. Kennedy!
  12. That's garbage
  13. 4 for 4 on jersey retirement night
  14. what Josefsons miss reminded me of
  15. At least no shutout