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  1. I have several extras of that poster. Sorry I didn't see this until today but yes I have some.
  2. Yep I'm expecting at least a month and a half. But it will be worth it when my Hischier jersey arrives =)
  3. Exclusive Pro Sports just received my jersey today. Now its the waiting game...
  4. I agree I think either way would be fine
  5. I actually just ordered my Nico jersey in the Reebok jersey with #13 lol
  6. Just got my red authentic jersey from the MeiGray Group. It is a thing of beauty
  7. I want one. Now.
  8. Just bought a red one. Thanks for posting
  9. apparently there were no offers at all?
  10. Yep I believe so. Next closest being Mogilny.
  11. Hehe but who will be our shootout savior now?
  12. You know in some cultures they only eat vomit. I've never been there but I've read about a book!
  13. Very excited about this pick. I also want t-shirts made up that say "I love to hockey"
  14. I'd definitely break something
  15. We don't do easy wins