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  1. Beardage

    I'v got mine growing. It's getting pretty white.
  2. Ken Daneyko Night 3/24

  3. The Official NJDevs.com Soccer Thread

    Go Celtic
  4. The NSA

    Just remember this, the enemy doesn't play by the rules. They would kill us at the drop of a hat. Lets not give them a chance. The only people who should worry are those who are doing something wrong.
  5. Happy Holidays to everyone

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

    I have to agree. After watching the game at the Garden yesterday I was bored most of the time. Very little hitting, Really no passion, on and off the ice. After the game on the street people were asking if they liked what they saw and overall the answer was NO! Bring back the passion. Watching a powerplay for 2 plus periods sucks. Tickets cost too much. At least give us something entertaining to watch. Thats my opinion and I am sticking by it.
  7. was at the game today in the city..

    I was there also, It wasn't like it used to be. Maybe all the years of losing has mellowed the Rags fans. We need help now. It looks like we have no life in this team.
  8. New Jersey Slogan

    New Jersey: Where bad things happen to good people.
  9. River Rats Web site

    I have heard this from some county freeholders, about a new stadium for the devils farm club.
  10. Giants vs Cards

    Yup tailgating was awesome yesterday. Big Blue showed up to play and now I cant wait for the red and black.
  11. Happy Birthday devildave00!

    Thank You I'll have a drink for everyone
  12. Hurricane Relief Concert

    This guy is a complete idiot.
  13. ECHL Kelly Cup Finals

    Game 1 Titans 7 Everblades 0 3 to Go
  14. Titans Take Opener From Atlantic City

    Every year when the playoffs come around, attendance goes down the tubes. Trenton had about 4000 per game and this 1700 doesnt suprise me at all.
  15. So.... what "well known" people have we met!

    I met John Maclean at the ESPN club in Florida. He was there with his family and he came up to my wife and I and commented he liked my hat. Devils of course. It was then that I realized who it was. It was bothering me for an hour during dinner. He took pics with us than invited us to sit up front during the ESPN Hockey Nite broadcast. His sons were great. They told me that Kirk Muller was there favorite player. Other famous people I've met: Pele, Marty, Larry King, Dano, The Maven, Chico, Doc and many other athletes and Political type people.